How to Turn Off PS4 Without Controller in 2023 [Step-By-Step Guide]

PlayStation 4 is an amazing console with a host of compatible games that provide you with hours of entertainment. If you want to ensure an elongated lifeline of your console, you must make sure to turn it off responsibly when you’re not using it.

However, in case your controller is damaged or isn’t responding to your inputs, it can be quite confusing to know how to turn off your PS4. If you’re going through the same crisis, need not worry because this article will walk you through some guaranteed workarounds.

Not turning off your console after gaming can lead to several unwanted consequences such as loss of data as a result of excessive usage. Therefore, make sure you remember to turn off your console when you’re not playing with it.

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It is pretty simple to turn off your PlayStation 4 without using a controller at all. Additionally, you can even put your console into rest mode and proceed with your game after a while. So let us discuss the aforementioned topics straight away:

Turning Off Your PlayStation 4 Completely Without Controller

If you’re looking to relocate your console to a new location, you first need to turn it off completely before unplugging it from the power outlet. Keep in mind that doing so will terminate your existing gaming sessions and the console won’t download and install any updates.

How to turn off PS4 manually without Controller

  • Locate the power button on your PlayStation 4 console and keep the power button pressed until you can hear a beep sound. It usually takes around seven seconds of holding the power button to command the console to turn off.
  • After hearing the beep sound, you’ll be able to see a message on your screen stating that your console is preparing to turn off. The interface also warns you not to unplug the power adapter before the process has finished successfully
  • Then, your PS4 console’s power indicator will flicker with a white LED light for a while. Once the light turns off completely, you can feel free to remove the AC power adapter from the outlet and your PlayStation 4 will be completely switched off

With just three simple steps, you can turn off your PS4 gaming console without needing any controller. However, make sure you never remove the power adapter unless the white light turns off as it can lead to data corruption.

Putting Your PlayStation 4 in Rest Mode Without Controller

In case you want the console to continue receiving and downloading necessary updates without keeping it turned on all the time, you can choose to put it in rest mode instead. This mode prevents the console from displaying anything on the screen, while the process works fine in the background.

Moreover, you can also catch up with your existing gaming sessions and continue your progress after revoking the console from rest mode. Here’s how to put your PlayStation 4 in rest mode without using a controller:

  • Access the power button on your PlayStation 4 gaming console located at the top-left center, right above the eject button. Any limited-edition model may have a different location for the power button. You can still search for it or have a look at the operational manual
  • Once you’ve located the power button, press and hold it for around two to three seconds. Doing so will trigger a single beep sound and you’ll be able to see a message on the display “Putting the PS4 into rest mode”, indicating that your console is transitioning into the rest mode
  • Keep a keen eye on the indicator light located at the top panel of your console and wait for it to turn from white to orange after flickering for a while. The orange LED light indicates that your PS4 has successfully gone into rest mode

In case a power loss occurs during the rest mode of your PS4, you may receive a warning when you turn it on next time suggesting that some of your data might have been corrupted. Therefore, if you believe that the electricity in your area is unstable for the time being, make sure you don’t put your console into rest mode.

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Bottom Line

When you don’t have access to a PS4 controller, you have two options to turn off your console – either unplug the console directly or use the power button. The former can cause data loss in your console and you may also lose your in-game progress.

However, if you use the methods listed above, there will be no problems at all. So, make sure you remember to turn off your console after using it, even when you have access to the remote control or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I force my PS4 to turn off without a controller?

There are several ways to turn off PS4 without a controller. The first option is to use the power button on the front of the console, pressing and holding down this button for several seconds will shut it down. Additionally, if your console is connected to your home network, you can use the Sony PlayStation app on your mobile device to turn off the system remotely.

Where is the power button on a PS4?

The power button on the Sony PS4 is located on the front of the console to the left of the disc drive. It has a small, oval shape with a circle in the center and may be labeled with an abbr. of "power".

How do you turn off a frozen PS4?

To turn off a frozen PS4, the first step is to try and restart it. To do this, press and hold the power button on the front of the console for at least 7 seconds until you hear two beeps. Once you have heard the two beeps, release the power button and wait for your console to shut down completely.

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