Cyber Security Tips For PS4s

Despite being a relatively new gaming console in the market, your PS4 can be hacked. Most gaming consoles can be hacked since they don’t have gaming accounts, and users have to set up these accounts. This makes them vulnerable to cyber threats. Unknown to many gaming enthusiasts, losing your gaming account is a big deal, as you won’t have control over sensitive credentials, especially personal information, such as date of birth, address, and credit card details.

Data breaches to your PS4 is as devastating as any other cyber-attack. That said, below are some cyber security tips to secure your PS4.

Use a Strong Password

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Using a strong password is the first line of defense against cyber threats. Cybercriminals know that most gaming enthusiasts don’t take the security of their gaming consoles seriously, which is partly true. While PS4 manufacturers often provide updates on how you can recover compromised accounts, you shouldn’t wait for your account to be hacked to create a strong password.

Hackers use a standard method of cracking user passwords, which involves running a program that tries various password possibilities at a server. In most cases, the program will eventually find a password combination that unlocks your account. As basic as it seems, the best defense against this attack is using long-form passwords.

Using more characters in your password means that the hacker’s program will have to try many possibilities, making it longer and difficult to crack. Another password protection tip is using an unfamiliar phrase. However, ensure that you can remember the word combinations. For instance, you can include a capital letter or a random number in your phrase.

Manage Your Passwords

Having created a secure password, your next step is ensuring that you manage your passwords securely. Password management is important if you use a complicated phrase that can easily be forgotten. With this, you can manage multiple passwords from a centralized location. Below are some password management options you can try out.

  • Password management sites – these platforms allow users to store their passwords and access them easily using one central password. Therefore, you only need to remember your master password to access all other passwords.
  • Use a safe spreadsheet – you can also store your passwords in a secure spreadsheet. Create a password-storage sheet in Google Sheets and secure it by enabling the two-factor authentication.
  • Use USB security keys – if a secure spreadsheet or password management sites are far-fetched options, you can consider the USB security key. USB security key, such as the Titan Security Key from Google, creates an MFA login to every site you visit.

Use a VPN to Secure Your Router

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Phishing campaigns, DDOS attacks, and swatting are among the many cyber security risks facing online gamers. Most of these hacks start with cybercriminals identifying your IP address. Therefore, using a VPN in your PS4 router helps masque your IP address from the relentless phishers, DDOS-ers, and swatters.

Besides, you can encrypt all the valuable data and use it on the internet safely. Doing this will not only make it difficult for hackers to attack your PS4 but also makes it impossible for these criminals to intercept and decrypt your data. Note that unlike using VPNs on individual devices, such as Mac or Windows products, installing a VPN on your router provides better protection as it protects all devices using the router.

Install a Strong Antivirus

Whether you play your PS4 games on a monitor or TV, you need internet access to play online games. This exposes your console to various cyber security threats, such as Ransomware, malware, and viruses. The best way to mitigate these problems is by installing strong and reliable antivirus software.

Find a reliable antivirus that offers real-time protection and can protect your console from a wide range of cyber security threats. For instance, it should detect and prevent malware infection, DDOS attacks, brute force, spamming, and phishing messages. Finding such an antivirus requires that you search rigorously and consider several factors.

Source Your Games from Official PS4 Website

ps4 official download website
All your cyber security efforts will become fruitless if you don’t buy games from the official PS4 website. Most gamers like free cracked games as they can save a lot on the cost of acquiring these games. Unknown to them, these free games can turn out costlier. Some of these cracked games are products of cybercriminals looking to lure gamers into downloading these games.

It is only after installation that you discover that your gaming console came with viruses, worms, and other malicious apps that can harm your monitor or TV. As such, always buy your games from the official PS4 website.


Cyberattacks can take away the luxury of enjoying your PS4 games. Even though gaming consoles have very few vulnerabilities, they aren’t hack-proof. Fortunately, you can mitigate these attacks by observing the cyber security tips mentioned above.

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