14 Best CCleaner Alternative for Windows in 2024

Which are the best Ccleaner alternative in 2024 out there? The once-popular system-cleaning CCleaner has been running in the background of your system. It reports the anonymous data to the servers of the source company. 

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The CCleaner was once a very popular and reliable cleaning tool for systems. It has been successfully used by many clients since long. Unfortunately now, this trustworthy and reliable too has become sneaky and earned ill reputation. It was hacked and then was bought by Avast.You can click here to check more about this.

You can find one of the below better trustworthy apps to the Best Ccleaner Alternatives. Here we have discussed them in detail. 

Best Ccleaner Alternative 2024

1. KCleaner

best ccleaner alternative


It is considered being one of the better alternatives for CCleaner. While using this application you can clean or remove the unwanted files in a secure manner from your desktop or any other device.  You cannot see the deleted file in the recycle bin once it is cleaned using this application. Their features vary depending upon they are premium or free.


  • The main advantage is that it performs the operation automatically and no manual instruction is required to go on a background check.
  • If you have several files then the user can make rules in the deleting process like what to be deleting not whatnot.
  • Their latest version is developed in such a way that once the system is on and has an internet connection then it update its feature automatically.


2. BleachBit

best ccleaner alternative


It is one of the best cleaner alternative applications among its competitors. The system's unwanted file can be deleted or removed while using BleachBit. They help in cleaning the files from all types of web browsers. Such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera, safari, Bingo, and even more. BleachBit removes unnecessary files to free valuable disk space, maintain privacy, and remove junk.

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  • You can use BleachBit in both Microsoft Windows and Linux since it is a cross-platform application tool.
  • It is free of ads while using it and does not require any type of browser toolbar at the time of installation. Toolbar such as Ask toolbar or Google toolbar not needed.
  • Bleach Bit portable version is available for Microsoft windows so now you can have them without installing.
  • For scripting and automation, you can use their command-line interface. They are designed with a simple interface so it is easy to use.


3. Advanced System Optimizer


When it comes to choosing the best alternative to ccleaner, we also recommend Advanced System Optimizer.This application performs many actions in your device to clean the temporary files to free valuable disk space. So they are known to be alternate for CCleaner and they provide high securities hence they make sure to update your hardware. The junk files are saved automatically once you search any website, cookies, temp files. Optimizers have many features compared to others. Anyone can use it no experience is required since it is user-friendly and easy to access. This application also optimizes memory and operating system.


  • They scan the system for security purposes when you close the device. It is easy to download and safe to use.
  • You can use the advanced system optimizer with the windows version since it is compatible.
  • They perform both operations such as updating and backup which you cannot see in other tools.

4. PrivaZer

best ccleaner alternative


Privezar is a decent alternative to CCleaner. Many people like to use it since they are developed with a user-friendly interface and easy to understand their function. Privazar free up disk space via cleaning files such as the history of the visited website, system files, cache files, temporary files, internet or website cookies, pagefile.sys files and Hiberfil.sys, temp files, log files, and even recycle bin files and the list is more. 


  • Compared with the other CCleaner alternatives, PrivaZer is more limited in functions.
  • While watching any online video file, searching for various websites, uninstalling or installing any type of application from the server they put some unwanted files in the system and they are known as a temp it can be cleaned within seconds.
  • If this unwanted file is stored in the system then they control the performance of the system or it leads to hacking. They increase the speed of the system and it occupies less space.
  • The application is free to use so you no need to invest money to clean your system and provide full security.
  • PrivaZer is more limited in functions, but it is enough to clean or free up disk space for common users.

5. Wise Disk Cleaner


This application is best and simple to use without any guidelines since it is developed with a user-friendly interface. It is known to be the CCleaner Alternative. The advanced scan engine will quickly locate junk files in your system and remove them safely to free up disk space. The computer might perform slow or important files may get deleted if space is not sufficient. It cleans the useless files and privacy to users.

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  • The application solution is free to use and you can also download them to your system or other devices.
  • The application cleans the files automatically without the help of the user and they are designed with the latest version so works effectively and effectually.
  • They also remove the files left by the external storage device like USB and others like a cache of browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

6. Glary Utilities


In the digital market, it is known as one of the powerful cleaning tools. The application has more ratings compared to its competitor with a 5-star rating. If you have more doubts regarding its usage and feature then you can read its review before buying. It is easy and simple to use in all types of systems and it is user-friendly and has the latest version. Via using this alternative to CCleaner users are able to this clean the unwanted or junk files available on the computer or laptop.


  • They are more capable of fixing the trace of unwanted files from the browser like cookies and temp files. They fix broken shortcuts and work to satisfy all the requirements and need.
  • The application also has a free trial but they come with few numbers of features. The user can use the pro version since it has many advanced feature application in removing it is easy to download and simple to access than their competitors.
  • Once it cleans your system will be good and perform at high speed.

7. System Mechanic


It is one of the popular optimization and best option as a ccleaner alternative. They delete the unwanted file from your PC and you can use it for windows 10. You could have seen that when you connect any type of USB drive on your computer and after removing it they leave some information. It can be name, date, or any file from it and they store some space in your disk space.


  • The customer can get it in low budgets and they work automatically and also update and save the user time in removing.
  • They increase the speed of the computer and protect it from malware.
  • It is easy to download and provide full security.

8. CleanMy PC


Clean My Pc is also of the best CCleaner alternatives out there.They are mainly developed to work for PC in cleaning their useless files from the system. If the number of unwanted files increases then it occupies more space and makes the system slow in performing its tasks. Their advanced feature is they provide high security and protect user privacy. They help in fixing the register problems, manage startup, and boost the general speed of your operating system. It is designed in such a way that it is more compatible with 10, 7 8 window version in organizing. And, It is easy to access and boost the performance of the computer. It is available in the free download version.


  • They delete and clean the junk files in a fast and efficient manner.
  • It increases space in the disk of the system and you can store unlimited files use it as an alternate for CCleaner.
  • The latest advanced feature is that they manage startup items and extensions.

9. Clean Master For PC


This tool helps the computer in freeing their space and deleting the unwanted file. Then they increase the speed and improve the performance of the PC. It is regular optimizer which removes various file stored on disk. They also manage in organizing the files according to their names and date it is installed. You can use this tool in both ways like manually or automatically. 


  • They update their feature automatically once it has an internet connection and provides protection to the user information and high security.
  • They are designed to perform in one click optimizer without nagging.
  • It is easy and simple to access in the windows version.

10. WinZip System Utilities Suite

best cclener alternatives


Now you can use this tool in Vista, XP, and windows version. The developer has designed the tool with more number of features. The application performs various tasks while cleaning the system. WinZip system utilities suite is a great and useful tool and considered an alternative for CCleaner application. They also optimize the old version of the window like 7 and 8. It helps in enhancing the performance of the computer and its quality speed.


  • It is available online to purchase, free and safe to download. They have a high rating.
  • Here you can make a recovery and backup option. They are designed with a user interface so everyone can use them.
  • Their main advantage is free up space in hard disk and gives privacy protection. Just with a single click it scans and deletes the junk files.

11. Advanced System Care


If you are planning to replace the CCleaner. Then you can select advanced system care since it provides high security. The system optimization removes all the unwanted file or junk from the computer. It is one of the great alternatives for the CCleaner which also provides notification of the CPU temperature, disk usage, protect sensitive data and block untrusted site or program, and even more. If you want more features then go for a premium since the free trial has few features.


  • The latest version comes with a RAM optimizer, defragging the disk, and uninstaller.
  • They provide privacy protection to the user and increase the space by removing the junk and update in a scheduled manner.

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12.Puran Utilities

best ccleaner alternative


There are many alternatives available for CCleaner and one such tool is Puran utilities and clears various types of unwanted files from the computer. The junk file reducer the speed of the system and sometimes hack the program. When you are using a web browser then it downloads some untrusted file along with it. They store more space in your disk and this tool searches each one and deletes it automatically. This software can quickly scan your PC for unwanted files or duplicate files and put them away for good


  • It is user-friendly and eliminate file like cookies, temporary file from internet and comes with an uninstaller.
  • The tool has various features such as service manager, registry cleaner, registry defrag, gaming PC, data recovery, fix shortcut errors, and even more.
  • It also deletes the empty folder, splitter and has to delete history from the computer.

13.Wise Care 365

ccleaner alternative


It has more demand in the market and one of the most popular alternatives for CCleaner. They work efficiently and fast and finish work on time. They remove the junk files or unwanted file and increase the speed and performance of the computer. You can recover the deleted file while using this tool. They always keep track of the deleted files and another application file from the windows version. 


  • They offer full privacy protection and increase the internal storage space. The tool automatically scans the device if it finds any type of malware or unwanted file present in the system.
  • Here you can get data recovery, system tune-up, and delete registry errors as well as duplicate files remover.
  • It safe to download and user-friendly and you are using it for the first time then go with a free trial.

14. Restoro PC Repair Tool

best ccleaner alternatives

Restoro is the best PC repair tool around! It's easy to use and can fix a variety of issues, from corrupted files to malware infections. It's a powerful and easy-to-use pc repair tool that can help you get your computer back up and running like new again in just a few clicks. Here are some of the features that make Restoro the best pc repair tool on the market:


  • It's incredibly easy to use. Even if you've never used a pc repair tool before, you'll be able to figure out how to use Restoro in no time.
  • It can fix all sorts of common problems, including registry errors, corrupt file errors, duplicate files any many more.


Wrapping Up

The above information provides you with great insights regarding the best CCleaner alternative and its drawbacks. Several other alternative to ccleaner have better effective features to undertake a similar function of cleaning your system. You can go through this information and select the alternative that suits you the best.

Frequenetly Asked Questions

Is CCleaner still good & Can be trusted in 2024?

CCleaner is not safe and has been marked as “PUA” by Microsoft. It was also hacked recently, so the official website server is being used to serve malware-infested versions of this program!

Does Windows 10 require CCleaner?

Windows 10 has most of its functionality built-in, so you don't need to install CCleaner. But if you're looking for some other tools that can help clean up this new operating system then you can try any of the alternatives.

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