Does Your Phone Charge Faster on Low Power Mode?

In our hectic lifestyles, mobile phones are our reliable companions. We rely on them for pretty much everything. However, most of us have a poor habit of not charging them and we always face problems with it. You will find a lot of tips on charging and one of them says that your phone charges faster on low power mode.

In this guide, you are going to find does your phone charge faster on low power mode or not and you will also understand a little bit about the low power mode.

What Does Low Power Mode Do?

does your phone charge faster on low power mode

Before we explore the effects of low power mode on the charging speeds of a smartphone, it is crucial to understand what low power mode does to a smartphone.

Depending on which brand of smartphone you use, the low power mode gets triggered differently.

However, a smartphone goes to low power mode or battery saver mode when the battery levels fall down to 10-20%.

When the low power mode is triggered, it turns off power-consuming apps and services or at least manages them in a way so that they consume low battery.

Low power mode might turn off your GPS, background app refresh, email fetching, automatic downloading, voice assistant, and some other features.

You can still use them by force starting them. Also, it is not necessary that low power mode will only be activated when the battery is low. You can activate low power mode manually if you want to even when your battery has a good percentage left.

Does Your Phone Charge Faster on Low Power Mode?

Now we know what low power mode does to a smartphone, there comes the million-dollar question: Does your phone charge faster on low power mode?

Some of the controlled experiments on iPhones suggest that the answer to the above question is YES.

The low power mode is said to charge your phone faster but we have to know a few facts to understand the logic behind it.

First of all, when you plug your phone into a charger, the low power mode gets disabled in most cases. So this means that your smartphone charges in a normal environment. However, all of the services might still not resume until the battery reaches a good level of charging.

Another thing to know is that most smartphones be it iPhones or Android smartphones come with smart charging. So with smart charging, the smartphone’s battery charges fast in the beginning and then slows down when it reaches around 90%. This is done to maintain the battery's health for the long run.

On low power mode, your phone does fewer tasks which can promote faster charging. Usually, people turn on low power mode when their phone has very little battery remaining. This means that you get benefits of both the low power mode and smart charging and your phone charges faster for sure.

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Other Ways to Charge Your Phone Faster

Low Power Mode is not the smartest way to charge your phone faster. You can still give it a try but here are some of the other ways to charge your phone faster

Turn it Off and Charge

low power off charge

The most simple and effective way to charge a phone faster is to turn it off and then charge it. By turning off your phone, you turn off all the tasks and applications and processes which promotes faster charging.

Activate Flight Mode

	what does low power mode do

Many people also say that charging your smartphone at flight mode helps charge your phone faster. However, many tech experts believe that the effects are insignificant. But you can definitely give it a try.

Use a Fast Charger

does your phone charge faster on low power mode

If your phone supports fast charging then you should get a fast charger and charge your phone using it. With a fast charger, your phone can juice up real quick. This only works if your phone supports fast charging.

Use Power Brick Instead of USB

does your phone charge faster on low power mode

If you charge your phone using a USB cable attached to your computer then your phone might not get the optimum charging speeds. You need to use a compatible charging brick to get the best charging speeds.

Use a Powerbank

does your phone charge faster on low power mode

This is not related to charging your phone faster. But if you keep forgetting to charge your phone all the time then having a power bank with you is a must.

Closing Phrase

So that was all about does your phone charge faster on low power mode or not. The answer seems to be yes and that is because low power mode asks the phone to use fewer resources which in turn promotes faster-charging speeds. However, if you really want to charge your phone faster, you can turn it off. In case of any queries, feel free to reach out to us.

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