How To Find Liked Posts On Instagram 2024

Instagram is the latest sensation in the social media world!

This robust app gives users easy access to media content online. The main reason behind the popularity of this app is the unique concept and user interface.

There are more than 1 billion active users on this app. You can use this app to post media online and share it with your followers. Similarly, you can see other people’s posts as well.

The only drawback of Instagram is that you can view or see what someone likes. Previously, this information was easily accessible.

However, with the latest privacy policy modification in October 2019, users cannot view someone else’s Instagram activities.

Now, you cannot use the app to check what someone likes. This feature is permanently disabled by Instagram.

However, there are still some ways by which you can get your hands on this information. If you want to learn how to check likes, follow this guide. Here, we will show you how to see likes on Instagram.

How To Find Liked Posts On Instagram

Instagram is a media-centric social media app. Unlike Facebook, you cannot check the feed or your friend’s activity on the app. You can only see the pictures and videos your friends are uploading.

Apart from that, you cannot check any other thing. Many users are frustrated because of the policy change, as you cannot even check what photos or videos your friends are liking.

You cannot even access the website to see your friend’s activity. Earlier, this feature was available with the app. Users were able to access the app and see what all pictures and videos their friends were liking.

It was pretty simple too. All you had to do were follow four simple steps to see someone’s likes.

  • Step 1: Open Profile

The first thing you need to do is open your Instagram app and click on the person’s profile. You can search their name and click on their profile to open it.

How To Find Liked Posts On Instagram

  • Step 2: Click on the Following

Once you reach the profile, you need to click on the “Following” option. It will help you to know who they are following.

How To Find Liked Posts On Instagram

  • Step 3: Choose a Profile

Now, from the list of accounts they are following, you need to choose a profile to see if they have liked anything that person had posted.

  • Step 4: View Likes

You can click on any of their posts and look underneath the post to see all the likes. If the person had liked the post, you would be able to see their name.

how to see liked posts on instagram

However, now anybody can easily hide their account activities. There is an option in the setting which helps users to hide their activities. One can simply go to setting and disable “show activity status.” This will help you to hide all the Instagram activities.

Even though you cannot see other people’s likes due to this feature, there are many alternatives available online for your aid. You will find plenty of apps on Play Store and App Store to which helps you to track Instagram activities.

Reasons to See Someone’s Likes on Instagram

Although it might seem like stalking, there are many benefits of checking someone’s likes on Instagram. It helps you to learn about your friend’s interests and know what they like or dislike. “Likes” can reveal a lot about a person. It can help you to understand the real personality of a person. Here are some reasons why you need to see someone’s likes.

  • Parental Control

It is very important for parental control. If you want to secretly keep an eye on your kids, you can check what they like on Instagram. Nowadays, even school kids are using Instagram as they have easy access to smartphones and internet connectivity. Although Instagram is a safe platform, there can be some things that are not good for kids. For example, an underage kid might start liking adult and indecent pictures. Because of this reason, many people check what their kids like on Instagram.

  • Learn about Friend’s Interest

This is another reason why people check likes on Instagram. If you want to make new friends or know your friend’s interests, you can see their likes. For example, it will help you to plan a perfect birthday present for your friends. All you need to do is check what type of pictures and videos they are liking. This way, you can prepare a perfect customized gift for them.

  • Know about Favorite Celebrities

The best thing about the Instagram app is that it helps you to follow all your favorite celebrities. However, you can check their likes to know more about them. Instead of relying on tabloid news, you can simply check their likes. Apart from checking their likes, you can also check when they are active. This way, you can easily comment on their posts at that time to grab their attention.

  • Monitoring Spouse’s Activities

Apart from friends and celebrities, you can also check your spouse’s Instagram likes. Many people love to hide their true intentions from their partners. However, by seeing your spouse’s likes on Instagram, you can see what they are doing. You can see if they like someone else’s pictures. This way, you can easily keep an eye on them and know their true intentions.

Instagram Activity Tracking Tools and Software

Suppose you want to see likes on Instagram, the best options available with you us Instagram activity tracking tools. There are many tools available online which help you in tracking Instagram activities. You can simply access these tools to check all the likes. However, you need to be careful while choosing the software. Here are some things you need to consider when choosing the tool.

  • Legal Status: The first thing you need to consider is the legality of the tool. The service should be legal to use. It will help you to avoid problems in the future.
  • Pricing Plan: You also need to check the pricing plan of the tool. It will help you to choose the best and affordable service.
  • Features: This is another thing you need to consider. Make sure you choose a tool that provides plenty of features. For example, you can track the likes but the list of “following” accounts.
  • User-Friendly: The tool should be simple and easy to use so that anybody can easily access it for checking likes.

All these features are available with the Snoopreport tool. It is one of the most popular Instagram user activity tracking services. If you want to use this tool or want to know more about it, check this review.

What Is Snoopreport?

how to check liked posts on instagram

It is an Instagram monitoring service that helps individuals as well as businesses to easily see likes on Instagram. This tool will help you to select Instagram accounts and monitor the user’s activities.

You can easily access this web-based tool from the website and get information about the user’s activity. It is a legit service that provides insights about likes on Instagram.

To use this tool, all you need to do is add Instagram accounts with the tool. The tool will then use the public database to collect information and provide a complete report about what they like and follow. You will be able to easily check anyone’s Instagram likes and followers with this tool.

Features of Snoopreport:

Here are some of the features you can enjoy with the Snoopreport Instagram monitoring tool.

  • See Instagram Likes and Follows: The best feature of this tool is tracking likes and follows. It will help you to monitor the user’s activities and see what the like and follow online.

how to check liked posts on instagram

  • Individual and Professional Use: You can use this tool for individual tracking as well as professional use. You can track your kid’s friends as well as parent’s likes. Apart from that, you can use it professionally to know what celebrities and influencers are doing on Instagram.
    how to check liked posts on instagram
  • Web-Based Tool: It is a web-based tool. You don’t need to download it on the phone. You can simply go to the website and log in to your account to check the likes.
  • Account Signup: To use this tool, you need to sign up from the website. You can click on sign up and enter all the details to create your account.
  • Pricing Plans: There are three pricing plans with this tool. You can use the personal plan, small business plan, or professional plan. The prices are $4.99, $14.99, and $44.99 per month.

  • Tracking Report: You will get a complete tracking report with this tool. There are weekly and monthly reports. It contains the details about all the likes and follows.

  • Add Multiple Accounts: The best thing about this tool is that you can use it to track multiple user accounts. You can track two accounts with a personal plan, ten accounts with a small business plan, and 100 accounts with a professional plan.

Pros of Snoopreport:

  • Secret Monitoring: You can use this tool to monitor Instagram likes secretly.
  • Legal Use: This tool is legal to use as it obtains data legally from a public database.
  • Remote Access: You can remotely access this tool from anywhere using any device.
  • Customer Support: You will get email support with this tool for help and assistance.
  • Quick Login: The login process is very quick and simple. You can easily create your account.
  • User-Friendly: The user interface of this tool is very simple and easy. You can easily use this tool.
  • Parental Control: You can use this tool for parental control to keep an eye on your kids.
  • Accurate Results: You will get 100% accurate results about the likes on Instagram.

Cons of Snoopreport:

  • Public Accounts: This tool only works for public accounts. You cannot track private accounts with it.
  • Comments Tracking: You can only use it to track likes, not comments on the app.

How to Use Snoopreport to See Other People’s Likes?

This tool is very simple and easy to use. You just need to follow few steps to check the likes.

  • Step 1: Sign Up

In order to use this tool, the first thing you need to do is sign up for an account. You can go to the website, click on sign up and enter all the details.

  • Step 2: Add Accounts

Once your account is ready, you will get access to the dashboard. You can log in to reach the dashboard and add the accounts you want to track.

  • Step 3: Buy Time Package

After that, you need to buy a time package to start receiving tracking reports. Choose a price plan and make a payment.

  • Step 4: Check Reports

Now, you will start receiving weekly and monthly reports about the likes. You can view the report to see likes on Instagram.


Instagram no longer shows what photos and videos Instagram users like.

If you’re eager to see friends Instagram likes or view Instagram photos of your boyfriend or girlfriend has liked, use Snoopreport for monitoring.

The biggest advantage of Snoopreport is that you can track Instagram account even if you don’t follow it. Give it a try!!!!

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