4 Advantages Of Hiring Remote Staff

Working remotely used to be a job perk for when an employee was sick or had to tend to family or any other personal commitments. But now we are in the midst of a “remote working” era and gig economy. This is the demand or rather a type of job people search for nowadays. Instead of being in a cubicle all day long, you can work from anywhere in the world if you have access to an internet connection.

Despite the resistance from some organizations around the globe, Upwork’s future workforce report suggests that hiring managers are predicting remote staff in the next decade to increase by 38%. Moreover, the World Economic Forum referred to remote work as the biggest transformation driver of a business model. Embracing a new model could be difficult to convince you further, here are some points to help you get clarity on how remote workers will add value to your business:

1. More Talent, Easy Recruitment

Certain industries are limited to a handful of places because they go where the talent lives. With the rise in remote employees, organizations get more access to talent around the world. This goes beyond just talent, the business gets to find people whose values align with your company.

Moreover, it’s easy for recruitment managers to give employees orientation remotely. It could be through an online employee handbook coupled with a zoom call and voila. Many organizations may struggle with diversity but with remote teams, it’s a given. They are much more comfortable and easier to blend in with each other and the company culture.

2. Minimal Or No Office Cost

While a lot of the media covers the hike in prices of real estate, one important aspect of that is renting an office space. It’s damn expensive to get a good office rental or otherwise. In the past, it was only expensive in major cities like Manhattan or New York but now it’s everywhere.

Other office costs also include electricity, maintenance, etc. If you are planning on keeping a completely remote or partly remote team, any business will save hundreds of dollars on office administration costs. It also makes it convenient for employees because they don’t have to pay rent to live in a posh city.

3. More Productivity

Most organizations worry that their employees slack off if they are working remotely. But Gallup’s State of the American Workplace Report says that 60% - 80% of employees work better away from their usual office. When you get this into perspective, people have different times of the day, they feel the most productive. Some people like the day and others love working during the night. Offering a flexible work schedule not only helps your employee work according to their schedule but also help the business in long terms retention of great employees.

4. Increased Retention And Happiness

One of the biggest issues faced by a lot of businesses is employee happiness and retention. In case it’s still not obvious, happy employees stay at their jobs longer and work harder. Remote work gives the employee leverage to spend time with their loved ones, improve their quality of life and save time and money as well. Be it, parents who want to spend more time with their kids or people who love to travel and move around the city or country, this opens up a lot of space for these kinds of employees. From a business point of view, being able to connect on the go, saving money on administration costs and taxes, and handling meetings online are some of the perks to look for.

No one can know what the future will bring but for now, more and more people are loving this trend of remote work. Not only remote work removes the burdens of traditional work styles but also brings its own perks. It’s better for businesses to embrace this change sooner rather than later, you can always switch back if it’s something that doesn’t work for your company. Let us know what perks has your remote work brought in your life as an employer/ employee. And if you're looking for remote employees, let Staffaro help you to easily hire experienced, fluent, and pre-vetted remote employees to be the service of your company.

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