Certbolt Passed Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam with Flying Colours? Here Are Potential Careers That May Await You Then!

The journey of thousands of miles starts with the first step. This is true at every walk of life, even on the professional front. So, if your destination is the AWS Cloud expertise area, then your first step should be the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. Being a foundational-level certificate, it prepares you to get a stronghold of the AWS Cloud features, value proposition, and architectural principles and promises a good start for a prosperous career. On the other hand, it’s true that you won’t be able to advance your career soon only with the Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner designation. So, if you already passed the CLF-C01 exam and achieved its associated certificate, it means that you’ve already paved the way for the easy attainment of other Certbolt AWS certifications at the Associate and Specialty levels. And if you're dying to see what jobs those may bring you in the long term, here’s what posts you may procure:

Solutions Architect

IT enthusiasts, working under this job role, are responsible for performing every task related to architecting, building, and maintaining the Certbolt AWS Cloud ecosystem of a given enterprise. Besides, they help organizations assess the viability of various AWS toolsets and pick the best one. Moreover, an AWS Solutions Architect interacts directly with the clients and team to generate the needed technical architectures. When it comes to the average annual pay that mid-level specialists earn, it equals around $120k as claimed by Payscale.com.

Cloud Developer

Such specialists, in particular, are learning the responsibilities of creating Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification for clients or organizations so their commendable expertise in cloud orchestration tools has huge market demand. Statistically speaking, this is one of the most prominent job roles in the market that requires you to know how to build and design products with the help of varied virtual systems & the cloud, and for all these, you can receive the annual payment starting with $50k as its stated by ZipRecruiter.com. Still, the average pay in this job role is around $127k per year.

AWS SysOps Administrator

This individual is the one who is handling the management and maintenance of cloud computing in the organization. Also, as an Certbolt  AWS SysOps Administrator, you will be in charge of ensuring the hassle-free and seamless running of operations based on the AWS cloud servers. In addition to all these, such specialists will be responsible for AWS cloud management, deal with Amazon CloudWatch, create presentations supported by C2S overview, interact with the network team of NISP, and maintain Data Integrity as well as access control. As a result, the specialists with the mid-level skills in SysOps Administration are eligible for $109k as a median yearly pay.

Wrapping up

When the foundation is strong, building a skyscraper won’t be tough. With the AWS Certification Exam , one can have a strong base for a gargantuan career in the field of AWS. This test and its affiliated certificate will prepare you for higher-level designations, and thus, you’ll manage to opt for better and improved job roles with more generous salary offers. So, try giving this test a chance and we know you won’t be disappointed!

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