5 Methods to Recover Deleted photos on iPhone and Android

A collection of images is like a collection of emotions and rare moments captured in time and stored for future reference. These unforgettable moments are pieces of our lives, and the people we identify with have sentimental value in our lives. Therefore losing photos can be saddening like any other kind of loss.

So, what is next when you discover that you accidentally cleared your gallery? Some people recommend using some of the best data recovery tools straight away. We explore all possible effective practical solutions to give you all the possible methods to try in case you delete photos on iPhone and Android.

Use Google Drive To Recover Deleted Photos

Google Drive can be as effective as any other backup system. This makes it one of the most effective methods to recover deleted files from an Android SD card. So if you are an Android user and happened to delete some of your photos, this is how you can do it with Google Drive.

  • Run the Google Drive application on your android phone
  • Access the application menu by swiping to the left
  • You will get to the Google menu, which has several icons.
  • Locate the trash bin and tap on it.
  • Go through the list of every available folder and photo.
  • Identify the ones you need to recover and long press on the first one. This will lead to a marked photo that will allow subsequent selection.
  • Once done, go to the top of the page and locate a three-dotted icon at the top right.
  • Tap on it and choose Restore

You can also use this simplified method to have your deleted photos restored.

  • Access the phone settings on your android phone
  • Scroll through the menu and locate accounts and backup
  • Tap on the backup and restore option and select restore data
  • Check through the files available and mark the photos you need to recover.
  • Tap on Restore to complete the recovering

Put Photo App To Use

This free feature comes with iPhones and thus can be used by anyone who owns this device.

  • Start at the beginning on the home menu of your iPhone
  • Try and locate the photo app and open it by tapping on it.
  • You will be able to see a list of recently deleted albums
  • Mark the photos you need recovered and initiate the recovery by tapping on recover.

Recover Photos Using Itunes

Connect your phone to a PC or a laptop with an authentic apple cable

  • Get started by opening an iTunes application
  • Look for the restore backup option and click on it.
  • Look through the available options and select what most relevant backup is
  • Select Restore, click, and allow time to complete the restoration.

Use iCloud For Recovery

This is another option that can be used in data recovery, especially where iPhones are in question. It's very much adequate for files and photos permanently deleted from the phone; therefore, you can restore them from the photo app and the like. It primarily relies on the time frame when you deleted the photos and when you are requesting a recovery. Usually, 40 days period is more practical. Anything beyond that would require advanced recovery tools. This is how you can use iCloud for photo recovery.

You should be in access to a good network for this to work

  • With the Apple services, you can access free backup by visiting HTTPS //www.icloud.com
  • Log into your account by keying in your username and password
  • Look through the available files on the webpage that has photos
  • Look for the most recently deleted, for that is where they are likely to be
  • Go through the available images as you mark the ones that you need to recover
  • Select recover by clicking on it. This will initiate the recovery process; you can view them in the album.

Use Data Recovery Software

Data recovery software is usually the last option that you can use in recovering deleted files and media. Whereas other options might fail to get you the desired results, recovery software has a greater chance of it. This is because iPhone data recovery software is designed in a way that they can deal with more complex data loss problems. For instance, they can recover permanently deleted files and repair damaged and corrupted files stored on SD cards, external hard drives, and USBs, among other storage devices.

How to use Disk Drill iPhone Data Recovery

Always choose the best data recovery tools for easy, efficient, and effective data recovery, like Disk Drill by CleverFiles. This software is compatible with data recovery Android, iPhones, PC, laptops, tablets, etc. You also get up to 500MB of free data recovery and additional features that you can enjoy for free.

  • Download Disk Drill iPhone data recovery software and install it on your computer.
  • Launch the software and keep it running
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer
  • Check your devices on the list of disks provided by Disk Drill.
  • Select iOS device and proceed to scan by clicking on recover
  • Do a preview of the files found by scrolling through the list.
  • Once satisfied with the results, select what you need to recover and proceed to recovery.

It's essential to keep important files safe through constant backups on the cloud, Google drive, SD card, and flash drive, among other external devices. Doing this allows you to retrieve files whenever you need them without fear of loss.

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