How to know if someone blocked you?

Are you interested in how to know if someone blocked you? It is troublesome to track why someone is not replying to your emails. At times you are not able to make audio and video calls as well to any specific person via your Gmail account.

Have you ever waited to get a response from someone on Gmail? Have you ever felt the need to have some seen or email viewed feature on the Gmail accounts as well?

The above might be a case of being getting blocked by the receiver on the Gmail account. Maybe, they do not want to talk to you or they do not feel like replying to your Emails due to some of their personal reasons. But this is not always the case. At times due to receiving too many emails or somehow getting emails in your folders such as spam or maybe due to receiving too many emails the person is not being able to read your mail.Lets dig in on how to know if someone blocked you.
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Here are a few do's and do not's that will let you get an exact answer whether somebody has blocked you on their Gmail or not.

How to know whether somebody has blocked messages from you on their Gmail?

For Android and Windows users -There are no clear methods to trace whether you are blocked on Gmail if you want to check it by messaging them. You actually do not get any notification from Gmail and everything will appear normal.

iOS users – For the iPhone users, there is a possibility of getting an indication about being blocked by the receiver on the messages. After sending the message via. iPhone, within a few minutes you receive a prompt or resend notification, indicating that the message was unable to be delivered to the user you were trying to contact via. Gmail as it no longer remains blue in color. However, if you have upgraded your iOS software to iOS 9 or above then you cannot avail benefits of this feature.

How to know if someone blocked you on over Gmail voice and video calls?

For Android, iPhone and Windows users:

If anybody has blocked you on their Gmail then, you will either hear no ring or a single ring maybe when you try to make a video or audio call to them. After this, you will get a recorded voice message from the other side saying that the caller is not available to pick your call presently. In this case, if you try to leave a text message to the receiver then that message although won't show up in their notification but it will be there at the last of the list of their voicemail (O2 or EE). It is up to the receiver whether they have that habit of scrolling down till the bottom and read those messages as well.

After just a single ring every time your call will be diverted. If however that person is declining your call or is somewhere away then this number of bells that ring will surely vary.

If you hear two or more rings, be confident enough that the receiver might be away or busy at the moment but they have not blocked you.

How is it different from the DND (Do Not Disturb) option?

In case the receiver has marked their Gmail settings to DND then for the one making the call it will sound like any normal call with the standard number of rings. However, the receiver will not get any sound for that call in this mode.

Conclusion :

From the above article, we can conclude that the audio and video calls are the best sources to check whether you are being blocked by someone over the Gmail account. But always keep in mind that Gmail works via. Internet. At times, it may be under maintenance or there may be some technical or internet issues. In that case, the above logic may not apply. So, before jumping to any final conclusion do try reaching out the one you want to contact after some time again. Hope you have enjoyed this article on how to know if someone blocked you also check out ways to know the DPI of your mouse.


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