6 Best Free Websites with Invoice Templates [Word, Excel, PDF]

Have you ever thought of getting an invoice template online? There are programs dedicated to our devices, but that’s okay until you don’t have the right software.

You may be pondering on what to download, but we want to offer you an online option. Invoice generators are one of the most important tools you will ever come across. If you have been creating invoices every time you need to alert a client for payment, you have already realized how hectic it can become.

Now, some websites offer free online templates in different formats. All you need is an internet connection and your device to get them and also fill and send. On these websites, it’s also possible to generate, schedule, and customize the invoices based on the needs.

1. WeInvoice – For Free Templates in Word, Excel, and PDF

If you want the best website with free invoice templates for you to try out, then have a look at what WeInvoice has to offer. It’s intuitive and user-friendly, too, thanks to its compatibility with all browsers.

That is why smartphone and computer users are all welcome. WeInvoice offers you templates in different formats, including Word, Google Docs, PDF, Excel, and Google sheets. So, if you feel like not using the website to generate the invoice, the templates are downloadable depending on what you prefer.

Once the trial period expires, you need less than $5 to get the templates for the whole year. That implies cost-effectiveness, especially when you look at the number of invoices you send and receive in a year.

It’s possible to include the details on the template after getting it or remove the unnecessary fields. After that, send it to those concerned using the most appropriate means and have your payment method.

Apart from getting the templates, you can also generate invoices on the website, schedule, and send. It’s therefore resourceful when it comes to invoices and what you can do with them.

Advantages of using Weinvoice for invoice templates include:

  • Downloading the templates in different formats. Choose the one that suits you, and you are good to go
  • You can customize the templates depending on the payments to be requested
  • It’s cost-effective and a time saver, too, since you don’t need to structure anything. All the necessary fields are already available
  • Adding business information is a breeze
  • It’s easier to verify and check on your tax claims
  • The templates offer a better way to plan your budgets
  • The gotten templates are professional, which means they maintain the business culture that you cultivate

2. Invoice Generator

This is another website that will allow you to get a template for your invoice. Being online means you need a chance to download a template for later use. For Invoice Generator, you have to fill in the information before downloading a complete template.

The best part is that you can do it for the different clients every time you need to remind them. Next, there is an option to either send or download as a PDF. While that’s okay, we still lack the variety of file formats here.

Also, since you have to fill before the download, getting different invoice templates is impossible via the invoice generator. However, you can customize by adding the logo, add the taxes and transport costs, and change the currency.


3. Invoice Bus

You can use Invoice Bus to send invoices online and download a PDF copy if you want to keep it and maybe print it later. Clients are alerted when the invoice is sent, and you get paid based on the invoice requirements.

It’s a suitable alternative to PayPal, and people love it due to the limited restrictions. Apart from offering you excellent and customizable templates, you can also include many withdrawal options.

The templates are fillable, and they will aid you in calculating the totals, taxes, and many other inclusions. More to that includes adding the company details and logo and getting rid of the fields and parts you don’t need.


4. PayPal Invoice

Even with the restrictions, PayPal still proves to be the safest way to create and send invoices. That also follows on receiving money. The invoice generator allows you to customize the template, and you can add anything relevant to the invoice.

The only flaw here is that most of the fields you don’t require are not removable. You also don’t get a wide variety of formats to download apart from PDF. The better part is that you can send the invoice via PayPal and track it.

The platform will also notify you when the client receives the invoice. Other options also include sharing the invoice’s link. Adding details and getting the template is free, but PayPal cuts the fee from the transaction once you get paid.


5. Create.onlineinvoices

With Create.onlineinvoices, there are three layouts to choose from based on the template you require. They are related to tax, business, and simple invoices. After selecting the one you prefer, it’s also possible to enter your details, send via the site, or download as a PDF.

Some of the things you can do with the templates include changing the currency, adding the discounts and taxes, and sending via email. If you create an account here, there is a chance to get more advanced features.


6. Invoiceto.me

Invoiceto.me is another site that will offer you invoice templates you can edit and download at any time. It provides the downloaded ones in PDF, though. Other features include the ability to calculate the taxes and total.

With this site, you can manage your clients, accept payments online, and sign up for free.


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With the above six websites, you can get free templates online to create and customize your emails without a hustle. Everything is laid down for you, so you only need to consider the details to include and exclude.

If you choose WeInvoice, you get a wide variety of templates downloadable in different formats. You can also change to the preferred language and currency too. Therefore, it observes what the current world needs to create an adorable invoice that conforms to your business motives.

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