10 Best Instant Personal Loan Apps in India of 2024

Are you looking for the best instant personal loan apps in India? In this wealth-driven world, human beings are running after riches, not only for bread but to meet their luxuries as well. Earlier, people used money, in whatever form it existed to meet fundamental needs, like eating, lodging, clothing, etc. But with the passage of time and increasing developments in society, people tend to invest money in and for other sectors too.

Some needs are even beyond the boundaries of just ‘food’ and ‘luxury’. These include more confidence, self-esteem, and freedom. Money, to some extent, can help you obtain that too.

However, at certain times, one's earning does not allow him or her to buy the desired privileges. And that is where taking a loan comes into the picture. In simple terms, a loan is to bestow money to someone or an organization.

Problems with acquiring instant personal loans

The only problem is that obtaining a personal loan from a typical bank has never been simple. Banks generally work irritatingly slow, demand a never-ending number of documents, and let’s also not forget the long queues. Too much of the intricate paperwork agitates people. This whole task to achieve capital becomes really burdensome and tedious.

On the other hand, using a ‘best instant personal loan apps in india ’, you can effortlessly apply for a personal loan right from the comfort of your home. They are extremely customer-friendly and in your fast-paced life, where getting a loan from any bank can take days, these applications arrive as your saviors.

In this article, we have come out with not one best instant persoanl loan apps in India but rather a list of the top ten. We have selected the applications on the basis of their remarkable features as well as PlayStore ratings. Most of them carry unique traits that make them stand out among rivals.

10 Best Instant Personal Loan Apps In India 2024

1. Credy Technologies

  • Play Store Rating: 2.9
  • Developer website: credy.in

best instant loan app in india

Credy offers quick and easy loans to money-seekers. It grants personal loans on personalized norms. The method it follows is too simple and rapid. You can get your money in less than 24 hours!

The application provides an enriched customer experience. Its reliable and responsible services make it distinct from others. It also gives some freedom to customers by allowing low CIBIL score enquiries too.

The loan period starts at 3 months and customers can extend it to a maximum length of 15 months. It lends money ranging from ten thousand to INR 1 lakh. The rate of interest starts at 12% p.a.

Google Play Store Link

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2. CASHe

  • Play Store Rating: 3.8
  • Developer website: cashe.co.in

best instant loan app in india

CASHe is an app-based digital borrowing platform that gives short-term instant personal loans only to dignified salaried individuals. The steps to obtain a loan are honestly easy. Variable loan options and simple repayment procedures make it desirable among customers.

You only need to provide your bank statements, salary slip, address proof, and PAN card for verification. You can get a loan starting from INR 5000 to INR 2 lakhs. You can finally repay it in between 15 days to 6 months. Repayments can be successfully done through the bank itself.

Google Play Store Link

3. KreditBee

  • Play Store Rating: 4.5
  • Developer name: Finnovation Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd

best instant loan app in india without salary slip

This app is ideal for young, budding professionals. It grants loans only to those people who have some form of stable monthly remuneration. It offers loans amounting to up to INR 1 lakh. The processing is rapid and will credit you with the money within a span of 15 minutes.

KreditBee is pretty beneficial for young earners having no collateral. It provides flexible interest rates between 0 and 2.49% per month. It protects the paperless digital loan authorization technique with 128 bit SSL encryption to shield sensitive data.

Last but not the least, you can also shop from KreditBee’s partner websites, like Amazon and Flipkart using the several e-vouchers offered by it.

Google Play Store Link

4. EarlySalary

  • Play Store Rating: 3.9
  • Developer name: Social Worth Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

best instant loan app in india

EarlySalary is one of the easiest and fastest ways to apply for and receive loans. You can register for a loan of up to INR 2 lakhs with interest rates beginning at a mere value of just 2% per month. Get the money you want, fast, without needless delays.

EarlySalary frees you from the prepayment distress. It has a family of over 5 lakh faithful customers. Also, its services are available 24*7 and thus, is one of the favorites of clients.

Google Play Store Link

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5. Dhani

  • Play Store Rating: 3.9
  • Developer name: Indiabulls Ventures Limited

instant loan app

This application disburses the respective loan amount directly to your bank account. You can handily use it from anywhere and at any time. You can acquire money for up to INR 15 lakhs at low-interest rates starting at just 12%.

Dhani is totally free. It even requires minimal documentation. All you need to do is write down your Aadhar card number, amongst other similarly simple requirements. As the name suggests, with the Dhani app, one can literally desire to be ‘Dhani’ owing to the ease of use and effectiveness of the app!

Google Play Store Link

6. PaySense

  • Play Store Rating: 4.0
  • Developer name: Sayali Karanjkar & Prashant Ranganathan

instant loan app

The PaySense app serves well in helping to attain a personal loan. All you have to do is submit your KYC details. PaySense will complete your approval in less than 5 hours.

You can avail a loan amounting up to INR 5 lakhs. Moreover, it also comes with an EMI calculator. This versatile calculator will remind you what amount of money you need to pay each month. It keeps a track of your repayment process.

Google Play Store Link

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7. IndiaLends

  • Play Store Rating: 4.2
  • Developer website: indialends.com

instant loan app

IndiaLends is one of the best applications for obtaining an instant personal loan. It provides you with loans, credit cards, and even free credit reports. It offers the best interest rates too.

Thanks to the IndiaLends’ fast processing, you can receive the money in your bank account in less than 48 hours. The interface is really easy to adapt to and therefore most people can use it, even the ones using best instant loan apps in india for the first time. IndiaLends is a pretty good alternative for people in need of personal loans.

Google Play Store Link

8. MoneyView

  • Play Store Rating: 4.2
  • Developer name: WhizDM

instant loan app

The MoneyView app achieves the objective in just 2 hours. Buying a new house or a four-wheeler or be it anything, this app always proves to be helpful in times of need. It presently runs in over 5000 Indian towns. It has steadily gained the trust of around 1 crore users.

This 100% paperless and easy loan-giving app offers a sum of up to INR 5 lakhs. Repay the same in between 3 months and 5 years, according to your convenience. MoneyView is highly safe & secure. It provides flexible repayment strategies by assigning negligible monthly interest rates.

Google Play Store Link

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9. MoneyTap

  • Play Store Rating: 4.2
  • Developer website: moneytap.com

best instant loan app in india

MoneyTap is one of the fastest providers of digital bank loans. It offers tight security of data and promises customer privacy. Like most other applications, the required documents here include a PAN, a selfie (professional), ID proof and address proof.

More than 40 cities in India have access to it. The best part is its exclusive no-usage-no-interest attribute that charges interest only on the fraction borrowed off the entire approved value. The app serves all the major requirements of a loan-seeker.

Google Play Store Link 

10. NIRA

  • Play Store Rating: 4.3
  • Developer website: nirafinance.com

best instant loan app in india without salary slip

NIRA offers money only to the prominent salaried professionals in India. It provides loans in the pattern of a line of credit. The credit limit ranges between INR 15000 and 1 lakh. The loan term varies from 3 months to a year.

An individual can withdraw a minimum amount of INR 5000 every single time. The rate of interest hugely depends on the duration you took to repay and the amount of loan sanctioned.

Google Play Store Link

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Final Thoughts

Instant personal small loan apps can certify loans within minutes. They also usually have a convenient interface to rescue customers from unnecessary complications. These apps save valuable time and only present to its users a more easy-to-understand version of the entire process involved.

Though there is a multitude of best instant personal loan apps on the Internet we tried to show you just a finer glimpse of it. The aforementioned apps are the most popular and trusted ones.

Receiving an urgent loan is no longer trouble anymore. Times have changed and so have our lifestyles. Get the best instant personal loan apps in India. Download one from the list now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all instant loan apps trustworthy and real?

You will find a number of loan apps on the internet. However, not all of them are genuine. Some are just scams. You have to be wise enough while choosing the correct one. A good practice is to do a little research about the app or the associated company before committing to it.

Which is the best app for obtaining a loan?

KreditBee provides a platform that enables interested candidates to apply for a loan and receive the same in a wink. Many consider it as one of the best instant loan apps in India. However, there are other apps too that provide equally good services.

Do documents submitted through instant loan apps reach safe hands?

There isn’t a general answer for this as it completely depends on the company providing the service. If the app is popular and a well-reputed one, chances are that your submissions reach the intended location. On the other hand, we cannot assure you much about shady sites. To reduce the chances of risks, go through related articles and users' reviews.

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