What Are the 10 Best Content Idea Generator Tools?

Are you looking for the best content generator idea tools? Then this article is for you! Regularly posting content to your blog is a must. However, it is sometimes a challenge to take the time to find ideas for website content. To meet this need, we’ve compiled a list of the best tools to help you create content.

1. Hubspot Blog Topics Ideas Generator

HubSpot is a pioneer of inbound marketing and has developed its own idea generator for blogs. You can enter three different nouns in the corresponding input field. The HubSpot generator will then generate some ideas for the topic or title of your article.

In fact, the system generates interesting ideas while adhering to the requirements for the structure of the heading. Of course, the service does not always do the job perfectly. Using automated tools, you still have to review and adjust the results the program produces.

2. Free Article Spinner

This is a free service that can create new content ranging from suggestions to an entire article. The end result may look ridiculous, so it will take you roughly an hour to edit it and make it competitive. Remember that you want free blog content, so you should make the most of all the resources you have.

3. Article Rewriter

This tool is a product from SEO Tools Center. The service works like a regular article rewriter. You can simply click “spin” to have the tool generate word replacements that will make your text more unique. The service underlines some words, and you need to click on them and select synonyms for these words.

This service can help you create well-designed and unique articles and papers, of course, if you have the time to replace and edit the words. If you don’t have time, you can get help on a writing service like AssignmentShark to receive a unique paper quicker.

4. EzineArticles

EzineArticles is a content repository where you can select content by category. All content is written by professional authors. The quoting and publishing function, which is located at the bottom of the article, makes EzineArticles a handy resource, as it allows you to open the plain text and its html copy, which can be copied and pasted into your site.

It’s fast, easy, and free. Please note that the material you receive may not be original. Other publishers may place the same text on their site.

5. SEOPressor

SEOPressor is a WordPress plugin that generates blog titles. Just enter your topic or keywords into the utility and set the description for the keyword you want to use (is it brand/product/event/person?).

6. Amazines

Amazines has thousands of articles in its online repository. You can watch and republish any content on your site for free using the original articles. Are there any other advantages of this resource? Amazines also has articles in different languages.

7. Blogger Linkup

You can subscribe to BloggerLinkUp updates. Thus, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you will receive newsletters. They will list bloggers who want to sell their content, customers, as well as representatives of the PR sphere. Contact the customer directly when you see a request you can satisfy. Be prepared that you may encounter bad articles, and you will need to edit them.

8. PostJoint

PostJoint is another tool where you can find free content for a blog. The resource provides communication between advertisers and site owners. PostJoint facilitates information retrieval and takes care of quality control. PostJoint is no longer free in 2020, but you can still use a free trial.

9. Wikimedia Commons

Here, you can find multilingual media that you can use for free. As with Wikipedia, which provides non-commercial content, the content on this site is freely available to anyone who wants to use it or contribute to it.

10. SafeFrom

This service will be of interest to those who create visual content, such as making collages from popular pictures or editing videos. With SafeFrom, you can download a picture from Instagram or a video from YouTube in one click – the application is embedded in the browser, and the corresponding button appears on the site.

Note: Be careful with saving someone else’s content. It’s okay when you quote someone’s video for educational purposes, but it’s not okay to just steal the post.

So now you know a lot of content generator idea tools. Just remember that when you use other sources and tools, you need to be careful not to ruin your site’s reputation!

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