Do Magnetic Phone Holders Damage iPhones?

The other day, me and my friends were going on a drive. The person driving the car was putting his iPhone on the magnetic phone holder, and that is when my other friend stopped him. He said that the magnetic phone holder would damage the phone. Naturally, I asked him why he said that, and his response was, “I watched a reel on Instagram.”

This made me curious, and I started investigating whether magnetic phone holders damage iPhones or not. In this guide, you will find all the information related to: Do magnetic phone holders damage iPhones?

What are Magnetic Phone Holders?

Do Magnetic Phone Holders Damage iPhones?
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Magnetic phone holders are a popular accessory for both iPhone and Android users. These holders provide a hands-free and safe way to secure your device in various locations, such as on your car dashboard, kitchen wall, or office desk. They come in various forms, including car mounts, wall mounts, and desk mounts.

Ever since the launch of MagSafe with iPhone 13, most people now prefer using magnetic holders with their new iPhones. 

How Do They Work?

Magnetic phone holders utilize the power of magnets to secure your iPhone in place. They typically consist of two main components:

  • A magnet is attached to the holder or mount.
  • A metal plate that you attach to your iPhone or its case. 

Note: In newer iPhones, you get a MagSafe ring, which is quite powerful, so there is no need to install a different metal plate on the iPhone. 

The magnet in the holder creates a magnetic field, and when the metal plate on your iPhone comes into contact with this field, it securely holds your device in place. The strength of the magnet can vary, depending on the specific holder and its design.

Potential Concerns with Magnetic Phone Holders

Before delving into the main question of whether magnetic phone holders can damage iPhones, let's address some of the potential concerns users might have:

  • Interference with Compass and Magnetometer: iPhones have built-in compasses and magnetometers that rely on magnetic fields to function accurately. Some users worry that the magnets in holders might affect these features.
  • Mounting Stability: Depending on the strength of the magnets and the quality of the holder, there can be concerns about the stability of the mount, particularly while driving on bumpy roads.
  • Adhesive Residue: Using metal plates that adhere to your iPhone or its case can leave a sticky residue when removed, potentially causing cosmetic issues.

Do Magnetic Phone Holders Damage iPhones?

The big question: do magnetic phone holders damage iPhones? The answer is generally NO, provided you use them as intended and take some precautions:

  • No Damage to Hardware: The magnets in these holders are typically not strong enough to damage your iPhone's hardware, including the display, internal components, or battery.
  • Minimal Interference: While the magnets can interfere with the iPhone's compass and magnetometer temporarily, this interference is generally negligible. Your iPhone's functions return to normal once it's removed from the magnetic field. 
  • Using a Case: Placing the metal plate inside a protective case for your iPhone is an excellent way to minimize any potential residue or cosmetic issues. In fact, with newer iPhones with MagSafe, you do not have to install anything on the phone or case for it to attach to something magnetically. The new iPhones already have a magnetic ring underneath the backglass. 
  • Avoid Blocking Ports: Be mindful not to place the metal plate in a way that obstructs any ports, speakers, or buttons on your iPhone.

Where Did the Rumor Start?

So, generally, magnetic phone holders do not damage iPhones. The new iPhone models encourage you to use magnetic accessories with them. Then, where did this rumor come from? 

Upon investigating, there could be two possibilities: First one is that someone got a crappy and powerful magnetic case that damaged the hardware of the iPhone or just hindered the magnetometer. 

Second, someone installed a metallic plate on their iPhone for it to attach magnetically, and in the process, they accidentally damaged some ports or internals of their iPhone. 

These could be the two possibilities, and people just ran with these rumors, and some also added Amazon reviews saying the same. That is why we have this rumor, which has no basis. 

Can I Use a Magnetic Phone Holder With My iPhone?

If you have a newer iPhone model (iPhone 13 or above), you do not need to worry about using a magnetic phone holder. It seamlessly uses the magnetic ring (which Apple calls MagSafe) to align and attach. 

However, do keep in mind that you must invest in a good quality magnetic phone holder that has good reviews.  

If you have an older iPhone and have to attach a cover or a magnetic plate to use it with a magnetic holder, make sure to follow these tips: 

  • Use a High-Quality Holder: Invest in a reputable magnetic phone holder from a trusted brand. These products are more likely to be designed with safety and functionality in mind.
  • Place the Metal Plate Correctly: Position the metal plate on your iPhone or its case so that it does not block any essential features or ports.
  • Use a Case: As mentioned earlier, using a case with a metal plate inside can protect your iPhone from adhesive residue and ensure you can easily remove it if necessary.
  • Regularly Check for Adhesive Residue: If you remove the metal plate, periodically check for any adhesive residue and clean it thoroughly.

Closing Thoughts

So that is all about: Do magnetic phone holders damage iPhones? Well, the answer is NO, not really! If you use a good quality magnetic phone holder and do not damage your iPhone on your own in the process of installing/using it, the magnetic phone holder isn’t going to do any damage. 

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