Does Snapchat Bitmoji Disappear on Snapchat Maps When Your Phone Dies?

Snapchat is one of the best platforms to know what your friends are up to in real-time. Sending Snaps of whatever you are doing makes sure that people with you on Snapchat see what you are up to.

However, that is not the only way Snapchat keeps you updated. Snapchat also has Snap Map and it features your bitmoji and bitmoji of your friends in an interactive map.

This way, you can know the recent location of your friends on the map.

The Snap Map

You will find your bitmoji and your friend’s bitmoji featured on the Snap Map. It is a fun way of knowing what your friends are up to. The way it works is that it takes all of your nearby contacts on Snapchat and then displays them on the map.

The best part is that you can also access the snaps and stories of your friends directly by tapping on the map.

Now you might think that it can be a bit unsafe to give your recent location to people. For that, Snapchat has some privacy features. You get three modes on Snap Map:

  • Only Me/Ghost Mode: Your location is going to be visible to your only but you will be able to see the location of other people.
  • My Friends: Your location is just visible to your friends on the Snap Map.
  • Select Friend: You can select particular people that will be shown your location.

Now, the great thing about Snap Map is that you do not have to be online 24/7 to update your location.

The map only gets activated when you open the Snapchat app and your location will still show on Snap Map for a while even after you are offline.

The only catch is that this location is not updated in real-time.

Does Your Bitmoji Disappear on Snapchat Maps When Your Phone Dies?

 does your bitmoji disappear on snapchat maps when your phone dies

Now let’s focus on the main question, does your Snapchat bitmoji disappear when your phone dies?

Well, that can happen but it does not happen right away. To have a clear understanding of this question, let’s understand how Snap Map works in offline mode.

When offline, the Snap Map will show your last pinged location to Snapchat. So if you are offline, that means you are inactive on Snapchat.

Interestingly, Snapchat knows the location you are living at and when it’s night time so if there is no activity on Snapchat from you and it’s night time then Snap Map will show your bitmoji as sleeping.

But the thing is that if you are inactive for over 7 hours on Snapchat then your bitmoji is going to disappear from Snap Map and will only reappear when the app is active again.

Now your phone dying and your bitmoji disappearing does not have any connection since Snapchat is not linked to your battery.

Your phone can turn off but the bitmoji will still appear for a while. It just depends on Snapchat, if it notices that the app is inactive for 7 hours then your bitmoji will disappear from Snap Map.

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