How to Check Hotmail Junk Mail on Android (Tutorial)

How to Check Hotmail Junk Mail on Android? According to the client's perspective, Hotmail has been proclaimed as the one that gives the email service with advanced and abundant features. It can't be looked at through other mail applications since it has incorporated with every single such quality that could make the users multitasking. Not only are those individuals presently utilizing it for corporate-related communication. It is perfect in all regards yet as it is genuine that everything needs repairmen, Hotmail likewise needs servicing. The condition when clients wouldn't do that there would be an event of the abrupt issue. To overcome that clients are required to do an instant connection with the technical group.

It is the point at which somebody continues sending you undesirable emails; you choose to put them under junk or spam folders. Junk mails never really clutter your Inbox so it's smarter to prevent them from repeating. In this article, we'll be especially talking about how to check Hotmail junk mail on Android and to be honest, it's exceptionally simple. So with no further ado, let us directly dive into the procedure.

How to Setup the Outlook App on Android

When you launch the Outlook app, you’ll see the Add Account screen. Choose Outlook for your Microsoft account, even if your email address is @hotmail.com or even @live.com.

How to Check Hotmail Junk Mail on Android

Presently follow the simple onscreen directions, including your email address and password. If you have two-factor verification turned on — as you ought if you need to keep your account secure — you'll have to enter the code here also.

It's just as simple as that. Hit the cog icon in the upper right corner to get to the Settings. Then turn on “Focused Inbox” if it isn't as of now. The Filter button on the inbox screen empowers you to channel your messages further, showing only unread or flagged messages, or those with connections.

junkmail on android

At the end of the screen, you get fast access to your Microsoft Calendar and Contacts, just as Files, which gives you attachments and files from your linked cloud accounts.


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Steps to check Hotmail Junk Mail on Android

Open your Hotmail mailbox.

junk Hotmail android

• Go to Settings then Options present at the upper right-hand corner.

• Under the "Junk E-Mail" part, you'll see all your junk mails.

Hotmail Junk folder

How to block unwanted emails in Hotmail?

Open your Hotmail mailbox

Hotmail Inbox

Click Options situated at the upper-right side of the page.

How to Check Hotmail Junk Mail on Android

Select More Options and under preventing junk email, click Safe and blocked senders.

how to check junk mail on android

Click Blocked senders and enter the email address or space on the case named ‘Blocked email address or domain’ and click Add to list.

How to Check Hotmail Junk Mail on Android

You can expel email addresses and domains from the safe sender's list by choosing them and tapping the trash button. Doing this won't really power messages from those senders to go to the spam folder, yet will rather return them to an ordinary email status, where they may or probably won't go to spam, depending upon how Outlook.com takes the message.

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How to Change the Spam Filters in Hotmail

Microsoft's Hotmail email customer is free to utilize, making it an appealing choice for the business hoping to minimize expenses. Junk mail in your work inbox fills in as a distraction and makes it harder to discover real emails. While Hotmail doesn't have many spam filter features, you can utilize either its Standard channel or the Exclusive channel, which characterizes all email junk except if it originates from contact or a known safe sender.

  • Sign in to Hotmail and click the "Options" drop-down from your Inbox screen. Select the "More Options" entry.
  • Click the "Filters and reporting" choice under the Preventing Junk Email heading. Pick either "Standard" or "Executive" under Choose a Junk Email Filter.

Decide to either show or block attachments under the Block Content from Unknown Senders heading. Blocking forestalls individuals who aren't on your protected sender's rundown from sending you pictures, links or attachments through Hotmail. Click "Save" when you're done altering.

How long does Hotmail junk mail last?

As confirmed from the screenshot above, Hotmail will leave spam untouched inside the Junk mail folder for 10 days, after which, any email left in the junk mail folder will naturally be erased; put another way, each email you set apart as spam or consequently moved to the Junk folder will have a grace period.

Does Hotmail junk mail automatically get deleted?

The Deleted Items and Junk E-mail folders are without a doubt exhausted on a regular basis by the Hotmail/Outlook.com servers yet everything is kept at least for 10 days in these folders before it naturally gets deleted.

Guidelines on Using the Safe Senders List

Thoroughly consider which email tends to go into the safe sender's list. For instance, letting all Gmail emails go through to your inbox is most likely totally safe, however, if you litter your safe sender's list with too many "nonofficial" domains like remote ones or ones you've never known about, you can expect your inbox to likewise be covered with junk mail.

If you need to add a mailing list to your safe sender's list that probably won't work because the mailing list is most likely not sent directly to you yet rather to a type of distribution list that advances the email to you. All things considered, this list probably won't work to keep the emails out of the spam folder.


The technique we’ve outlined in this guide is easy and will help you see all the junk mail on your account. We believe that with these steps, you should be able to find what you need quickly enough so that it doesn't put a dent in your day. If there's anything else about how to check Hotmail junk mail on Android or any other aspect of our blog post that interests you then please let us know!

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