9 Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android in 2024

Technology has jumped leaps and bounds over the years. Everything is at our fingers now. All you need to do is research on it online or simply download an app. In 2024, apps and websites have become the primary sources of information and support, even in matters of health and well-being. We picked 7 of the best blood pressure apps for android out there that you can use for monitoring your BP, keep track of other health facets, and get insights and recommendations.

In fact, just search for ‘health’ in your respective App Store and you’ll get numerous results. Such apps let us monitor our health from virtually anywhere! They have become useful tools in assessing different ailments right from the comfort of our homes. Such apps are usually easy to understand and use, making them extremely popular.

Health apps have created an impact on the way blood pressure is monitored in an individual. The normal blood pressure is 120/80. When it differs from that, it could lead to various health problems. It is important to seek the attention of a medical practitioner. Now, you can track your blood pressure and learn how to improve your health conditions all in one place.

Of course, it is not possible to actually measure your blood pressure on them, just keep track of it. The great things about these apps are that they are free and don’t take up much space on our devices.

Let’s look at some of the best blood pressure monitor apps available on Android that you can use to monitor your Blood Pressure

1. SmartBP: Best Overall Blood Pressure App 

This blood pressure app is available on both Android and iOS. The selling point of this app is that it works intuitively and allows you to enter data easily. The main purpose of this app is to monitor your blood pressure and also other dynamics related to blood pressure. For example, you can add notes on diastolic, pulse, and weight measurements, calculate mean arterial pressure and body mass index, and other measurements.

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These measurements are also stored in the form of charts, average, and can even be shared via email to your doctor. This email feature is great for keeping your friends and family and doctor up to date on your health. Everything is colour-coded, making it easier for you to know exactly what is being recorded and when your BP has changed. You can measure your blood pressure according to the national and international standards as well on this blood pressure app. There is a built-in reminder system as well, reminding you to periodically check your blood pressure. In recent update the developers added New analysis feature for running comparisons, Auto scale and custom scale Y axis in charts as well as Biometric Passcode in the app.

blood pressure app for android


2. Cardio Journal: Best Blood Pressure Tracking App

Take the matters of your heart (literally!) seriously and download Cardio Journal. This useful diary is great for tracking blood pressure. Through regular updating of data into the app, it will formulate a statistics of results for you, helping you understand the overall tendency. It’s incredibly simple to use. Just type in your blood pressure, and save it, and voila! It’s done.

You can also simply tap on history and statistics to know more. This blood pressure app for android also separates night and day measurements, so that you can keep an even finer watch over your BP. You will get a notification when you need to measure your blood pressure as well. The blood pressure monitor app is pleasing to look at, with cute heart indicators that display whether the numbers fit within the norm.

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This app also provides free consultations with a specialist. However, it is better to consult your doctor on these matters as they are the ones who know your history the best. This app has a rating of 4.6 stars on Google Play and is also ad-free!

best blood pressure app for android


3. Blood Pressure Log: Best Easy to Read Blood Pressure App

This Android blood pressure app is a useful collector and analyzer of measurements such as blood pressure, weight, heart rate, exercise, glucose, oxygen saturation, and more. It allows you to log the measurement as you are recording it, without extra effort. The uses go beyond just the app; you can import data from different devices as well. Each reading is provided with a summary of what it means and indicates. The range that you are aiming for can be put in for measurements.

All of the summaries will be displayed according to these ranges of measurements. Different graphs and statistics give you a comprehensive report of your blood pressure. These reports can be smoothly and quickly downloaded as MS Word or Excel sheets and shown to your doctor. In addition to this, you will never forget to measure your blood pressure or take your medicine with this. It will set reminders for you accordingly. This app has over 4.7 stars on Google play and is a very useful app.

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4. Instant Heart Rate: Best Fast Blood Pressure Monitor App

This blood pressure app comes under the category of health and fitness in Google Play. It is an accurate heart rate monitor that also tracks your heart rate, beats per minute, the aftereffect of cardio, and also stress levels. See your pulse and heartbeat zone after sleeping and during workouts with this tool. Yes, Instant Heart Rate can monitor such things without the help of heart rate straps. Its heart rate monitor, which works similarly to an EKG machine, gives precise readings most of the time. You don't have to use a different device either; your phone is enough for the app to do its magic.

It delivers blood pressure and pulse readings swiftly under 10 seconds. The PPG graph present acts as a comparison to maintaining and recording the correct heartbeat. With over 4 stars on Google Play, Instant Heart Rate is trusted by institutions like UCSF for Cardiology Research Training and other top research institutions as one of the best blood pressure monitor app. It is accurate and also compatible with other devices such as Google Fit.

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top blood pressure app for android


5. Blood Pressure: Best User Experience Blood Pressure App

This app has the best interface, giving its users a seamless experience. The blood pressure app is aimed at those who wish to monitor their blood pressure and effectively cope with hypertension. All of the recordings will be stored in a database. If the results show that you are suffering from hypertension, the app will give you additional information on how to treat it.

What makes this blood pressure monitor app one of the best apps is that you can upload a detailed account of your measurements and why such changes happened in the first place. Keeping such information in one place makes it easier to collaborate with your doctor and assess your condition.

This information can be edited anytime. This app provides lets you create special markers that help with measurement location, making descriptions of high figure results, pulse, and weight. The app will also provide a detailed, statistical report on the pulse and average blood pressure along with a pressure indicator.

The data can be stored in any way convenient for you. The developers of the app do recommend keeping a tonometer at hand to check the results. With beautiful themes and design, this app will remind periodically why and when you should measure your blood pressure.


6. Blood Pressure Tracker: Best Overall Blood Pressure Tracker App

The Blood Pressure Tracker app helps you keep track of your weight, blood pressure and heart rate, systolic, diastolic anytime you want from any place. This app allows you to share this information with your doctor easily.

Having such an option allows you to travel freely without worrying about your blood pressure. With everything recorded in one place, your entire medical history is saved in one place. This Blood Pressure app does everything for you- it automatically calculates different blood pressure categories and allows users to monitor the trends. All of these measures are organized tag wise, which helps you control the different blood pressures. It has a paid version as well that provides users with extra features such as the backup function. This app also supports different languages such as French, English, etc., and lets you share the reports over different devices. You can easily save the reports in HTML, CSV, and excel ml format. They have recently updated UI for this app.


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7. BP Journal: Best In-Depth Blood Pressure Tracker App

One of the highest-rated blood pressure apps for android, BP Journal is great for all of your logging needs. It is compatible with all devices. Not only that but it is also safe and secure with your data. It is a companion app, which means that it merely keeps a record of the blood pressure monitor. It goes beyond just giving you numbers and statistics; it gives in-depth explanations as well. They have a user guide steadily available, so you can easily utilize the app to the fullest. It automatically backs up your data to Google Drive and helps you set up reminders for measurements and medication. What is even greater is that it supports multiple profiles as well!


8. Omron Connect: Personal Health Data App

Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android


Omron Connect is an app that allows you to view your Omron fitness data and track your progress over time. It's a great way to stay motivated and on top of your fitness goals. The app is easy to use and has a clean, minimalistic design. It's also free to download and use, which is always a bonus. The app also allows you to view your heart rate data, which is another great way to track your fitness progress.

9. iCare Health Monitor: Best All-in-One Health Monitor

 iCare Health Monitor


iCare Health Monitor is an app that can measure your blood pressure, oxygenation, heart rate, hearing, vision, psychological issues, and lung capacity. It also allows us to set goals and track my progress over time. Overall, We highly recommend iCare Health Monitor to anyone looking for a comprehensive health tracking app.

It should be noted that the above-mentioned blood pressure app for android is meant for tracking measurement and recording only. You cannot physically measure your blood pressure using such apps. Also, remember that these apps are not replacements for your doctors. Seek medical attention if you see changes in your blood pressure.

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