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If you are looking for custom software development, Django web development (Innuy) is your website to find all the solutions to meet your expectations. They are team players who since 2015 have been operating as a software factory that finds the best solutions and develops high-quality, state-of-the-art applications for global markets. This committed team dedicates its time as eager, challenge seekers who believe in no limits when it’s time to create excellent work and deliver uncompromising customer service.

They will be with you all the way, from design to launch to make sure that every project option as an ideal solution is exactly what the customer was looking for. Innuy has over 6 years of experience and believes in a stress-free development process built in agile practises and fully-managed solutions to help you build your products.

They have their own methodology that starts firstly in meeting directly with you, after they are going to work together, as a team, with a brainstorming session fully oriented to your main ideas. Then, it’s time to analyze your requirements and split the customer’s ideas, in their own words, “into atomic tasks” building the Backlog. Also, it’s important to prioritize customer’s requirements; Innuy sets milestones and divides them into groups named Sprints, which will take only 2 weeks. After a Sprint ends, they will review it together, and then they organize the next Sprint.

Innuy dedicates its time in technical stacks. On the one hand, they carried out Python Django Development using agile methodologies to be prepared to build your MVP or full product. They also could create, design, manage, test and deploy mobile apps; they usually native or hybrid technologies. Also, their team can help you provide 24/7 monitoring of automated infrastructure. They provide tools, configuration, and integration of staging, pre-production, and production environments.

On the other hand, if you need help to design and implement Cloud architectures in AWS Google Cloud Platform, they have flexible, secure, on-demand, highly-scalable, and low-cost solutions that will process all volumes of information you may generate. Finally, it’s important to know that Innuy uses the best technologies and methodologies to automate the testing of your web or mobile applications. Their continuous integration tools are always finding possible problems during the Development or Production stage.

Furthermore, if you are a creative agency or an independent consultant, looking to add more products to your portfolio, Innuy is for you. Enhance your footprint, increase your value proposition, and add a new revenue stream for your company.

And if you want to know even more about everything that takes place in Innuy, in their own website you can find the direct link to their blog where they always update information of interest, and where you can find the latest news related to the world of digital content. There are already many people who have worked with them, are you ready to work with them? You’ll find a section where you can fill out the form with the required information to schedule an introductory consultation.

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