9 Best New Android Launchers For 2023

What are the top new Android launchers of 2023? As a frequent mobile user, do you desire visually stunning interfaces on your device? If so, you've come to the right place. This blog is tailored for you. Join me on this journey as we discuss the best Android launchers and engage in insightful conversations.

In general, when considering the mobile operating system, Android OS is king in it. Sure you can use the extraordinary android launcher app, in order to change the feel and look of your android gadget.

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You have to know one thing “A launcher is nothing but the app drawer and home screen component”. Nowadays, all kind of Original Equipment Manufacturing devices is having their predefined android launchers in an extraordinary manner. Even though they are predefined in your android device, you can easily able to change them with some other apps by downloading them to the Play Store.

Below you can find the best android launchers that I have used which will offer extraordinary visuals and look to your device.

Best New Android Launchers For 2023

NOTE: We have used all the below-mentioned android launchers. Everything is working perfectly and very user-friendly. You all have to try using it. Below you can find the explanations of each android launcher in a clear manner.

1. Niagara Launcher - Best Minimalist Launcher


Niagara Launcher is a sleek and best minimalist launcher that provides excellent ergonomics by utilizing a vertically scrolling app list that is easy to navigate with one hand. The app list is also intelligent and adapts to your needs, making frequently used apps readily accessible. This is particularly helpful for messaging and email applications.

Furthermore, Niagara Launcher is completely free to use and is ad-free. However, if you desire to access its complete set of features, you must pay a fee. You may choose to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription, which includes a full feature unlock for a cost of $14.99.

2. Nothing Launcher - Best Personalisation Launcher


Nothing Launcher is a top-notch Android launcher that does not contain any advertisements. It merges the Android experience with classic design elements to create a unique user interface. The launcher has exclusive features like Max folders, Max icons, and customizable widgets.

Although the app is currently in beta, it is still an excellent choice for those seeking a straightforward experience without the burden of numerous options. The current feature set is minimal, and the app is still a work in progress. However, it's an excellent option for those who prefer a simple and uncomplicated launcher, reminiscent of the early days of Android before the introduction of excessive complexities.

3. Apex Launcher - Best Android Launcher All-Inclusive

Best Android Launchers Of 2023

The apex launcher app is basically differentiated by its user-friendly theme options. Android launchers are apps that can zest up your mobile's home screen or go about as an individual aide.

“Apex launcher app is also available in the paid version and in the free version of limited features”.

The launcher app makes the way toward tweaking your mobile's effectiveness vastly less demanding on the grounds that you utilize premade designs worked by a network of Android users. This launcher requires android 4.0.43 and above. Works with Android 7.0 Nougat.

We like to admit launcher's home-screen changing since they alternate your typical home screen setup with another experience. The paid version is of a reasonable price. It is basically designed to work on low-specification devices.

4. Nova Launcher - Best Fully Featured Launcher For Android

Best Android Launchers 2023

Nova launcher is one of the best third-party apps, according to my usage. Adaptable swipe signals are the major thing to stump up a couple of amounts for Nova Launcher Prime, according to my point of view. It makes jumping all through your most loved applications and highlights a breeze.

Sure it will create a top-notch impact to use on the android device. It requires some investment to build up muscle memory, yet once you get it, you won't think back.

It has retained the Nexus-like feel and looks because it is based on the stock android launcher. But it can able to be alternated through various extraordinary packs that are found in Google play prices.

“Nova launcher is also available in the paid version and in the free version of limited features”.

5. ADW Launcher: Best Basic Android Launcher

 You can switch up your subject as frequently as you like, without expecting to give hours moving around apps and gadgets or changing symbol packs. The android versions it supports will be from Android 1.6 Donut to Android 4.3 Jellybean. You additionally can add custom motions to your mobile.

ADW Launcher is also available in the paid version and in the free version of limited features”

6. Go Launcher EX: Best Free Launcher For Android

best android launcher


As opposed to conveying new highlights to your cell phone, the Launcher enhances from the back to front to guarantee the most ideal client experience. In general, Launchers try to put the most applicable details upfront consistently, as you wake up, head out on your drive, work at the workplace, and go through a night on the town or at home staring at the TV.

It will assist you in identifying bloatware and uninstalling pointless apps to enhance battery life. These apps look to put the apps and data you need directly in front of you, so that, in a perfect world, you'll never need to chase around your mobile until the end of time.

The best part is that its turning style UI carefully switches between your most loved Android apps and brisk access alternate ways, making it conceivable to deal with phablets with only one hand.

7. Action Launcher Pro: Best Customizable Android Launcher

best customizable launcher for android


Action Launcher Pro is another incredibly prevalent, exceptionally adjustable best android launcher that gives you a chance to patch up pretty much every part of the home screen. These apps are utilized to alter or totally update your Android home screen, which you reach by tapping your mobile's home screen.

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This Launcher offers an Android-style launcher, yet in addition, an incredibly well-known topic framework that clients can download new subjects. Fly accompanies its very own exceptional design that composes your apps and gadgets into their own cards to keep things clean. There are several of these subjects accessible on the Play Store, and they come in a wide range of styles. This is the place your backdrop and gadgets live, and where you can store easy routes to apps.

8. Smart Launcher: Best Lightweight Android Launcher


Smart Launcher, the best android launcher is for controlling monstrosities who love changes and customization. You can't do a lot to be able to alternate your launcher app design, however, you can utilize custom symbol packs and change the subject from light to dull.

Upset the span of pretty much everything and the signal directions to get your optimal experience. These apps serve to "open" existing design impediments, for example, what number of apps you can fit on individual home screens, to take into consideration more profound adjustments. A power client's fantasy, Apex isn't only simple to change, it runs incredibly easy too.

Regardless of whether you like your mobile's setup as seems to be, We ask you to play around with a launcher.

9. Ratio Launcher: Best Minimalist Android Launcher



Ratio Launcher has three home screens; everyone has a specific element. For example, the Tree page holds every one of your messages under one spot, while the Root page highlights custom cards of climate, Notes, YouTube, and so forth Ultimately, you have a Tiles page which consequently isolates applications under various classes.

Note that Ratio needs to access almost all your data to function properly. While it says the data stay on the phone and is encrypted, not everyone will be comfortable with sharing too much personal information. All in all, Ratio has one of the best new launchers for Android in 2023.


From the above-mentioned list, you can try out anything or else everything like me. Sure your device will get a new look in 2023 using the best new android launchers.

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If we missed anything, tell us about it in the comments! You can also click here to check best compass app for outdoor adventures.

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