8 Best Calorie Counter Apps Of 2024

We all have heard that to be fit and healthy, going to the gym, doing various exercises, and practicing other physical activities are extremely essential. But a very predominant factor that most people overlook is that our diet plays a huge role in the maintenance of our physical health. As a fact, it is 75% diet and 25% exercise helps in weight loss. And now that people have grasped this fact, they are focusing more on their nutrition. For there is the best calorie counter app on android which will help you retain that perfect diet and keep you in shape.

These apps are made by experts in this field who will guide you ideally to plan your diet and keep a check on all the calories which you intake on an everyday basis. There are a number of unique features in each application which we will study below:

1. Lose It: Best Calorie Counter App

Lose it is one of those apps that gives you all-around help towards your health and diet. This app will not only function as a calorie counter but also contains some brilliant features which make it the best calorie counter app present today. The application comes with a dietary plan based on your needs. Once you have logged in to your goal, the app will start its work and from its food database, it will provide you with the right plans and recommendations. Along with this, there are many other striking aspects that you can procure by buying the premium version. 

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There are many food-based challenges in this application that indulges you more and keep you excited. The application is so advanced that it allows you to connect to Jawbone and Fitbit which provides you with extended analysis about your health. Additionally, applications like Runkeeper, GoogleFit, and MyfitnessPal connect to this as well. It is definitely a worthy app because of its number of unique features and the facility it provides to its users. Recently they made some updates on the Previous Meal Feature looks. 

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2. MyNetDiary: Best Free Calorie Counter App

One of the most popular and user-friendly apps is MyNetDiary. The app contains at least 600,000 food products which it uses from its database to track what a person is eating. Along with this, there is also a fitness tracker and a feature that connects to devices like Garmin, Jawbone UP, Fitbit, and many more.

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The application is also designed in such a manner that it keeps a track of things like your cholesterol, A1C, blood Glucose, and many more. This app has almost 9 million members and through research, one can say that members of MyNetDaily have lost around 12 lbs in 7 months only.

This android app has a counter platform too which is its website. There is a barcode scanner in the mobile application through which you can take pictures of your food and that will help you to count the calories that you are going to intake.  

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3. MyFitnessPal: Best Overall User Experience

It’s the best free calorie counter app that is found on almost every app list for nutrition apps out there. There are almost 10 million downloads on the play store, with 4.6 ratings making it the most likable application. The reason why so many people choose this application is its wide variety of databases which has over 5 million food products listed. Along with this, for people's flexibility, this app has a website too which is more like a cross-platform for counting your calories.

The application inculcates brilliant features like a recipe calculator that will calculate all the nutritions and calories you are gaining from home-cooked meals. 

The fitness tracker has around 350 exercises that will help you both in strength training as well as Cardio. This app is a perfect place for maintaining your diet while you focus on your workout as well.

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4. My Diet Coach: Best App With Motivational Tips

My Diet coach is also a very popular app with almost more than 10 Million downloads on the play store and a 4.5-star rating, low key making it one of the best calorie counter apps. The main focus of this app is on eating better food rather than cutting short your diet. The various feature of the app includes goal setting, reminders, quotes that will motivate you, and it even keeps a track of how much progress you have made. 

The app is so smartly designed that throughout your day it has certain reminders that prompt you to drink water or eat healthy snacks. To unlock more features you can always go for the premium version.

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There are different options for subscription and single purchase. You can choose according to your needs and requirements.

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5. FatSecret: Best Basic Calorie Counter App

This Android app is made for all kinds of users. The interface is designed in such a manner that it can be easily understood and used by many. The prominent features of this application make it stand out and the best calorie counting app you can find.

Different features of this app allow you to keep track of your weight, it has a barcode scanner, it shows you the right exercises to do daily, healthy recipes which you can prepare for yourself and eat, and a diet calendar to keep everything in check, and count your calories, etc. So overall this brilliant app will help you get a healthier lifestyle. The amount of food that you intake can be compared with the right exercises in this application

So, if you are looking for a really helpful app to help you in your diet and health plans then FatSecret is the best calorie counter app you will be able to find on your Android device.

fatsecret vs myfitnesspal calorie counter


6. HealthifyMe: Best App For Building Healthier Habits

HealthifyMe is an application for both men and women who are looking forward to keeping track of their diet and getting their lifestyle changed a little bit. This mega application has more than 10 Million downloads and boasts a rating of 4.5 stars. The top three things which one will find in this app are basic Calorie Counting, Diet plans, and Home Workouts which are preferred by most men and women who have a busy schedule and cannot take out time for outdoor physical activities.

There are more than 100,000 Indian foods stored in its database which accurately helps you to keep track of what you eat. Other essential and modern features are that it can sync with your Mibands and GoogleFits which you can wear while workout out and the calories burnt will help this app create the right plan for you. 

The app will set your goals and challenge you to achieve them which will bring a kind of excitement in its users. The progress will be monitored and accordingly, modifications will be made in your everyday food intake and fitness regimes.

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7. Fooducate: Best Quick & Easy Calorie Counting App

Fooducate is a very well-known and people's favorite application that helps you in tracking your weight loss, counting calories, and tracking your workout routine. But the feature that makes it so distinct as compared to others is that it not only helps you in counting your calories but also advises you by analyzing the value of the calories which you have consumed. Once it has valued your calories, it starts suggesting that you consume better calories which will more likely lead to weight loss and a healthy diet. This amazing app holds almost 250,000 items in its product database making it highly divergent.

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The app allows you to have many free features along with add-ons for some cash. You can subscribe to attain all the features. It’s one of the best calorie counter apps you will find online.


With changing times and different trends, people are more inclined to such applications. We all live a very busy life. Therefore, consulting a nutritionist and creating a diet plan can get a little hectic. What we need is a time-saving and cost-effective method that will give positive outcomes. Above given were some of the best calorie counter apps found on Android. These apps are mainly constructed for people like you and me who want to focus on their health and fitness but couldn't find the right way to do so. Using such apps can be a stepping stone.

8. Lumen Metabolism Tracker - Best for Counting Macronutrients

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for good health, but it can be difficult to know how many calories you are burning each day. Counting calories is time-consuming and often inaccurate, and many popular diet programs recommend restrictions that are not based on scientific evidence. Now, there is a new way to measure your metabolism and make sure you are getting the most out of your workout: Lumen.

Lumen is the world’s first device to measure your metabolism in real-time, and it is small enough to fit in your pocket. The app provides data in a single breath on your body’s primary source of fuel: carbs or fats. This information can help you tailor your diet and exercise program to optimize fat burning and weight loss. In addition, Lumen can also provide insights into how well your body is absorbing nutrients and whether you are getting enough sleep. With Lumen, you will have all the information you need to make healthy choices that help you reach your weight loss goals.


These apps are still available on the play store for free where you can download them and make good use of their features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Calorie Counter App for Android?

There are many apps you can use to help you track calories. But for android it is MyFitnessPal! It's really easy to set up and has a big database of different foods with calorie information!

How accurate are calorie counter apps?

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, it is generally agreed that calorie counter apps can be quite accurate if used correctly and consistently. Additionally, many apps allow users to enter their own personal information (such as weight, height, activity level, etc.), which can further improve accuracy.

Which calorie counter app is most accurate?

Some popular calorie counter apps include MyFitnessPal, Calorie King, and FatSecret. It is generally recommended to use multiple apps to get the most accurate picture of your caloric intake.

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