Analysis of the class system and their capabilities in Tarisland

When the position of World of Warcraft began to shake in the Chinese region, which did not always comply with the requirements of the Chinese government and compliance with technical and cultural obligations, led to the fact that the project was simply blocked and left the Chinese market.

It all started with blood and the display of skeletons, which Blizzard agreed to, but then, after a while, a major Dragonflight update was released, which became resonant.

The thing is that the dragon is a symbol and legend of the state of the Celestial Empire and the principle itself that players can not only win but also tame the dragon became the last straw in the history of interaction between the state and the development studio.

The space was immediately filled by the Tarisland project - an MMO RPG from the Tencent company, which should take the lead after a while unless, of course, the developers slow down the pace of development of the project.

Players will focus on developing their hero through the classic system of quests, grinding, and dungeons and will be able to play as the most popular characters.

You will earn and buy tarisland gold to equip your hero, regardless of the development path that you have chosen for him.

Character selection and gameplay

Whatever hero you choose, you can choose one of two paths for its development, which will determine your role and direction in the entire gameplay and the ability to get cheap Tarisland gold.

You can choose:

  • Warrior
  • Mage
  • Hunter
  • Healer
  • Bard
  • Paladin
  • Barbarian


This is a classic MMO RPG melee warrior who fights in close combat and, due to the damage received and accumulated, can accumulate rage points, which he uses to temporarily increase attack power.

Warriors use simple attacks and skills to inflict single and massive attacks on enemies, easily cope with group grinding, quickly level up, and are in demand in any raid.

A warrior who chooses the attacking branch will be able to easily deal damage to any number of targets and level up both alone and as part of a group and earn a large amount of gold in Tarisland.

A warrior who chooses the second development branch of his class will become a variation of a tank and will be armed with a shield to block part of the damage and increase protection from physical damage and magic. A defensive warrior can use mass provocation of monsters and keep them on himself while other group members, or he himself, systematically destroys them.

The defender always has skills that can increase his defense for a short time, because it helps to save and regenerate under heavy damage, especially from bosses in raids.


This is one of the most popular and frequently chosen heroes in all MMO RPGs and Tarisland is no exception and the number of players who choose a bright and strong class with a paradoxically large potential in attack and a very large weakness in defense.

The magician can choose two development paths, which will be radically different in the entire gameplay.

Fire is a format in which the player focuses on massive damage to clusters of monsters and all of his skills will impose a burning effect, which will continue to cause damage and reduce the health of opponents even if you run out of mana, and you are unable to perform finishing procasts.

This is the best format for solo and group boosting in Tarisland because when providing enough mana, he is the best character that can quickly destroy a huge number of monsters.

If you choose ice, then you will have access to more single attacks, which will reduce your attack potential and slow down your opponents.

This is an excellent specialization for going into raids, because the boss, who will be under the influence of negative effects, will be less dangerous, although mages do not have high damage to the boss.


This is a class that deals physical damage using normal shots and various skills depending on the chosen specialization.

If you choose a full-fledged archer, you will attack enemies with single shots and use various skills.

This is an analog of the magic class, which is less dependent on resources.

An archer can pump up well and get leveling to Tarisland on his own.

The second option is to choose a marksman with the ability to camouflage and place traps, who can hunt himself but has less variation in attack skills.


A magical class that specializes in saving, resurrecting, and strengthening allies, and without it, not a single raid or group leveling can take place.

You can choose to specialize as a healer, or as an offensive mage, focusing on the power of light.

The healer will restore the health of all allies, without which many heroes simply will not survive raids and group boosting in Tarisland.

Choosing a magical specialization will put forward new requirements for powerful weapons and equipment to meet the criterion of an attacking class. The main type of magic is the power of light.


A magical character who is closely associated with music and can use songs and poems to strengthen all allies and replenish their mana and magical abilities.

If desired, the bard can also be an attacker of classes and inflict long-range damage using the power of musical instruments. The main task of a bard is to heal allies, apply enhancing effects, and restore mana during group hunting and even single leveling.


A defensive tank that can choose the path of both the defensive and attacking class.

You can be a tank with healing ability and attack potential.

The second option is a mixture of a warrior and a defensive class that focuses on offensive skills and physical damage.


The Barbarian is a type of warrior who can imbue his weapons with elemental powers and deal additional damage depending on the direction of his attacks.

This could be the force of lightning or a storm.

All attacks will be endowed with this power and will cause additional damage to a single or group target.

Lightning deals more massive damage, and the storm is stronger against single targets and bosses.

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