7 Best Food Waste Apps in 2024 to Stop Wasting Food Immediately

Wasting foods is probably the most heinous crime committed by society that we constantly overlook. It is the sad truth of 21 century.

Statistics say that more than a billion people around the globe are spending their days hungry. Still, we dare to waste food.

But that’s not going to happen anymore. We are fortunate to have different organizations and individuals who have the same realization and helped to develop numerous applications to eradicate this problem. These apps will help to connect with everyone from farmers to local consumers, retailers, and even charities.

So, let’s check out a few top-rated Food Waste apps available on the Google Play Store.

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#1 Food for All

Food for All is a New York and Boston-based app that helps to reduce last-minute food waste that generally happens in all restaurants.

This app effectively connects a lot of customers to the said restaurant before closing and provides them the remaining food at a high discount rate. The discount goes as high up as 80%.

The app is also easy to operate. We can visit the location and check out the latest deals. And we can pick up the order at a specific time from the restaurant. This is excellent.

We can also donate these foods to the people who actually need them the most. This app provides a fun and exciting way to stop food wastage.

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#2 ResQ Club

ResQ is another top-rated food waste app available on the Play Store. We have all seen a buffet where too much food is left, the juice on the bar is almost half full that also needs to be finished within 24 hours. ResQ app helps to save these foods from being wasted.

As of this moment, ResQ is available in more than 20 cities in Europe.

The workings of the app are pretty simple. We just have to launch the app and let it locate us. Then we will see all the restaurants nearby that are serving our preferred foods.

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#3 Olio

Olio is the app for the person who really hates wasting food. Although, wasting food has become a regular part of our lives but if we think about it carefully, the situation should not be like this.

Olio taps into this particular emotion of a self-conscious person. Using this particular mindset, Olio has created a platform to connect with people to share food.

Using this application is very simple. We just have to add a picture along with a description. The description needs to contain the location and the time of the pick-up. After sharing the details via the app, customers will visit. This app is often used for donating fresh local produce, fresh bread from local bakeries, and more.

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#4 goMkt

The list app on our list goMkt. Just because this app is in the last position, it isn’t any less popular and effective compared to the previous food waste apps on this list.

The operation of goMkt is simple. It connects us with different cafes and restaurants in the area. This helps to promote the local businesses and helps us to get a valuable supply of food at a reasonable price.

If there is surplus food nearby, we can purchase it via the app to save almost 75%.

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#5 Magic Fridge: Easy Recipe Idea and Anti-Waste

Magic Fridge is quite different from the previous apps we have reviewed. But it is still one of the highest-rated apps on the Google Play Store and it is an anti-waste application.

What Magic-Fridge does is quite unique. It provides easy left-over recipes. It helps to prepare easy meals and the recipes are quite good.

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#6 412 Food Rescue

The Food Rescue app is one of the most popular food waste apps on the market. 412 Food rescue is easily available on the Google Play Store.

The app is designed to connect people with a non-profit foundation that is fighting food wastage by supplying them to needy people.

The app provides food dropping and pickup points. It is also flexible enough to keep up with a busy packed schedule of a consumer. The app is also popularly known as Food rescue Hero as it turns us into a hero who rescues food.

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#7 Flashfood

Flashfood is another giant name on the Google Play Store. It is of course a food waste app but it works a bit differently.

Flashfood is especially known as a supermarket food application. The app shows the products in the shops that are nearing their shelf-life. We all know that shops throw away a major quantity of food after they are expired. Flshfood simply stops this disheartening culture.

The app shows us the availability of poor shelf-life products and provides up to 50% discount. This is a win-win situation for both the customer and the shop owners. We can pay via the app and collect the products afterward

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Needless to say, wastage of food needs to be stopped immediately. One-third of the world’s population is starving, it’s just inhumane to waste such a huge amount of food. Unfortunately, this is a big issue and it can’t be solved overnight.

But sometimes taking a single step can be helpful and these apps help us to do just that. The apps we have reviewed are unique in their own right. Each of the apps found its own way to deal with the food wastage problem. We simply have to locate the app that suits our taste the most.

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