10 Best Facebook Alternative Apps in 2024

Facebook is the king of social media sites. According to research, close to 90% of smartphone users can be found active on the Facebook app throughout the day. But many users are complaining that the app occupies too much space, causing their devices to work sluggishly. So, most Facebook users are in search of the best Facebook alternative app that is lighter in use.

So, we have provided the best alternative Facebook apps for your Android that can enhance your experience. Uninstall your main Facebook app and choose the best third-party app for Facebook to make your device lighter.

Best Facebook Alternative Apps 2024

Below are the 10 best alternative Facebook apps in 2024 for Android users. However, if you are an iPhone user, you can always find the best Facebook app alternative for your device on Apple App Store. You just need to search for the most popular Facebook apps alternative or enter the exact name of a similar FB application as provided below.

1. Friendly


We begin our list with the Friendly app. You can be assured that Friendly is quite user-friendly indeed. That is because it comes with a similar interface as Facebook, and it is free. A notable feature is the ability to switch between several accounts.

We felt that it comes with a highly intuitive user interface. When you do not want to see those pesky advertisements, then we suggest that you may want to use the paid version of it. In many ways, this is quite a refreshing change from the usual Facebook app.

2. Folio for Facebook & Messenger

best alternative Facebook apps


Folio is another exciting alternative Facebook app. It comes with similar features, and the interface is quite user-friendly. A notable feature of this tool is that you can use both Facebook Messenger and Facebook.

We liked the themes present on the app. You will also find the night mode quite stimulating to use. The usual features are found on it, like sharing photos, videos, and chat. We see no reason why you won’t like this sublime app.

3. SlimSocial

best alternative Facebook apps


We found an exciting alternative Facebook app in the form of SlimSocial. When you are not too keen on having an extensive data app stored on your Android device, this is worth looking at. The app is free from advertisements and barely occupies less than 200Kb on your smartphone.

It is an open-source app, meaning you are free to contribute if you can. The functionalities are quite simple and slightly generous. We also found that it is not intrusive and respects user privacy, which is very important.

4. Faster for Facebook Lite

best alternative Facebook apps


Faster for Facebook Lite is a magnificent alternative Facebook app. This is another lightweight app that does not use a lot of resources. It enables you to do everything you want, like chatting with your friends, sharing posts and videos, and commenting.

We were stunned to know that it occupies only 30MB after you install it on your smartphone. It also comes with a night mode that you will find helpful for night usage. So, if you are keen on experimenting with night mode, why don’t you give this app a try today?

5. Metal for Facebook

Metal for Facebook best alternative Facebook apps


If you are searching for an alternative Facebook app that enables you to do many things, please welcome Metal. It is lightweight, comes infused with tons of elements in it, and is entirely advertisement-free.

You will take delight in the fact that it supports Twitter. Now, you got two social media sites on a single app. We found the app easy to access and use. You can also use the dark mode present on the app or use other eloquent themes present in it.

6. Facebook Lite

best alternative Facebook apps


Our final alternative Facebook app is Facebook Lite. We liked the ability to launch into your account quickly. Besides, you can also comment and reply immediately. It also comes with an intuitive user interface that is present on the traditional Facebook tool.

We also loved the fact that it works splendidly on a slow network like 2G. You will be astounded by the speed of performance and less space that it occupies on your Android device. When you are low on space and want an app that reminds you of Facebook, then this is your best option.

7. MeWe


MeWe is a social media network that follows 650,000 interest groups that help to find like-minded individuals who share their passion. If you got bored using Facebook and switched to other social media apps, then MeWe can be the Facebook app alternative to engage with new people. 

With a 4.3 star rating and 5M+ downloads, it is a popular social networking site that you must use once. Talking about its features, the app comes with no ads, no targeting, and no newsfeed manipulation making it one of the best Facebook alternative apps.

8. Hermit


Hermit is an amazing third-party app for Facebook that has low storage that seems to take up almost no space on your device. You can easily browse your Facebook account, allowing the user to block ads, misinformation, and targeted propaganda. 

Hermit has a good rating of 4.1 stars in the play store, which makes it one of the best alternative Facebook apps in 2024. The best part of this app is it doesn't run in the background, which saves your battery and allows you to run your own custom extension script.

9. Facebook Lite & Instagram Lite


People in today's time are engaged in various social media platforms and using individual apps for Facebook or other social media platforms, which uses unnecessary space for phone storage. So, here is the phenomenal alternative Facebook app, Facebook Lite & Instagram Lite for all social media in one app that allows you to manage your Facebook account and even Instagram and Twitter. 

This exclusive app has 1M+ downloads with a 4.1-star rating in the play store, which makes it one of the useful Facebook alternative apps for you. It saves space on your device, preserves your battery, and order feed by the most recent ones.

10. Unseen For Facebook


Unseen is a different kind of alternative Facebook app. We were delighted to find it because it comes with a barrage of features that most of you may not find on Facebook. For example, you can read messages without anybody knowing them.

Likewise, you can view stories anonymously, quickly download photos and videos, and send messages. The app also offers you multiple account support. When you are particular about protecting your privacy, then you might want to consider using the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations or drawbacks in using alternative third party app for Facebook compared to official Facebook?

Yes, there are some limitations to using the alternative Facebook apps for Android. They may not have the large user base as Facebook and also lack the features. Some apps may not be compatible with certain devices or operating systems.

Can I connect with friends and family on alternative apps, just like on Facebook?

Yes, in most cases, you can connect with friends and family on a third-party app for Facebook just like you do on Facebook. The best Facebook alternative app typically offers features such as friend requests, private messaging, and the ability to create and join groups. Some Facebook alternative apps may even have additional features that make it easier to connect with people, such as the ability to find friends based on common interests or location.

Can I use the alternative apps to access Facebook groups and pages, or are they completely separate from Facebook?

Some popular Facebook apps alternative may have features that allow you to connect your Facebook account and view your groups and pages within the app. Other best Facebook alternative apps may allow you to import your Facebook contacts or content but not necessarily provide access to Facebook groups or pages.

In Conclusion

We have ended our discussion on the best alternative Facebook apps in 2024 for Android devices. You can find that most of them are free, and some are paid options. Remember, using the pro version enables you to access more distinctive features that can give you a better user experience.

Of course, you can always use the free version when you are keen on passing your time and want an alternative Facebook app. Did you like something that you saw? Did we miss out on something? Please let us know in the comment section.

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