10 Best Duplicate File Finder for Android 2021

Which is the best duplicate file finder for android? Have you ever been in a situation where you had to sit down and spend long hours deleting all duplicate files because they are occupying too much of your storage space? You may download large and heavy files frequently from the Internet, and sometimes even end up downloading the same file more than once, often without your knowledge, or because you are unable to find the older version. However, there are times when these duplications of files are often the result of some malicious activities of hackers or viruses.

While having duplicate files has one positive sign - that it can be a savior if you accidentally delete the original version. However, most of the time, these repetitive files can pose a threat to your phone. Besides, these files not only fill up unnecessary space but also slows down your mobile devices, affecting your productivity. Didn’t you feel relieved after getting all the dupes and junk files removed and clearing up essential space for storing more vital stuff?

Are you spending way too much money on buying extra storage spaces? Then it is high time that you opt for an efficient duplicate file remover to make the most out of your internal memory and SD Card, without requiring any additional space. We store hundreds of files on our mobile devices, many of which are entirely unnecessary. Therefore, it becomes quite necessary to clean up all junk files in order to improve the performance of our smartphone.

To ease out your confusion of having multiple copies of the same file, we have come up with a broad list of the 10 best duplicate file finder Android. All of the applications on our list are designed to scan and detect duplicates and delete the unnecessary junk files on-the-move, freeing up a lot of space in your mobile device and making it more organized.

1. Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover

Best Duplicate File Finder Apps for Android

Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover is a comprehensive duplicate file finder that helps to delete junk on Android devices within a tap. The app enables you to recover extra storage space. The developers have added the latest feature within the app, called Similar Photo Cleaner, which, as the name suggests, removes all the duplicate images.


  • Accurately searches for duplicate files on Android devices
  • Can detect both exact and similar-looking image duplicates
  • Identifies and deletes all duplicate file types
  • It whitelists files to avoid any accidental deletion
  • Helps to preview all the detected copies before deletion
  • Has full scan and advanced search modes
  • You can set scanning criteria
  • Has auto mark option for quick removal of duplicates
  • In the last update, the developers reduces the apk size by almost 50%


2. Duplicate Image Finder App

Best Duplicate File Finder Apps for Android

Listed among one of the best duplicate file finder android applications for Android, Duplicate Image Finder scans your entire phone to find and remove all duplicate photos, images, videos, and audio files in a sweep! It also allows you to delete the files you want to delete.


  • Searches the entire phone device to look for duplicate photos, music, videos, docs, PDF, AMR, etc.
  • Displays a visual grid for your duplicates on the result page
  • Enables you to select your files before deleting
  • Shows the file path in the grid to help you make better judgments on deleting the right files.

3. SD Maid-System Cleaning Tool

Top Best Duplicate File Finder Apps for Android

SD Maid-System Cleaning Tool is literally like a maid for your Android device, cleaning up all the junk, and keeping your phone neat and tidy. The app comes with a collection of tools that helps to manage various files and apps. The specialty of the application is that it can even clean up all the unwanted log files, crash reports, and other similar cache files. This tool can delete all those files and directories that your Android device has been collecting for days.


  • You can manage all the installed system and user apps
  • Can detect duplicate pictures, documents or music files
  • Removes superfluous files
  • You can detect files that formerly belonged to uninstalled apps
  • Lets you search files by name, date or content
  • Optimizes the databases
  • Gives a detailed overview of one’s device storage
  • Can run tools automatically as per a fixed schedule or through widgets

4. Duplicate File Remover App


Duplicate File Remover helps you to scan, find, and delete duplicate files on your Android device. The efficient and quick software also shows up the details of each file, including file name, file size, file type, file path, and so on. Moreover, you can also open any of your files to preview them, and even share them right from the app.


  • One tap to delete duplicates
  • Fast to scan
  • Lets you scan multiple file types, ranging from photos, videos, audio files, docs, APK, Zip, etc.
  • Allows you to review duplicate files before removing them

5. Duplicated Files Finder

duplicated files remover android

Duplicated Files Finder enables you to find and remove all the duplicate files from your Android smartphone with one tap. You can find all the copies of your files and visualize them with the help of easy and intuitive navigation. The app lets you have full control over the entire scanning and deletion process, by allowing you to decide which files to delete and which to keep.


  • Scans and deletes duplicates both from internal storage and SD Card
  • Deletes files selectively as per your choice
  • Gives a graphical representation of the amount of space occupied

6. Search Duplicate File (SDF)


Search Duplicate File (SDF) enables users to search for duplicate files with ease and delete them accordingly. With this utility app, users can locate and remove the duplicates quite accurately and easily, thus freeing up a lot of your storage space on your Android device.


  • Allows you to select any directory
  • Protects all your essential files using ‘Lock folders’
  • Finds the true duplicates and supports mount points
  • Comes with a smart selector and distinguishes between original and duplicate files accurately
  • Deletes unnecessary or cache files through ‘Flagged folders’
  • Creates file checksums

7. Remo Duplicate Photos Remover


Remo Duplicate Photos Remover can search and delete all the duplicate images for your phone memory as well as your MicroSD Card. The app is developed to help you find, preview, and delete all your image copies. You can quickly get rid of all the similar and resized images that were received through social media or instant messaging apps. This app is suitable for photographers who can’t decide between slight background tilts or other angle changes.


  • Smart De-Dupe scan modes
  • Lets you scan for similar photos as well as those that are exactly the same
  • Lets you preview all duplicates images in sets
  • The app runs in the background
  • Determines the amount of memory consumption
  • It ensures the retention of a single copy of the duplicates
  • Lets you know about the number of duplicates present and deleted
  • Helps to remove all scanned duplicates within seconds

8. Duplicates Cleaner

Duplicates Cleaner allows you to get rid of all the unwanted files on-the-go, and boosts the performance of your mobile device. It is one of the most widely used file cleaning apps for Android. It has separate sections for scanning images, audio files, videos, and docs, thus enabling you to recover large GB of storage spaces instantly. The app offers various ‘Proprietary Techniques’ for finding the ‘Genuine Duplicates’ most efficiently.


  • Finds and cleans duplicate media files
  • Comes with the fastest scan engine
  • Has an intelligent detection feature
  • Helps to clean social media junk files efficiently

9. Duplicate Media Remover App


Duplicate Media Remover for Android helps to find and remove all the duplicate media files, including images, videos, and audio. The app works on both the SD Card and internal storage space of your mobile device for removing duplicate files. It deletes only the files that are selected by the user and never does any operation on the unselected ones.


  • You can verify whether the right files are selected before deletion
  • One can schedule scans on a weekly basis
  • Allows you to share the stats of the last scans
  • It maintains the cumulative stats of all the scans for future reference
  • Performs routine searches for duplicates
  • Notifies you once duplicates are found

10. Files by Google For Android


Files by Google is an efficient file management app developed for Android devices. It has gained much popularity in recent years and is considered one of the best duplicate file finder android apps. It offers effective solutions for clearing up one’s junk and duplicate files within a click. This 3-in-1 app allows users to - a) free up their space, b) find files faster, and c) share files offline.


  • Enables you to free up space with one tap
  • You can check your storage easily
  • Helps you to be in control and know what you are deleting
  • You can boost your phone performance
  • Provides smart recommendations for freeing up space
  • Helps you to find your files faster
  • Allows you to manage files with ease
  • Lets you share your files offline
  • Has encrypted files sharing facilities
  • You can back up your files to Google Drive or SD Card

Final Words

Deleting duplicate files manually can not only be an extremely tedious task but can also be quite inaccurate since you have totally and cross-check every time you are removing a file. The process becomes more complicated if the same file is stored in different names at different locations. Using a dynamic duplicate file finder, however, can be a boon for your firm that depends heavily on mobile apps for carrying out business operations. This software can save a lot of your time and effort. Moreover, having such a tool also enables you to cut down on costs associated with buying more storage spaces for keeping all your critical business files and documents.
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