How To Upgrade Your Profile: 5 Lifehacks to meet your mature woman

Profiles can be too long, too complicated, not give enough or give too much. Get yourself right with our handy guide on attracting a mature woman that meets your needs and interests online. Balance is key, and with our help, you may just have a queue of over-50 ladies waiting for your attention...

Write a profile for dating over 50 positively

Someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously does not dwell on the past, and has a positive outlook on life will be attractive to a lady who has been there and done it. A confident, not arrogant, self-assured, insecure person who values life and all it has to hold. Look forward not back and ensure the glass is always half full when in their company. Combining these important attributes and summarizing them on your profile in a classy and welcoming manner is the best way to date mature women over the age of 50 online.

Use photos of your life

A picture tells a thousand stories, so get them involved! Flood your profile with pictures from different stages of your life and add some appropriate captions. Try to be witty or at least informative with them rather than write an essay or just put the date next to each one. Get these correct, and you could be dating your ideal over-50 lady before you know it!

Write about your interests and hobbies

The key thing about mature dating is making yourself sound interesting but genuine. No lies, no exaggerations, and certainly no false hope. Honesty is the best policy, anything less, and you will remain single without a shadow of a doubt. These over-50’s are too long in the tooth for games and misconceptions. Tell them what you like, why you like it, and how you pass the time. Your hobbies may differ, but you can find common ground somewhere just by being authentic and not acting like the person you believe they want you to be. A mature lady will just want you to be you and for you to relax and enjoy their company.

Leave your life baggage behind the screen

A lady of this age will have seen her fair share of drama and been through enough stress and hassle to write a novel on. Don’t allow yourself to be the potential next chapter because they do not want any part of it. Leave your baggage behind and be as charming as you can without making the whole experience a pity party, hoping they will relate to your woes and give you a sympathy date. They won’t. Your chance will be gone, and you won’t get another.

Keep your profile short and meaningful

Get to the point, don’t labor it, and be poignant with the information. Don’t play games or try to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. It won’t work! Say what you want with passion and purpose. As long as it has meaning, even if they disagree with it, the mature lady will respect and appreciate that you speak with so much clarity about your beliefs and morals. If you are pretending to be someone you aren’t, it’s just a matter of time before you are found out. These experienced ladies need a man to be a man and will not put up with any charade or fantasy line spinning they would expect from someone half their age.

Anything too long may intrigue them but try to keep it short and snappy to ensure you remain interesting and engageable. Don’t waffle or skirt around things. The more direct you can be, the more forthcoming, the better the results as you will be more reciprocated than if you approach with caution or hesitancy.  Be bold and expect honesty in the responses, they may be blunt at times, but they will know what they want, so make sure that is you!

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