Untapped Ways to Find New Content Ideas

If you are interested in knowing about unique and new content ideas that can attract more audience to your website or page, then you are in the right place. Today we will show you the different ways to find great content ideas for your platforms. If you use these untapped ways, you would easily get those ideas that would help you attract more than thousands of new visits monthly with just one small blog. If you are interested in this deal, then do not waste your time and start reading the details of today’s content!

All of these untapped ways would help you find content ideas for blogs posts, YouTube videos, and also podcast:

Keyword Research Tool

The Reddit keyword research tool is a very famous program that can help you find new content ideas. You must know that you can find out about many topics and search queries being made by the traffic on the web. You have to add the topic/title in the tool and find out about the most relative keywords. Based on these suggestions, you can find out the most intriguing content ideas.

Exploding Topics Tool

One of the best methods to find competitive and new ideas is by using this tool. You must be wondering why! You just have to add some major details about the niche or the main keywords you are targeting. Based on this information, you can find some exploding titles and topics to write on or use the paraphrasing tools to generate new and smart content.

Content Creation Tool

Creating content seems effortless, as you can easily access a wide range of information about everything across the web. But that’s not how things work in this digital, and if you want to succeed, it’s essential to come up with unique content that provides value to the reader. After investing time and effort in content creation, you might be 100% sure that there’s no duplication involved in your work. But, you must know that unintentional plagiarism can exist in your content, and you can identify it with a plagiarism checker. There are huge competitive online tools in checking duplication but the free plagiarism checker by SmallSEOTools or Prepostseo are the best and accurate online tool for the detection of duplication.

Visit your competition

You have to keep an eye open in this writing business. You have to visit the website, blogs, and even the YouTube channels of your competition so that you can find what they are presenting. You can also look for the queries and the comments that are being posed by their viewers. This is a very intelligent way of creating new ideas for content writing. Writing content is not easy, so you can take help from a third-party website paraphrasing tool to help you in this regard.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very professional program that can help you improve your seo score and overall ranking positions. Google Analytics is a tool that can tell a user all about the metrics of a website, the keywords used in it, the keywords being used by the traffic, and the on-going trends in which the traffic is more interested in. it is suggested that you guys work on the on-going trends in the market and write new content on it.

Use Google Images Tagging Feature

Google has been providing extravagant services for the last many decades, and this is why people depend on and trust in its services. Google image tags are a unique way of creating a new content idea. You have to add a keyword or a topic in the search bar and search it. Now when the results pop-in, you have to direct yourself towards the image section of results. In the image section, you would find different tabs having relative captions concerning your results. You can use any of the tags as your content idea. You can use a paraphrasing tool to create new content based on the tag you have selected.

Facebook Ad Library

The Facebook ad library is very commonplace, where you can find untapped and brand new content ideas. You have to search the Facebook database for the pages that belong to your niche.  You will find out about the ads running on different pages concerning that particular niche in the results. You can select an idea from the traditional ads and can present it with the help of a paraphrasing tool, or you can write on it by yourself too!

Best by Links Reports

The best by link reports tool is another online program that can help users find out the most relative content ideas. This tool can analyze the backlinks that are attached to your blog. It can tell you about the topics that people are more interested in and are looking for on different platforms. You can enjoy this information and create new content by using article spinner/paraphrasing tools, or you can also pay a professional copywriter to jot you a brand-new creation.

Scanning blog comments 

Scanning blog comments is one of the perfect ways of creating new content ideas. You can easily scan new ideas by scanning the comments that are already added to old blogs related to your niche. Blogs/posts are a very good way of communicating with your customers and clients, so the readers should be given a huge priority. You have to ensure that you are writing to the expectations of the users. All of these content finding ideas are the best ones, and you would find them very helpful.

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