To Save Reputation Launch of Mate X Delays by Huawei

As per the talks with the popular channel CNBC, Huawei officials confirmed the holding back of the launch of its most talked about product Mate X’s launch. The CNBC people were informed by the Huawei people that now this launch of Mate X is shifted for September this year.

However, the officials of Huawei confirmed that this delay is not at all link with the rumors which stated that the US regulations forced the Huawei people to discard the launch of their new product Mate Book in the starting months of the present year.

Samsung was also going to launch Galaxy Fold in April this year. But the galaxy old failed the test related to display on some versions of this phone, so this launch was never witnessed till date. Samsung technologist just delayed the launch, thinking that they will be able to sort this issue by finding out some relevant solution to the above-stated problem. However, the new official launch date of this galaxy Fold is not yet announced by the company. In due course, the retail giants Best Buy and AT&T just discarded all the pre-booking orders of this product. According to the two retailers, Galaxy Fold is not coming up any time soon into the market.

Huawei officials, on the other hand, do not want any such lousy name to the company. Huawei people mentioned this thing to CNBC. This was a sure shot target at Samsung as Galaxy Fold brought a bad name to the company by failing in the display test.

The launch of both the products is delayed; this can be somewhere related to the strictness of Donald Trump’s reign that has started a campaign against the company. Apart from stopping the launch, US officials have marked Huawei in the list of Entity. At this moment, it is stopping the US companies from providing Huawei with all the hardware and software related parts. This little marked trouble for the Chinese company Huawei to manufacture its new units without the adequate supply of hardware parts as well as good software.

Huawei people showed CNBC full confidence to launch their product very soon despite facing all these bans by the US officials. Mate Book is based on Google’s Android as an Operating System which has nothing to do with the ban. The access to Android is available for this device as it was manufactured much before the US officials put them in the Entity list.

The glimpse of Mate X at the Mobile World Congress just amazed everyone presents out there. According to us, the Mate X has a Falcon Wing design. This helps the device to fold out and show up big size screen just as the Galaxy Fold of Samsung. This further cut short the need to provide camera cutouts or the device. Hoping, the Mate X’s delay is temporary as said by the Huawei officials, and the product is going to be launched soon.

Image Source : Huawei

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