How to Record A Powerpoint Presentation Effectively

An online or virtual presentation is a speech given by an individual or a group of people to provide information through a video call. At the time of pandemics, the fashion of giving online presentations eventually increased. Most people are unaware of how to record a presentation on PowerPoint and make their online presentation more effective.

Further in the article, we have introduced the viewers to the basics of ethics to record an engaging PowerPoint presentation. A good presenter should always consider all the aspects he needs to follow to give a good presentation. By following the tips in the next part of the article, you can give an online presentation as effective as a physical presentation.

  1. 5 Useful Tips to Record an Engaging Powerpoint Presentation
  2. Bonus Tip: Powerful and User-Friendly Video Presentation Tool - SOOMUS

How to Record an Engaging Powerpoint Presentation

If we talk about online presentations, things get more difficult for the presenter because there is a huge difference between presenting physically and virtually. For such a purpose, a presenter should know well about how to record a PowerPoint presentation in a better way.

Powerful and User-Friendly Video Presentation Tool - SOOMUS

SOOMUS is one of the best live video recorder tools that allows you to share your presentation and go live using different software. This recorder tool is the ultimate solution for the query like how to record on PowerPoint. SOOMUS supports recording audio, video conferencing, effects, import PowerPoint, HD quality, and virtual background.

Using the SOOMUS video presentation tool, you can use your favorite video conferencing software as a platform that you will use in the presentation. The video conferencing software that SOOMUS supports are LARK, DISCORD, ZOHO, ZOOM, skype, and VooV Meeting. Thus, you can use SOOMUS if you want to make more attractive and engaging presentations.

Some other key features of SOOMUS that make it better in many ways are listed below:

  • It is integrated with the software as mentioned above, which means whenever you choose a live conference in the tool, you have to choose one integrated software. This allows you to share your live presentation through that software.
  • It records various annotations, announcements, and highly visual ideas that you can share and view anytime.
  • It makes fascinating online meetings within minutes and adds a colorful visual background to enhance the whole online conference experience.
  • It lets you deliver your work more effectively and directly by presenting both your face and PowerPoint side by side.

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5 Useful Tips to Record Powerpoint Presentation

  • Practice and Record Yourself

Practice always seems like a big secret of good presenters. People do their practice sessions differently like they present in front of their friends and colleagues and get feedback at the end of the presentation. This feedback counts as a valuable tool that improves your final presentation.

The video presentation is one of the most strenuous things to do as attracting an audience's attention on an online platform is quite a big deal. SOOMUS helps you tackle things within your online presentations and, on top of that, helps you record PowerPoint presentation with audio and video. You should practice this all with a real presentation before coming onto SOOMUS.

  • Turn on your Webcam

Facial expressions, body language, and similar other factors are important while doing a physical presentation. You have to make sure that you insert these factors within your online presentation in SOOMUS by turning on your webcam. This will eventually improve your presentation by making your words more memorable.

Whenever you record a presentation across SOOMUS, it is desirable to share a webcam video to add non-verbal signals, which will improve the delivery of your information. This surely helps the audience to remember your presentation in a better way.

  • Get Interactional

Engaging your audience in an online presentation is quite important as it will eventually give you an idea of what part of your presentation seems important to them. So you have to spare some time for your presentation and do a question-answer session. This is the best way to engage your audience when you make a video with PowerPoint across SOOMUS.

Thus, you have to plan an interactional presentation within SOOMUS to make your presentation session more impactful and attractive for your audience.

  • Know your Audience

Knowing your audience members seems to be the first and the foremost rule of presenting your work. That means you can give a successful presentation if you know your audience's needs and what they expect from your presentation. That is why, whenever you record a PowerPoint presentation with SOOMUS during preparation, you should keep the audience in mind.

The details you will provide while explaining your work during the presentation could be calculated if you know the level of the audience and their interest.

  • Make a Logical and Clear Structure

Making a clear and logical structure means if you start discussing a point, then make it quite clear with a proper explanation and then talk about the conclusion. People sometimes start telling a story during a presentation, but they don't know how to get along with the whole thing and jump to a conclusion. Improper conveying always distracts the attention of the audience.

That is the reason why good presenters give an overview of the presentation while recording in SOOMUS so the audience can follow the clear structure of your presentation.

Bonus Tip: Bottom Line

By wrapping up the discussion, we have come to a simple conclusion that it is quite necessary to take care of the basic ethics when you record the presentation. We have discussed some general tips in the above discussion that helps you to record an engaging PowerPoint presentation.

In addition, we introduced you to the SOOMUS recorder tool that guides you on how to record on PowerPoint and other supported software for online video conferencing.

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