10 Best Dating Apps In India For 2021

What happens when technology intervenes with love? Simple, it gives birth to dating apps. Selecting your right partner in a billion people is undoubtedly the toughest thing to do. Only a few can decide and identify their soul mate in the first meet; for the rest, it takes time. This time is given by dating. But asking some random person for a date is a bit uncomfortable, and most of us feel shy to ask. With the dating apps coming into existence, this difficult task has become more comfortable and way more lovable. So any time you felt alone and wanted to get into a relationship, a dating app is what you need to engage with someone with your interests and tastes. So it's clear that the right dating app will find you the right partner. Now, all that you need to do is to find a proper dating app. For that, you need to read this article thoroughly till the end.

Best Dating Apps In India For 2021


best dating apps in india

This is the prime trending best dating app in India. This app has already engaged some thousand singles into pairs and is continuing to do the same. The reason behind its popularity besides its publicity is its user interface and features. Now let us look at some cool features of this app.

You can sign up for this app by using your Facebook account. This app fetches the rest of your details from Facebook. Thus it finds out your interests from your posts and suggests you the people with the same interests.

If you like someone, you can just swipe their photo to the right, and if you don't, you can push it in the opposite direction, I.e., left. The members whom you see on the screen will also view your profile. If the person whom you have liked, likes you then you will be a match.

Once you are a match, either of you can initiate the chat or even call up for a date. There are two categories of accounts in this app. One normal and another premium. The benefits of having a premium account are that you can get an unlimited no. of people to choose from.


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After looking at the tinder app, you might be thinking, this is what all you need. But don't decide without reading the rest. Because there are some other apps as well, that would match tinder and even have some cool features that tinder doesn't. Happn is one of them. 

The unique feature that Happn has and the rest of the apps don't is; it suggests you people in and around your surroundings. This app is thus earning its popularity with this impressive feature.

Many a time it happens, when we see a girl and start liking her right from the moment we see them. However, we will not be able to accumulate enough strength to ask them for a date. This is the point exactly where Happn comes into play. 

You can check if the girl has an account in the Happn app. If yes, then like her and wait for her call. Thus no more shy to get the work done. Though the above lines are partial towards men, trust me, this applies to the girls as well.


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Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee and bagel is a perfect combination for an evening snack. This app also assures one to find the right partner who would make your life even more enjoyable. The suggestions or the profiles that it sends you to bare called bagels. If you liked any bagel, you could put your interest, and if they wanted you back, then you can start your conversation. Your conversation expires after eight days.

If you are specific about religion or caste, then there are filters available. If you choose one, you will be getting your bagels after getting filtered.


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This is the one and only such app that respects the privacy of women and made this theme as their motto. The specialty of this app is that although a match has been found, it is women who have the permission to start the chat. Thus a random guy whom you have selected cannot send you the scrap if you are not interested in chatting with him.

Besides this, it also has another security feature. It strictly condemns dirty stuff respecting everyone's interests. Thus compared to the rest of the apps, this provides a high sense of privacy and decency.


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Woo app is for all the educated professionals who wish to choose a match of their standard. Just like other apps, this too has a premium option on choosing which you can get an unlimited no. of matches. Besides chatting, this app also has the opportunity to voice calls. Thus you can directly talk with the person. If you like someone, you can swipe them to the right else left just like the previous apps. You can create an account linking your social media account or mail account.


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Truly Madly

This is way more advanced than the rest of the apps in terms of identity. While filling your profile, it asks for identity proofs. Thus anyone whom you are choosing cannot fake his or her profile. If they did, they would quickly get caught. 

Besides the identity, this app also provides security to your photo. No one can screenshot your photo or download it. This simply means that others have no access to misuse your data that you save in the app.


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Reread the name. Yes, you guessed it right; it's a Chinese app. This is the Tinder of China. Very few people in India know about this. Yet it is one of the best dating apps in India to use. It is a famous app in China. However, in India, since its popularity is less, there is a very little chance for you to get the right partner.



This doesn't ask questions; instead, it just gives you a lengthy profile that you need to fill. This profile consists of all the details that are quite sufficient to exaggerate your interests and character. You can link your Instagram account if you want to. If you wish, you can answer the questions and also you can choose what your partner's answer should be. If their answers match your expected answers, then they will be suggested to you. 

The specialty of this app is that it creates a percentile score between you and the person you choose. Thus you can know how compatible you are. In this, there is an option called Quick Match. On selecting this option, you can see their photos and choose if you like them.


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This app is famous round the clock. It has over 450 million users round the clock. You can create your account using your email or any social media app. It has a near me option on choosing which, you will get matches of the people around you. You can also send virtual gifts to your matches through the app.


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Hinge is regarded as the best replacement for the Tinder app. This app is just like the Tinder app but has few more improvements in features. This app also brings you suggestions based on your interest, just like the tinder app, the difference is that it does not fetch your details from Facebook; instead, it asks few questions and knows your interests. It does the same with other participants as well. Thus this helps in suggesting the people whom you can quickly get close.


If you like someone, you just can't swipe them right; you should also mention why you want them. Thus if someone liked you, you would even know what they liked about you. You can then decide if they like something that you like the most in you. Let us know which is your favorite Best Dating Apps in India in the comments.

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