Is CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure worth the effort?

The article will help you learn some main concepts about the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. According to about 300-415 ENSDWI, a professional certificate will help an enterprise's networks. To get the certificate, one must clear the two exams,i.e., the written exam and the lab exam.

The practice test of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure is a total of eight hours duration that will allow the participant to design, plan, and operate the solutions for the different networks. And the other is the lab test, which also requires the necessary skills to achieve the results.

Some topics are present that relate to the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, like network infrastructure, transport technologies, and solutions, infrastructure security and service, infrastructure automation and programmability, software-defined infrastructure, etc.

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure is maintained to cover the technologies. Such achievement of the technologies will get achieved with the qualifying of the exams that will also cover the programmability and automation technologies. At the same time, the lab will also facilitate the end-to-end skills of the life cycle. But this is such a complex infrastructure that needs the designing and planning for such operation.

Duration of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification course

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure course is divided into two different parts. A person must do 2 months of classroom and 2 months of online training.

After such duration of the course, the person will become able to do the certificate course of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure.

Who can do the enrollment in CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure?

The network engineers with the core exam and network core technologies. The CCIE exam is one qualifying exam that will help get the certification. And the engineers must have five or seven years of experience in operating, designing, and optimizing enterprise networking technologies.

To get the solutions to the problems, the network engineers must use the expert problem-solving process that will allow them to get the solutions with the options analysis.

To design the network designers, one must also take expert help so that the complex network technologies will get the best results. With this, the student will also improve their knowledge. And such a certificate will also improve the chances of their job perspective.

Things that are available under this course

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification course will include configuration, operation, troubleshooting, and installation of the enterprise wired network. The advance routing will cover the designing, deployment, and management of the Cisco software design.

Some best practices methods are also available with configuring the protocols routing in the branch and data center. All are discussed here as follows:

1. Implementation of the security principles.

2. Network designing with solutions like SD-WAN.

3. For the agile networks, the programming concepts are used.

Benefits of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification course

The certification course will increase the knowledge level of the students and enhance their learning in each sector. Like

1. The student will gather the knowledge and enhance his skills in validating, optimizing, and creating network designs.

2. Students' knowledge becomes so powerful that he becomes able to look at and understand the different capabilities of the services and solutions.

3. The students' knowledge will also help translate the customer needs into solutions.

4. The student's skills will become so powerful that they can operate and deploy the solutions and network technologies.

5. The skills of the CCIE certification network will help make the person a leader in the networks.

6. The certification will also allow you to gather your technological and enterprise skills together.

7. The person's skills will also surpass the designing, deployment, and operation.

8. The CCIE certification will also include the new age needs of technologies and network programmability.


From here, it is concluded that the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure is one of the certificates that will need the two exams. One must have to study and explore things in a good manner so that he will become able to get the certification. The course will also allow different benefits to a person. And his skills will also get improved after doing the certification course.

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