Free Coloring Printables for Kids in 2024

Kids are naturally drawn to bright and contrasting colors. As they thrive to make full sense of the environment, these captivating hues help children discern objects around them. Furthermore, colors are naturally fascinating and interesting to the young eyes of our kids. That said, coloring is a simple yet worthwhile activity that kids ages 2-10 should be actively engaged in.

Coloring is an educational activity that helps foster the pre-academic skills of a young learner. This fun and engaging activity develop the brain’s ability to focus on a specific task. Moreover, coloring is a major step towards refining grasp precision, hand strength, fine motor skills, and visual perceptual abilities. Apart from cultivating creativity, coloring helps increase the attention span of children which is a critical element for them to excel academically in a classroom setting.

Free Coloring Printables for toddlers by Kids Academy

Coloring pages for toddlers are a simple yet productive learning material parents must-have for their children. Kids Academy offers a full spectrum of amazing and captivating designs specially developed for kids ages 2-10 years old. Coloring printables are free and easily accessible on the website.

Fun Shapes and Color Words!

Recognizing shapes is a child’s first step towards efficiently engaging in more complex subjects like math, reading, and science. Furthermore, learning shapes helps a child hasten his/her problem-solving skills. Kids Academy has an impressive collection of coloring printables showcasing different shapes in an appealing picture. Color the Shapes is a fun way to introduce Basic Geometry to children while enhancing creativity. On the other hand, Purple Orange Yellow, and Green coloring worksheets help children master the color words and their corresponding hues.

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Friendly Animals!

Developing empathy skills is important for children. It fosters a sense of security and helps kids establish stronger relationships with everyone around them. Kids Academy offers an exciting theme of friendly animals which sparks a sense of responsibility and compassion among children. Color the Sheep in the Field, Color the Ducklings Near the Pond, and Color the Pigs in the Yard present a nice glimpse of the daily lives of different animals while the Easter: a Hen and a Chick printable coloring worksheet introduce the symbolism of revival and rejuvenation to young artists which is the meaning behind the Easter celebration.

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Fun Nursery Rhymes and Characters!

Nursery rhymes are a perfect example of an educational tool that strikes a perfect balance between entertainment and learning. The jolly and easy-to-follow tunes easily capture a child’s interest which spurs active engagement and the lyrics encapsulate one particular lesson at a time. Kids Academy boasts an impressive collection of coloring printables that feature well-known nursery rhymes kids will surely love. These include Three Little Piggies, Pilgrim Boy, and Hickory Dickory Dock.

free coloring printables

The Kids Academy’s wide array of free printable coloring pages for kids is every parent’s answered prayer in efficiently cultivating his/her child’s fine motor skills while constructively beefing up the young learners’ concentration and attention span - the key ingredients needed for a child to excel academically in a classroom setting. These worksheets are a fun way to keep your young Picasso maintain a great momentum in developing his/her creativity and imagination while tuning up those fine motor skills and visual perception.


Coloring is a great activity for kids of all ages, and it can be enjoyed alone or with friends. These free coloring printables for kids are perfect for keeping your children entertained and engaged in a fun activity that also helps to develop their creativity and artistic skills. We hope you enjoy these printables as much as we do!

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