Do FaceTime Calls Show Up On Phone Bill? [2023 Guide]

When Apple launched the Facetime app in 2010, it just took the entire world by storm. It is still one of the best apps for communicating with other Apple users worldwide. For a local call or an international call, you can simply use Facetime without having to pay anything extra. All you need for a Facetime call is a good internet connection and you are all set.

In fact, most iPhone users are iPad users who use Facetime to make audio and video calls with each other. But some users also have some questions regarding Facetime and one of them is: Do Facetime calls show up on the phone bill?

And in this short blog, we are going to answer that question so read it through the end.

Do FaceTime Calls Show Up On Phone Bill?

do facetime calls show up on phone bill

To simply answer the question: NO! Facetime calls do not show up on your phone bill.

Now, we have to go a little deep to understand why that happens. For that, let’s see how a Facetime call works.

A normal Facetime call requires internet and via the internet, it establishes a connection between two compatible devices.

The internet connection can come through your cellular network or WiFi. So in very simple words, Facetime calls require the internet.

Since they are not normal calls, your carrier does not have any role in the calls. That is why they do not show up on your phone bill.

However, if you are using cellular data for Facetime calls then the data used during the call will be part of your phone bill. But the good thing is that no one will be able to tell any details about you using Facetime by seeing your phone bill as it will all be under data usage.

So if you have a concerned partner and worry that they might be able to track your Facetime details from your phone bill then that is not possible in any scenario. The only way they can get their hands on your Facetime call history is by accessing your device itself.

For your phone bill, using Facetime is just using the cellular data and it can’t be used to draw any conclusions. It is almost as if you are browning the internet for other stuff. So you do not have to worry about it at all. We hope this guide helps you understand the concept better.

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