10 Best Fashion Design Apps 2024

Looking for Best Fashion Design Apps? The fashion industry has experienced a boom in the past few years and it shows a promising future as well Several talented fashion designers are coming up with unique ideas of clothing and getting global acclaim.

Presently, the fashion designing industry has prominently gone digital. Numerous applications compatible with smartphones now allow aspiring designers to make mesmerizing male and female outfits and present them in the global pool. These pools are followed by top-notch fashion companies and famous fashion designers who help the deserved aspirants to start a professional career.

We are here with the ten best fashion design apps and their conveniences. If you are dreaming to make an impression in the global market, try going with the following:

1. Mod Man Fashion Design App

fashion design apps

Developer: FABU INC.

Rating: 3.8

Play Store link

Mod Man is an exclusive fashion design application for men. Many famous magazines and event platforms like CWSA, Verizon, and Times Magazine feature it. It is present on Google Play Store for free, however, you have to pay the developer accordingly on choosing their clothes.

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Features like style planner and closet organizer are present that help you to choose the right attire. You can also shop or share desirable dresses anytime from Mod Man. Moreover, it connects you with the top designers as you can get inspired by their works.

2. ColorSnap

fashion design apps

Developer: Sherwin-Williams

Rating: 2.3

Play Store link

ColorSnap helps fashion designers to choose the right color combination of an outfit. Moreover, you can check the information about an outfit once you capture an image with your phone camera.

This application is free and user-friendly. Moreover, suggestions from ColorSnap regarding color combinations help a fashion designer to make soothing outfits. This app also provides the convenience of storing paints and color combinations for the user.

3. StalkBuyLove

fashion design apps

Developer: Ad Victorium Ventures Pvt. Ltd

Rating: 2.0

Play Store link

StalkBuyLove is a fashion designer as well as eCommerce app. It helps the designers to make their own profiles and present their designs to the customers. On the other hand, female customers can choose among over 3000 profiles and buy the most alluring dress materials.

As a designer, you get a number of outstanding tools that help to make unique fashion stuff. Once you make a customer base, expect to earn from this application.

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4. Fashion Empire App

fashion design apps

Developer: Frenzoo

Rating: 4.0

Play Store link

If your dream is to design dresses and earn your place in the fashion industry, Fashion Empire- Dressup Boutique Sim can give you a realistic simulating platform. With this app, you not only can nurture your talent in fashion designing but also take the works as a reference and do some real designing.

It is a good place to create your own impression on fashion designing and let your friends and a few well-known communities know about your works.

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5. Smart Closet Fashion Design App

fashion design apps

Developer: Rabbit Tech Inc.

Rating: 4.0

Play Store link

Smart Closet, with its outstanding features and conveniences, can be the best companion for new fashion designers in the industry. Here, you can make your own profile and add your clothes. Moreover, you can get references from numerous brands of clothes.

Smart Closet is also an e-commerce website where you can buy a lot of dresses with easy payment conveniences. Smart Closet can help an aspiring fashion designer to learn the basics of it,

6.Fashion Design Flat Sketch App

fashion design apps

Developer: Laura Paez

Rating: 3.1

Play Store link

Do you want to design female clothing quickly? Would you like to access to a graphic library for inspiration? If you are a fashion illustrator and presently thinking fo taking a digital approach, Fashion Design: Flat Sketch can be your best pick. It is a user-friendly app where you need to draw the designs with a digital pencil.

The app gives you the ultimate support with over 1000 graphic supports to ensure the best design. You can design different kinds of female dresses like dresses, pants, skirts, and jumpsuits. Catalogs of different accessories like buttons, zippers, and belts are also available. This is the  only app to create flat fashion sketches professionally in a short time.

Once the design is done, you can store it, export it, or add it to your pattern maker. Instagram marketing can even help you with needful exposure in the fashion community.

7. International Fashion Stylist App

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Developer: Games2win.com

Rating: 4.4

Play Store link

The International Fashion Stylist is another simulator application for female fashion designing. The unique feature of IFS is the availability of the models. Fashion designers can easily put on clothes on models.

Different styles of clothes are present in the application that helps you to be enough creative with your fashion designing lookouts.

8. Shopbop Fashion Design App

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Developer: TopiStyle LLC

Rating: 4.4

Play Store link

With Shopbop, fashion designers can expect a good amount of potential customers to check their designs. It is one of the leading e-commerce websites for fashion freaks. As a designer, all you have to do is to save your own dress materials taking an image.

Moreover, designers are able to access numerous brands of outfits and accessories and bookmark them to buy later. Suggestions regarding the latest fashion trends are available in this app.

9. Trendstop Fashion Design App

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Developer: Trendstop

Rating: 3.6

Play Store link

A fashion designer does not only need a designing app all the time but he/she has to be updated with the vital information too. The Trendstop app is basically a TrendTracker that provides in-depth knowledge about the fashion industry.

Premium packages in this app help you to get access to different fashion communities and interact with several bloggers, designers, and celebrities. The editor’s pick is also included in the premium package.

10. Fashtory Fashion Design App

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Developer: The Modern Gateway Establishment for IT

Rating: 4.0

Play Store link

Fashtory is one of the leading fashion design apps available on the play store. You can make a profile in this app and showcase all your designs to several people who follow the products of the app. Global communities also have a close connection to this app.

You should always try to enhance your designing skills and keep your exclusive store updated. Moreover, Fashtory ensures proper profile tracking as a fashion designer.

11. Pinterest

Fashion design app Pinterest

PlayStore Link

Pinterest is a must-have app for fashion designers! It's the perfect way to keep track of your inspirations and ideas. You can create boards for different collections, and share them with other people. The search feature makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. Pinterest is a great way to stay organized and inspired!


Fashion designer apps are not only ruling the industry currently but they can be considered as the future given the features they provide. Free fashion design apps are available on the Play Store that makes them compatible with Android smartphones.

However, we would suggest you go through the ratings and reviews of all the apps before installing an app and start using it.


Which is the best fashion design app available on the Play Store?

The Google Play Store has several fashion design apps that are free and serve different purposes. We always suggest you choose the apps according to your needs. However, considering the overall features, you can choose the Fashtory app.

Are the fashion design apps on Play Store free?

Yes, all the apps mentioned above are available for free on the Play Store. However, there are premium packages available with some applications that provide more features.

What about the user-friendliness of fashion design apps?

The application developers always consider the aspect of user-friendliness vitally. So, you can expect all the apps to be interesting.

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