15 Best iOS Emulator for Windows 10 PC 2024

Looking for the best iOS emulator for windows pc? There are numerous operating systems available for Windows, but Apple’s iOS gets more fame among users due to its security. It was designed in a way to bring the desired level of OS security and user privacy.  The most important thing about this operating system is that it comes with severe security checks for third-party applications. There are numerous apps also exclusive to the iPad, iPhone, or Apple App Store. If you desire to know about the ios emulator for windows that run the apps of the iPhone App Store on your Windows system, you can read this post correctly.

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The users can successfully run their iOS App Store Apps on various ecosystems with the help of the emulator app. The function of emulator tools is based on many factors. It includes the power of your PC and emulator Application. With the help of emulator tools, you can now install and also run all kinds of iPhone applications on your windows systems.

Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC Of 2024

1. Smartface

smartface ios emulator for windows


It is the ios emulator for windows that enables users to create and offers essential functions along with infinite apps for free on Windows OS. Working with this tool is easier for users. As users, you only need to securely install this tool on your host device through the App Store. After that, you can establish connectivity with your Windows PC. It is essential to install iTunes on your device. This will bring you the ability to create native apps through this software once the iOS has emulated onto your Windows device.

It comes with an excellent module for debugging the apps with different features like real-time code alterations and breakpoints. This facility lets you test your apps in various iOS environments. It is good news for users that this tool can be used with your Android device with similar efficiency. It can work as an iOS and Android debugger for Windows devices.  You can now test an App on various screen resolutions.

2. Xamarin iOS Emulator For Windows 10


It is the latest iOS emulator for Windows 10 available on the market. By using Xamarin, you can emulate iOs on the Windows system.  As developers, you can utilize it for testing your cross-platform compatibility of the iOS applications with Windows. The most striking feature of this software is that it is available for free. Most significantly, it can work in the Visual Studio. This Apple product has many high-quality features, so it is recommended for developers who want to work flawlessly and effortlessly.

3. iPadian

ipadian ios emulator


Are you looking for a famous ios emulator for windows? iPadian is the right choice for your needs. It not only includes a clean interface but also looks good as an iPad.  You can install this software and immediately get started with Apps. It is not an overall emulator.  Instead, it can stimulate the iOS interface on a personal computer. There is a facility for running the Store Apps on iPadian. Instead, the emulator comes with the native App store that has an array of Apps to select. Most significantly, it requires Adobe Air on the PC for its proper functioning. It has a clear and clean interface offering an iPad-like experience. Which requires less power for running. It can play Apps and games without any hassles. It helps you to download tons of Apps.

4. iPhone Simulator

ios emulator for windows pc


Do you want to use a plain simulator? iPhone Simulator is a perfect choice for your requirements. It helps you to run both iPhone Apps and Games on your laptop PC. The main focus of this app is on running your games. Hence you can anticipate this tool to be excellent for graphics. Even though it lacks a few helpful features, it appears an ideal choice for your gaming purposes. The user interface of this tool is the same as the iPhone. It is pleasing news for everyone that gives you access to everything for entirely free. This unique feature will enhance your user experience.

5. iPad Simulator

ipad simulator for windows pc

Are you looking for an outstanding Chrome extension? You can consider the iPad simulator. The specific thing about the ios emulator for windows is that it does not include any installation complications. Apart from that, this extension brings a friendly interface that resembles an iPad. The users can utilize the iPad features such as Siri and iMessenger on the PC. Also, you can use other features without using a virtual iPad. It is because this extension brings an entire feel of an iPad. Most significantly, this extension allows users to store their Apps in a cloud with drop and drag features. The most exceptional feature of this chrome extension is that it includes a hassle-free setup. It allows you to utilize the search option for finding the Apps.

6. Electric Mobile Studio

emulator for windows


It is another widely used emulator tool for your Windows PC. You can use it for testing, developing, and redesigning. It also helps you to create the iOS app on your Windows system. It permits development in different programming languages. This tool consumes more RAM space. There is a facility to test your app after the development process. As a highly responsive emulator, it allows you to run every app present in the App store. With this emulator, you can also handle the iPad and iPhone easily. These are the specialized features of this emulator that make it suitable for expert App developers. It commonly caters to heavy-duty app developers. You can find it in both paid & free versions.

Note: The paid version is ideal for users who look for unlocked features. It is both simple-to-use and powerful.

7. MobiOne Studio


It aids you in emulating the iOS environment on your Windows systems for running different iOS applications. MobiOne studio also brings you the capability of developing iOS apps. The specific thing about this app is that it includes lots of unique features like personalized templates for the user interface. You can exploit this feature by using the drag & drop function. It is suitable for both landscape and portrait orientations.

It is fantastic news for app developers that this emulator offers support to test and review large-sized applications by using the App Sync technology. When you decide to install the application, it is essential to download related EXE files through reliable 3rd party websites.

8. Air iPhone Emulator


If you want to develop the realized iOS emulation effects, you can consider Air iPhone Emulator. The unique feature of this ios emulator for windows is that it can use Adobe Air Framework for developing the GUI of chosen iOS on your windows systems. If you are a developer, you can get the ability to upload any freshly created applications to this emulator. Thus, you can quickly test the work before uploading your completed code file. This application was first designed to enable people to receive and make free calls via Ribbit.

9. Appetize Io


Are you seeking for cloud-based iOS emulator? Appetize.Io is the right choice for your needs. Due to this, you are not capable of installing and downloading software on your laptop or PC directly. Most of developers consider this emulator as an excellent iOS emulator tool for Windows. The most beneficial thing about this software is that the first hundred minutes of this app are free. It is applicable for every new month. If you desire to work with this app, you should upload an IPA file in an upload form by giving your email address. Then, you will receive a relevant link where you can test the file in your online Emulator.

10. iMame Emulator for iOS


It is a well-known reality that there are tons of games and applications available for the iOS platform. The advancement in technology makes the iOS software a little commendable. The iOS devices are having an unmatched ability to both plays as well as withstand the strain of better graphics games. Luckily, the iOS tool does not see any problem while compiling vast applications.

In simple terms, it is a perfect emulator tool for gamers. By using this emulator tool, users can play lots of iOS games on their Windows system without any unwanted hassles. Most significantly, it allows any iOS games and apps for the iPad and iPhone.

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11. Xamarin TestFlight


If you plan to create and develop the applications for your iOS and Android devices, you can utilize this emulator tool.  It is because Xamarin TestFlight is the open-source app that looks forward to building as well as developing apps for your system software like iOS and Android. You can perform this task by using programming languages like .NET and C#. This job is both challenging and trick, so you can utilize Xamarin for making it simpler.

12. Ripple Emulator


It is a specially designed emulator suitable for iOS mobile applications. It is a multi-platform tool that appears as an extension to your chrome browser. This software is developed for developing the HTML5 application for mobile. The overall concept of this emulator is that it helps you to know different schemes. They are available in the background apps on the devices. In short, it is developed for targeting the general audience.

13. Remoted iOS simulator For Windows


It is an ios emulator for windows developed for performing an excellent task for debugging various iOS apps in your Windows panel. The application software suitable for all Windows platforms. It can always run and also test different kinds of iOS applications. You can view this entire process through the Windows software. It is significant to know that this whole process is based on the simulation idea. Good news for everyone that the Remoted iOS simulator is a product of Xamarin. It also enables users to debut it by using the Visual Studio Enterprise version of the Windows platform.


14. iDOS iOS Emulator For Windows.


Do you want to acquire seamless results? You can make use of the dos emulator.  The good thing about this tool is that it brings a better iOS experience on the Windows system. The users can utilize it for windows without spending any amount. The interface of this tool is easy-to-use and straightforward for first-time users. It is equally vital to know that this emulator tool is not receiving updates on bug reports or features.

15. Nintendo 3DS Emulator for windows pc 

switch pro controller


When it comes to gaming, Nintendo is the best option to prefer. Nintendo 3DS imitator is the best iPhone emulator for windows pc particularly for playing iOS games on Windows. You can download this Emulator for free and run all types of games using this Nintendo 3Ds Emulator. If you’re a Hard-core gaming fan, then We highly recommend this Emulator you. 

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Useful details of the best iOS emulator for Windows

It is software that enables the Windows-based system to imitate or emulate the iOS-based tablet or smartphone. These emulators are helpful if you want to test your apps before submitting your files to the App Store of Apple. It also brings you the ability to work with your iOS games and apps without buying an expensive iPad or iPhone. There are lots of iOS emulators available online. Though choosing the right emulator is a challenging job because some of them are boasting of viruses or malware. For eliminating the difficulties, this article shares with you a list of the 15 best iOS emulators that are safe and good.

How can Windows benefit from the iOS emulator?

There are several advantages of using iOS development, and some of them are given below:-

  • They can run smoothly on several devices
  • They are used for testing and also analyzing your programs and apps
  • Emulators can aid you in making a buying decision quickly by letting them understand the working of the operating system before spending their money
  • Emulators can help you in experiencing a completely different OS that they are not capable of buying due to specific reasons.
  • Whatever your application is, its main task is to solve users' problems. To be convenient, practical, and easy to understand. Only a competent development company can solve these tasks. The akveo team creates projects taking into account the specific requirements of the customer. You will get a full-fledged product and an effective marketing tool. 


The above blog post brings you a comprehensive selection of the most excellent emulator tools for testing and running iOS app store games and applications on your Windows systems.  Some of these tools focus on both app testing, and development, and a few others are eccentric to play iPad or iPhone exclusive games on your windows platform. Hence, it is advised to pick the right one as per your desire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an iOS emulator for PC?

There is no official iOS emulator for PC. However, there are a few third-party options that you can use to run iOS apps and games on your Windows computer. These emulators work by creating a virtual iOS environment on your PC, which allows you to run iOS apps and games natively.

Can I emulate iOS on Windows 10?

Yes, you can emulate iOS on Windows 10 using an emulator. There are many different simulator programs available, but we recommend using one of the emulators mentioned in the above post.

What is the best free iOS emulator for PC?

There are many free iOS emulators that you can use to run iOS apps on your PC. Some of the most popular ones include Smartface, Appetize, Ipadian, and Xamarin.

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