Top 4 Face Swappers for Hilarious Photos

Whether you want to make a funny picture for someone’s birthday or add a celebrity’s face to a photo, make sure you have the right tool for it. Luckily, the Internet is flooded with photo editors, but how to find a suitable one? Today we’ll show you how to change faces using the best four face swappers. Read on to discover professional and beginner-friendly photo editors for PC and mobile applications for Android and iOS smartphones. Now let’s get down to business.


adobe photoshop

We’ll start with well-known Adobe Photoshop. The software is packed with all kinds of features for advanced photo editing. Even though you’ll have to look up a couple of tutorials to get into the swing of post-processing in Photoshop, the results are worth it. So if you’re ready to go through a learning curve and invest money into face swapping, then follow these steps to edit your pictures.

First, buy the subscription or start a free trial to download Photoshop on your PC. When it is installed, launch the program and open your photos - they will be added in two separate tabs. Now you will need the Lasso tool to select around the face you want to insert. After selecting, copy the area by pressing Control + C and paste it onto another picture with Control + V. To make it look natural, resize the added face and fix the distortion. If you’re happy with the way the image looks, go to File, select Save As, and export it in the format you like - PSD, JPEG, BMP, etc.



For an easier and quicker face swap, try PhotoWorks, a user-friendly photo editor for both amateur and seasoned users. The intuitive interface and semi-automatic toolkit will help you create realistic yet funny pictures in no time. You can install the lightweight program for free on Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7, but there’s no Mac version yet. Here’s how to swap faces with PhotoWorks just in a couple of clicks.

To begin with, add your image, and select Change Background in the Tools tab. It is an AI-powered tool, so selecting the face will be hassle-free - just highlight the face with the green brush and use the red one to paint over the unnecessary area to make it transparent. You don’t have to be precise as you can fix it after the program processes the picture. Once the face is cut out, add the other photo as a background and place the face where needed. Lastly, you can enhance the picture with Retouching features.



funny face swappers

To edit pictures on the go, download a mobile face swap app like Faceover. It is free to install but the photo editor still offers in-app purchases. Faceover is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. With this photo editing app, you can replace faces with a few taps. It lets you swap faces from the same image and from different photos. All you need to do is search for the app either in Google Play or App Store, install it on your phone, and import an image from your gallery. Then select the face and add the selection to another picture. In Faceover, you can cut out, rotate, and flip faces. But there are no other photo editing tools available.


Face Swap

face swap app

Face Swap is another mobile app to check out. It’s not compatible with Apple devices, so you can only find it in Google Play. The program will allow you to swap faces in both images and videos. In Face Swap, you’ll also find live masks to try on. To swap faces in pictures, add a photo from your gallery, and either apply a ready-made mask or tap the swap button to replace the face.


Final Words

Want to have fun with your friends, try on a face of a celebrity from your favorite movie, or simply post a funny photo on social networks? Then don’t hesitate to edit portraits with the best face swap software we talked about in this tutorial. We showed you a couple of computer programs and mobile apps for Android and Apple devices. For more face swappers, follow the link and find the perfect option.

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