10 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Apps for Android in 2024

If you are short of time and want to know the identity of the person who is calling you then this post will be helpful to you. There are many apps available in the play store which help you in tracking unknown number ID, Searching by name or business details, etc. But how do these apps work? These best reverse phone lookup app for android use databases like online yellow pages where your incoming or outgoing calls are recorded with date and time along with information like contact number, sender's name. Here we listed the top 10 best reverse lookup apps for Android devices which provide accurate Caller details about unknown callers. Let's look into the list given below: 

1. Show caller For Android & iOS

best reverse phone lookup


It is an easy-to-use and accurate true caller id tool.

This app is based on the latest android operating systems helps to identify all incoming calls instantly not available in the contact list.

It identifies many unknown calls and provides detailed id name and region of the true caller.

Hence, you can look at a name and Caller ID of a person who is calling.

Showcaller can aid you in identifying the spam calls and see who is actually calling with the true caller id.

You can block numbers, stop telemarketers, and spam.

There is a smart and simple auto voice recorder available.

It is effectively powered by a massive database of roughly about a billion mobile numbers.

Why are you waiting?

Instead of facing unwanted hassles, download and use this app for your discovery.

2. Caller ID and dialer by simpler

reverse phone lookup app


If you look for a free caller ID, this reverse phone lookup is a perfect choice for you.

No, bother about unknown calls. Instead, let Simpler Caller ID will work for you.

It reveals the true caller's name.

Do have wondered who called you? Missed or regular calls from unknown callers are truly annoying.

Become capable of blocking and identify spam calls with this spam call blocker available for free.

You can enter the unknown mobile number over dialer of this reverse phone lookup.

Start to download this android lookup app to enjoy tons of features.

Detect spams and block unwanted calls.

Merge every duplicate contact.

Send group email and text instantly.

Equipped with T9 dialer to facilitate fast search by numbers and name.

Includes more than 40 impressive themes.

3. Who’s call

best reverse phone lookup


Do you want to have a trustworthy and safe telecommunication environment?

Who’s call is a perfect companion for your needs.

It is a widely used phone app with over 70 million downloads worldwide.

Well-known for its Block and Caller ID function.

Along with text message and calls, it let you identify the SMS and incoming calls.

Allows you to block the malicious spam SMS and calls.

Most significantly, it offers fully functional mobile features.

Calls, Anti-Spam, and SMS make it all in one app for managing your phone calls and message.

With this trustworthy app, you guys pick up only important calls after knowing who is calling.

You can avoid disturbing precious time by simply blocking the spam calls.

There is a built-in dialer, In addition to Speaker/Hang up / Answer, Whoscall offers Call Interface for identifying both outgoing and incoming calls.

Now Identify callers without internet access by downloading the offline database.

Don’t waste your time. Immediately set it as the default mobile app to start enjoying this service.

4. Truecaller (Best reverse phone lookup app for Android )

best reverse phone lookup


Are you seeking the world’s leading Spam blocking and Caller ID app?

Guys, you can download the Truecaller app.

It has a community-based spam list to make your mobile communication efficient and safer.

Enjoy a free chat facility with your family and friends.

Automatically identify and blocks unknown SMS.

Block by number series and name.

The best Caller ID of the world will identify people calling you.

Record your essential phone calls as well as save them to the mobile.

Backup contacts, call history, settings, and message to Google Drive.

Quick bill payments and mobile recharges.

Band grade protection offered ICICI bank.

Manage the bank accounts with the BHIM-UPI.

Know who actually viewed your profile.

Options for seeing the profiles privately.

Thirty contact requests per month.

Free of ads.

Get a premium badge on the profile.

Start to use this reverse phone lookup service to get remarkable benefits.

5. Real caller phone lookup (Best reverse phone lookup app for US & CANADA)

reverse phone lookup


It not only identifies the unknown caller and blocks spam and unwanted phone calls, Number lookup helps you to find the caller id as well as caller identifying by showing the caller name.

Guys can explore all these details on your screen while making a call.

For achieving this, you can ensure that your phone is connected to both caller id app and internet connection.

It has various kinds of cell numbers or mobile numbers.

Equipped with a list of caller IDs, it shows your caller name and caller information if available.

It helps you to recognize the person who is continuously calling you.

This useful mobile directory helps you to perform a reverse mobile number or reverse lookup.

It has a well-functioning search option.

It is enough for receiving the caller's name.

Consequently, you can enter the name of the caller for acquiring the mobile numbers.

You can also use it for name lookup, places lookup, and even business lookup.

In short, try to get permission to ensure that call blocking and caller id is working properly.


6. Hiya


This Call Block Security android app identifies the unwanted calls and blocks the texts and phone numbers you desire to avoid.

It is both simple and free to use.

Instead of getting hassles, you can block unwanted calls, blacklist nuisance SMS, and phone numbers.

Reverse mobile search the incoming call details and receive alerts on nuisance calls.

This Android /iOS app is powered by a database of countless phone numbers.

Pick up the calls from only the desired individuals and from friends even though they are not in the phone book.

Blacklist the unwanted callers, blocking fraudulent, or nuisance calls by sending them directly to voicemail.

Increase your privacy by using automatic blocker, which lets you blacklist the nuisance numbers.

Identify the unknown callers quickly in real-time.

Automatic alerts immediately warm you while receiving unwanted incoming calls.

Identify the unwanted SMS when they are not sent from people in the contacts.

Finally, you can perform the mobile search on the unknown number for finding out when it is a legitimate caller, nuisance or fraudulent.

7. Reverse phone look up


Are you seeking for an ideal platform to finding unknown callers quickly?

This is the perfect choice for your requirements.

The only requirement is to enter the platform where you can enter the mobile number.

After that, you can click on the search option.

This simple procedure lets you know the entire bio date of an unknown caller.

You can also find the name and estimated location of the unknown caller.

With simple methods, it makes the searching simpler.

If you want to acquire all these benefits, you can visit this platform immediately.

These exclusive features make it the finest reverse phone lookup platform for everyone.

8. White pages (Best reverse lookup website for US Numbers)


Do you want to find contact information, people, and perform background checks on one platform?

White pages are an ideal choice for your needs.

With an extensive database of US numbers, it appears as a perfect tool of US people.

You can use this application on the smartphone if you are living in the US.

It is available for both your iOS and Android devices.

You can simply search for the unknown number and look at the caller details instantly.

You can find numerous things on Whitepages.

It includes address, mobile numbers, relatives, financial records, email address, professional licenses, landline numbers and, much more.

As the US citizens, you can receive the best possible results.

If you receive unwanted calls from the US, you can acquire precise details regarding an unknown caller easily.

Rather than wasting time, you can go to the Google play store where you can get this best reverse phone lookup app for your android.

9. Pipl


This reverse phone lookup platform is well-known for offering an exceptional searching experience.

With a people search engine, PIPL make it simpler for looking at the email address, social profile, phone number, email age of a person.

You can just run the search on the phone number, email address, user name, and name or address.

It helps you to verify or find the contact, work, and social details of a person.

It includes endless searches using email address phone number, user name, and name.

More than a billion mobile numbers available in the search results.

It brings excellent email coverage around the world.

If you desire to acquire excellent benefits, you can visit this platform immediately to start exploring.

10. Any Who (Website for reverse phone lookup)


There are lots of reverse phone lookup services available, but any who gain more fame among people due to specific reasons.

This platform is specially developed to find the places, businesses, people, and more.

There is a convenient facility to search by phone number, location, or even zip code.

It is required to enter the information for acquiring the entire bio date of an unknown person.

It is boasting of different tabs including Yellow pages, reverse phone lookup, and people search.

You can select anyone to start searching immediately.

These exclusive features make it the finest free reverse phone lookup platform.

The people search option is updated every week with the contact numbers of people across the country.

Kindly enter last name and first name while searching AnyWho people for the best possible results.


Almost every mobile user faces issues with wrong or unknown phone calls at a certain point of the lifetime.

If you desire to know the identity of unwanted people, you will have to use the best reverse phone number lookup app or website.

It is opposite to standard lookup in that you see the name of an individual and want to discover her/his number.

The reverse number lookup tools let you identify the name and related information quickly.

It includes the location of an individual via their number.

These tools scan tons of databases for finding accurate numbers and their details.

You will find lots of services online, but not everyone brings real results.

For avoiding inappropriate services, you can go through the above guide.

From the above mentioned scenario, you can find the best reverse phone lookup app & website. Choose your most favorite one. If we missed anything, tell us about it the comments! You can also click here to check why is my ping so all of a sudden.

Is there a free reverse phone lookup app?

Truecaller is a free reverse phone lookup app. It lets you search the identity of unknown callers and block unwanted spam calls from your smartphone. The best part is that it's a very popular application with over 500 Million users worldwide, so it's highly likely that if a person exists in Truecaller, then they exist in real life too!

Do reverse phone lookup apps work?

There's no denying that these apps have their uses, and there's little doubt that they work sometimes for some people. But they're far from perfect, and if you're expecting too much of them, you'll soon be disappointed.

What is the most accurate reverse cell phone lookup?

Whitepages is the most accurate reverse phone lookup service. There are always those sites that promise 100% result accuracy, but they're usually scams to get your personal information and send it off in some unknown direction!

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