How Brands Can Uniquely Be a Part of the Metaverse in 2024

Metaverse, while highly hyped, is still a concept without embodiment. For this reason, many people are having a hard time guessing what it's all about. Still, one day, Metaverse, along with its knockoffs and alternatives, will become a reality, and those companies that had prepared beforehand will have a massive advantage over those who decided to wait and see. Make sure you are ready and prepare for the future with our vision of how a brand can become a part of Metaverse.

What Is Metaverse?

It's hard to tell in a few words. Before it is here, we can only speculate and fantasize. In this Forbes article, Kristi Woolsey describes Metaverse as a "combination of the virtual reality and mixed reality worlds accessed through a browser or headset." She says that right now, we have countless small metaverses that don't intersect. Minecraft, MCU, Binance, Catcher in the rye, and The Office TV series are all separate worlds that exist independently of each other in different media and serve diverse purposes. Metaverse is called to bring them and many other metaverses together, let them share items, and interact.

The appearance of NFTs and blockchain generally served as a great push for this concept. It allowed virtual objects to become "unique' and, thus, have value. Defining an existence of a virtual object with a blockchain allows it to be owned, bought, and sold, laying the basis of Metaverse property concepts and economy.

Metaverse is likely to mark the beginning of the new era of the Internet, which will be much closer to our real world. It will change the way we interact with virtual objects and spaces, our communication on social media, and the way we use familiar online services. And it will open lots of opportunities for creative marketers.

Create Branded NFTs

create brand NFT

While only some brands have already gotten their hands on NFTs, when Metaverse becomes a reality, they will be an absolute must for those wishing to enter it early. Think of it as merch — in the real world, it's limited to boring hats, T-Shirts, and memorabilia. In Metaverse, brands will have their hands untied. They can create species of animals, cars, houses, cities, or even planets dedicated to their brands. The likes of it can already be seen in Decentraland and Sandbox NFT projects. There, users can purchase virtual lands and build whatever they like on them.

Give Customers Means for Personalization

create more personolization

It's similar to the way it works with a facebook post template — it is a set of graphical elements that make it way easier to design your own post with a result still being unique. Metaverse will likely have digital avatars for its users, which they surely will want to customize. And though everybody will crave to be unique, not everyone will have the necessary skills to provide it on their own. So help them! Create templates that will be easy to customize and will give their users a chance to express their personalities without any difficulties.

The templates depend on your brand's traits and can include clothes, jewelry, tattoos, voices, pets, and anything that comes to your mind. Make sure that the customization process is easy, so people can use their imagination to their full potential.

create sponsor events

Virtual concerts have already become a reality after several world-class musicians gave full live concerts in Fortnite. This is only the beginning, and we are soon to see more virtual event platforms and show formats. And where there is a show, there are sponsors.

Besides traditional banner advertisements, Metaverse opens possibilities for unseen before placements and formats. Brainstorm ideas to find possibilities to advertise in a way that corresponds with your brand's identity and will catch the attention of the virtual crowd. Paint the sky in your colors, organize an NFT giveaway, or give viewers a chance to compete for special prizes. Your imagination is the only limit.

Build a Virtual Office

virtual office

Metaverse can become a wonderful tool for building your employer's brand. Give your employees the office of their dreams. It may have all kinds of attractions you'd never put in an actual office space or streamline the business data in a way that will help your workers receive and process it most effectively. If all your team works remotely, a digital office is wonderful to get to know each other and having teambuilding activities. You can also make an impression on your foreign partners by holding a virtual conference in your luxury digital headquarters.


Sooner or later, Metaverse will come and reshape the way we interact with the world wide web. Companies that want to dominate the new reality need to start building their Metaverse entrance strategies now and think of as many ways they can represent themselves there as possible.

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