10 Best Apps To Design T-shirts 2024

Are you tired of stumbling in the store, trying to find yourself a fantastic t-shirt that suits your taste, but to no avail? Despite being casual, T-shirts are the fashion statement of today. And carrying one with some lame pattern with no attractive features will only undermine your taste. It's time to take matters into your hands! With a plethora of the best apps to design t-shirts for Android and iOS, you can create your own funky, cool, and witty patterned t-shirts. 

Using the best t-shirt design app for Android and iOS, you can effortlessly transform your creative design ideas into wearable work of art that reflects your style and individuality. And who knows? If someone likes your design, you can even turn it into a business.

So let's dive into the list of the top 10 best apps to design t-shirts and find the one that will fulfill all that you're looking for!

Best T-shirts Design Apps For Android & iOS


1. T-shirt Design - Snaptee

best t-shirt design app for android snaptree

Snaptee is one of the most sought-after apps to design t-shirts for Android and iOS. To make your custom tee, just snap your masterpiece, and the store will make it for you.

You can now turn your quirky quotes, self-designed cartoons or pictures, or any clever joke into a t-shirt. And if you want, you can even bulk order your design and sell it to the customers! It is perfect for couples who wish to showcase their love by making matching t-shirts.

The app will make you go wild! It has features like photo and Instagram integration, an array of fonts and colors, filters, and so much more. It has an entire community of people sharing their designs right over the app.



2. T-shirt Design - OShirt

Best App design t-shirt - OShirt

Design t-shirts for your YouTube channel, business, team, podcast, corporate event, or personal use using this excellent t-shirt designing app. Besides offering you a vast array of customization features in over 30 different colors, the OShirt store ships free to all corners of the world.

If you want to expand beyond just t-shirts, you can also print your design on hoodies, youth clothing, sweatshirts, infant clothes, baseball shirts, jerseys, and more. You can either order your garment directly or share your designs with your customers or colleagues. It also allows you to bulk order for business purposes.



3. Canva: Design, Photo & Video

If you are looking for a no-nonsense and easy-to-use custom t-shirt designing app, then you should definitely consider using Canva. This app has thousands of templates that you can use and can save your created new designs for future use. You can make logos, unique designs & graphics and save them as PNG files. Later, you can place them on your t-shirt and get your personalized jersey or t-shirt printed.

This app also allows you to add text to your designs and choose the font design, size, and color as per your preference. You can create multiple designs at a time and save from picking the best one among them whenever you want.



4. Yayprint

Your search for a custom t-shirt design app that isn't limited by colors ends here. If you have been searching for an app that allows you to pick a specific color of the t-shirt to suit your event or store, then Yayprint is the one for you!

yayPrint Tshirt design appAll its clothes are 100 percent cotton and include drawstrings, tote bags, sweatshirts, baby onesies, hats, hoodies, tank tops, and t-shirts. The app's advanced technology will ensure that all your printed clothes are of high quality and won't lose their shine over time.



5. Printful

Printful App review-t-shirt design app

Printful is one of the great apps to design and create personalized t-shirts that you can consider using. You can create unique and different designs using its tools and also add text. The app interface is easy to use, and you can download high-resolution mockups of the designs without any charges.

When you open this app to design t-shirts, first, you will have to choose the t-shirt style and color that you want to put your design on. Through this simple custom t-shirt printing app, you can also order your created t-shirts and get them delivered to your doorstep. The app also allows you to put your designs on home décor items, accessories, and other daily useable items.



6. T-Shirt Design Studio

best t-shirt design app for android

T-shirt Design Studio is a simple and easy-to-navigate app to design any t-shirt. Within minutes, you can customize your t-shirt by adding pictures from your gallery and importing some designs, texts, or pre-set graphics from the app. After creating your masterpiece, add it to your cart and let the shop do its work!

The studio app has over a thousand different templates and ideas to give you a unique t-shirt experience.


7. Placeit Mockups & Designs

Placeit Mockups & Designs tshirt design app

Placeit Mockups & Designs App is heaven for a fashion designer, artist, or e-commerce business owner. This Android app has over 1000 existing template designs that you can place on your t-shirts and customize. You can also drop your own new design and add funky stickers, fonts, and shapes to make it unique and attractive.

Using this app, you can design not only apparel but several other items that belong to different categories. From t-shirts to magazines to coffee mugs to phone cases, you can customize everything with your fingertips. The app also provides you with AI-generated images so that you can use them in your design.


8. Adobe Capture: Illustrator, Photoshop

t-shirt design app adobe capture for android

If you are skilled at designing and have a creative mind, then you should go with Adobe Capture or Illustrator. With the help of this t-shirt designing app, you can create some wonderful graphics and images for your apparel. It might be a little tough for you if you are using it for the first time. Hence, you can consider learning from the tutorials available on YouTube.

This easy-to-use T-shirt designing app takes your customization to another level by offering printing choices never seen before. If you want to print exclusive text, then you have the choice of 3D text, arc text, textured text, curvy text, 3D rotations, etc.



9. Mostink

t shirt design app for android

Mostink is yet another app for customizing your t-shirt according to your fashion style. But what makes it the best app to design t-shirts is the sheer number of features and compatibility that the app offers.

Once you've had your fill of T-shirts, you can then customize for yourself tanks, vests, sweatshirts, hoodies, baby clothes, phone cases, magnet frames, photo books, and so much more. The Mostink tee shirt design app is very user-friendly and hardly requires familiarity with gadgets to get the perfect print. It'll take some clicks, and your clothing will be ready to order!


10. Inky- Run Inkscape on Android

inky- tshirt design app android

Inky or Inkscape is a T-shirt designing app that allows you to create vector graphics and image designs. The user interface is quite easy to use, even if you are a beginner and can navigate through the app efficiently. You can create cartoons, clip art, logos, diagrams, and much more for your t-shirt and get it printed.

This is one of the best apps for T-shirt designing because the interface allows you to add layers while making designs, which makes it easy to edit.  The app ensures that the images you create are of high quality with vibrant colors and smoothness so that the print can come out well.


Conclusion on Best Tshirt Design Apps

Creating T-shirts isn't really a big-brainer - all you need is some artistic talent, a smartphone, and a little help from T-shirt designing apps. We hope that our list of 10 best apps to design t-shirts helped you in your quest to discover and customize your perfect T-shirt! Apart from the listed apps, you can also try Canva, Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, Mockup, or Zazzle to create personalized t-shirts. These designing apps are easy to use and offer you a range of color, style, and design options.

However, if you don't feel comfortable using apps, consider getting in touch with a screen printing company. They have the expertise and equipment to quickly and efficiently produce high-quality custom apparel for your wardrobe or business.

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Frequently Asked Questions on T-shirt Design Apps

Can I see a preview of how my design will look on a t-shirt?

Tshirt design apps such as Snaptee, Placeit, oShirt, etc., provide mockup features that will help you to have a preview of how your t-shirt will look. You can make changes in the design if required before finalizing it.

Do I need design skills to use the best t shirt design apps?

T-shirt design apps for Android and iOS offer user-friendly interfaces and tutorials so you can use them easily, even if you are a beginner. If you have design skills, then it is beneficial, but don’t worry if you do not know anything about it, as the apps have readymade templates and designs that you can consider.

Can I order t-shirts directly from these apps?

There are some tee shirt design apps, such as Placeit, oShirt, Printful, etc., that have integrated print-on-demand services. You can print and order as many t-shirts as you want from these apps, and they will be delivered to your doorsteps.

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