10 Best Garage Sale Finder Apps Of 2023

What are Garage sale finder apps? Garage sales can be very exciting. It puts the proverb - “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to good effect. As a buyer, it is a great opportunity for everyone to go out there and get some good bargains for products that they need for their home but don’t have enough budget to buy new ones.

And then, once you drift away from the shoes of a buyer to being a seller, it is a great way of getting rid of old but quality stuff and making money out of it. You might have a study table lying in your basement for a long time without being used since the new replacement is already eye candy. In such a situation, it is best to sell off the unused items, much like a home clearance sale.

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However, since garage sales aren’t very common everywhere, it becomes a little difficult to find out places where people are hosting such sales. But who doesn’t want to grab some great deals, right? So, to make it easier for you to find out about such sales nearby, here is a list of the best garage sale finder apps that might help you in the quest.

Best Garage Sale Finder Apps Of 2023

1. GarageSale: Online Yard Sale Finder

The GarageSale: Online Yard Sale is one of the most popular yard sale apps. It presently has a Google Play rating of 4 stars and is loved by users. It is not necessarily a garage sale locator, but a marketplace instead.

The app can be used as a virtual garage sale where you can list products for people to check out and buy. It is a very comprehensive platform as it allows you to add product images, edit them and add descriptions too. Once you have set up the products on sale, you can share them with people via social media, SMS, and MMS. It also has the dual-currency feature, in case your buy prefers to view products in some other currency.

best garage sale finder apps


2. Garage Sale Locator

The Garage Sale Locator is another popular yard sale locator and helps people to let others know about your sale. It works in two ways. Firstly, as a buyer, you can locate yard sales near you, track the direction and reach the spot to be an early bird.

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However, for the seller or the host, it is one of the most comprehensive yard sale apps there could be. It lets you create your own garage sale virtually but upload the photos and descriptions of the items. Once set up, it also helps you intimate your friends and relatives about the sale.


3. Garage Sale Hunter

The Garage Sale Hunter is one of the best garage sale finder apps in the United States and has a very clean and user-friendly layout. Developed by Nothing Software, it works both ways, just like any other yard sale app.

You can use this app to locate nearby garage sales and get directions too. Moreover, for the seller, it allows you to post your own garage sale in a matter of minutes. The sale post can include photos and descriptions for better conversion. The app uses Google Maps for better navigation of the buyers. It is available for download for free on the Google Play Store.



4. GarageSale

GarageSale is developed by CoinAge and has a very simple layout. It works much like a platform for buying and selling used items, be it your home furniture or any other electronics. It allows you to get selling in just a few easy steps - search for the category, upload photos, add description and price and post, it is that simple.
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5. Yardsales, Garage sales Finder, Yard sales

Developed by netvillage.com, this garage sale finder app is very useful. It is the official app of yardsales.com and lets you find sales hosted near you. Moreover, it allows sellers to post their sales for people to find out, thereby ensuring more exposure. It is a relatively newer app on Google Play Store and a convenient extension of the developer’s website.

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6. Village - Buy & Sell Locally

The Village - Buy & Sell Locally is a great app for effectively listing old products for sale in your local area. It is simple to use and easy to post. It presently boasts of over 100 thousand downloads and a rating of a little under four stars.

The developer, Village, describes the app as the fastest way to buy, sell and make money.

best garage sale finder apps


7. GLICKIN Garage Sales

The developer of the GLICKIN Garage Sales has made the app very convenient for people to use. It allows users and prospective buyers to locate garage and yard sales in just a few seconds. The results and navigation are carried out by Google Maps. The displayed results are sorted according to the distance from your current location.

best garage sale finder apps


8. GotoGarageSale - Find Garage Sales & Yard Sales Finder

This app is developed by Goto Concept and is one of the newest entrants in the market. However, despite being a relatively newer platform, it is no muggle since the results are customized based on the distance from your current zip or city. You can even get driving or riding directions to the yard sale spot.

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9. YardHopping: Find Yard & Garage Sales Near me by Map

The YardHopping app is the dedicated smartphone platform for yardhopping.com. It lets sellers get rid of home items and products that they no longer need. It is more focused on the local community and is a great app to use when it comes to buying or checking out local garage sales.

best yard garage sale finder app


10. Vintage - Sell & Buy Stuff, Clothes, Furniture

The Vintage is developed by Biznetz LLC and is a premium app available in Google Play Store. However, it is available free of cost and is not large. It is a great app to buy and sell stuff locally. If you are a buyer, you can post products that you no longer need quite easily. Moreover, it does not even charge the seller any price for listing or selling products.

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The best part about Vintage is that it has over 10k downloads and has a rating of over four stars, which proves how amazing it is for both buyers as well as sellers.


Keep buying

The concept of garage sales is very unique and significant at the same time. Since it serves people by offering them pre-owned products locally, it saves the buyers a lot of expenses. Moreover, from the sellers’ perspective, it is a great way to get rid of old stuff and making money from it.

Try downloading one of these apps from Google Play Store and track yard sales near you. Also, you can check out this great article on "Tips on how to have An A+ Garage Sale"


What is the best garage sale app?

GarageSale is probably the most well-known option. It’s been around for a long time and it has a ton of features. You can create custom listings, manage your sales and customers, and even process payments

What sells best at the garage sale app?

There are a few things that tend to sell best at garage sales. One of the most popular items is clothes. People are always looking for good deals on clothing, and garage sales offer a great opportunity to find them.

Is there an app to find local garage sales?

There are a few different apps that can help you find local garage sales. One of the most popular is called Garage Sale Finder, and it allows you to search for sales in your area by using a zip code or address.

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