iGaming Live Events are the Future of Entertainment

To participate in iGaming, viewers or players need to place a wager on the outcome of a game online. The most popular genres of iGaming are casino games and sports betting, gambling platforms occupy the largest share of the iGaming market.

Despite certain areas across the world banning online betting, iGaming popularity has experienced phenomenal growth over the past decade. To put the iGaming industry's success into perspective, it's market share and revenue is larger than both the movie and music industry.

Multiple factors have affected the rise in iGaming. See below for details on a few key influencers that have propelled the iGaming industry to what it is today.

Mobile Advancements

Mobile technology, for one, instigated better user-friendly devices, which made it easier for people to play casino games wherever they may be. Furthermore, bigger screens facilitated more comfortable gaming online. As mobile technology took strides forward, many players took to their mobiles to play games over their PC and consoles.

Mobile gaming has had the most significant knock-on effect on the iGaming sphere, more so in the past decade. As a mark of its prominence, almost every casino and bookmaker has created a mobile app.

Gaming Companies

Over the years, as mobile technology advanced and customer engagement with their mobiles grew, gambling companies developed their online platforms to remain competitive in the iGaming market. Such as creating a version of their desktop site that was mobile-friendly.

Other enhancements included improving customers' safety and security by preventing credit card scams with encrypted technology to shield transactions from prospective cybercriminals.

Moreover, gaming organizations were actively improving their iGaming platform's graphics and gaming variety to entice more players. As a result of an enhanced iGaming experience, that's safer, easy to use, and more creative, more people were and continue to be enticed online to use iGaming platforms, specifically on mobile.

Live casino Revolutionizes iGaming

With most iGaming platforms seeking to replicate the brick and mortar casino experience for players, live casinos hit the nail on the head for customers, and partially stole the show by offering players the ability to see the dealer in action in a casino environment.

The introduction of live casinos was incredibly popular with customers who wanted to get the full casino experience without stepping a foot out of their homes. As a result of better technology and higher internet speeds, uninterrupted live streaming became possible. Allowing dealers to provide a trustworthy gaming experience in real-time for viewers.

Playing in a live casino environment online also meant the players were no longer playing against the machine. For many, this is still an exciting way to play their favourite casino games, like roulette or poker. Playing with a real dealer, alongside players from across the world, for many, was much more exhilarating. Adding a social aspect to casino games enabled people with similar interests to connect.

Moreover, players who live remotely or don't have time to access the casino and see the roulette wheel in action can get close to the casino action with live casino. Live casinos are the next best thing to an actual casino environment; thus, it's popular among many players who don't have time to travel to one. This is also relevant for those wishing to play slot games online, players can now choose from a wide range of themed slot machines to play online slots rather than visiting a physical casino. Despite not having the social aspect, roulette or poker may have, the possibilities for online slots are endless, with providers having the ability to offer a wide range of games all with a variety of pay-outs and reels.

But that's not all; live casinos are also well-suited for players that are not yet confident enough to enter a real-life casino. Allowing players to accrue experience against the computer, and real players gives those who are building their way up to a real casino confidence!

With reliable technology inside and a live casino setup that works and has built a strong reputation as a fair and trusted form of gaming, gaming companies and tournaments are confident in hosting important competitions online via live channels.

Virtual Reality iGaming

Beyond the live casinos that gamers are familiar with today, virtual reality is also offering an alternative way of gaming online. With a VR headset, players can now access casino platforms online, enter a "real" casino, walk around to find a casino game they like, and play.

Although, this type of iGaming is still arguably in its infancy. Plus, more gamers have mobiles than VR headsets, and so iGaming live events on desktop and mobile will continue to maintain the audience's attention for the foreseeable future.

Live Events: Future of iGaming Entertainment

In short, yes, live gaming, such as live casinos, are the present and future of entertainment. With no need for people to make a journey to the casino or bookmakers. Eager players can have their pick from a plethora of games to play whenever and wherever they like in a live scenario.

Live casinos, in particular, are exciting for players who want to see a real person dealing cards and trying their luck against real players. Moreover, live casinos are comforting for customers who are uncertain about entering casinos during these current trying times.

As we've seen over the past two decades, games are inevitably improving, and will only continue to get better. In conclusion, live iGaming events shall also continue to improve. If you're a player who hasn't yet tried a live iGaming event, or you're a gambling company owner who hasn't introduced live casino gaming online - what are you waiting for?

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