Elon Musk has guaranteed a huge gift for Tesla owners: 100 percentage Supercharger policy in Europe by next year.

Musk created the claim on Twitter, reacting to some soon-to-be Tesla proprietor in Ireland who was concerned about policy in his home nation. The Tesla CEO reported the Supercharger network, that may charge a car to approximately 80 percent battery capacity at 40 minutes, could disperse from"Ireland into Kiev, from Norway to Turkey."

Check out Tesla's Supercharger map shows that a high concentration of these rapid chargers in Western Europe. Nations such as Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, and Moldova do not have some Superchargers.

Musk also laid out plans to concentrate on cities, especially to work with landlords to incorporate house charging units in apartment buildings.

Musk then went further, now in response to some Twitter follower who detected that Superchargers intended for San Antonio and Austin in 2018 had to be finished. The entrepreneur stated, "all major highways in Texas will have Superchargers, all the way to Brownsville and around Mexico."

While there is no doubt that Tesla's charging system has grown rapidly in the past few years, it is worth mentioning that Musk has a background of over-promising on expansion rates. Since EV site Electrek notes, Tesla initially wished to own 18,000 Superchargers up and running at the end of 2018, but now falls well short of that target using 11,853 chargers online in the time of publication.

A followup tweet from of Musk suggested charging stations would also be coming to Africa by 2020, even though it is not apparent in what amounts.

You can check out the full expanse of Tesla’s impressive Supercharger network here

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