Mac vs. PC for Video Editing 2024

Video editing has changed how readers perceive a product. Gone are the days when readers or prospective customers read the blog for features and specifications before choosing a product to purchase. Instead, more importance is given to the video content as they can see and understand the video about a product rather than assuming features after reading.

As the importance of video editing has increased, so is the importance of a powerful operating system for video editing. The two popular operating systems currently are macOS and Windows. Each of them is unique and powerful in its ways. This article will focus more on which one to choose when it comes to video editing in 2024.

There is a popular perception that Apple products are more effective when it comes to creativity, whereas Windows operating system has a productivity advantage. However, the gap between Mac and Windows operating systems is decreasing day by day, with macOS also becoming more productive than its earlier versions.

Reasons you should prefer a Windows PC for Video Editing

It is cheaper

Compared to the amount you spend in purchasing a Mac, you only have to spend about half the price to get a high configuration PC powered by Windows operating system. The rest of the amount can be spent on upgrades as and when required.

It is compatible

Windows operating system is compatible with various types of video editing tools and applications available. In contrast, Apple MacBook Pro, which runs on macOS, is compatible only with the applications on offer by Apple. This is because Apple patents most of its processes to keep everything internalized.


Unlike an Apple computer which comes with the required updates for you, Windows PC allows you to have readily available upgrades. In addition, upgrading hardware can be done right away in a Windows PC as and when required.

Ample access to Ports

With a Windows PC, you have access to ports for USB, USB-C, HDMI, and SD card slots for camcorders and camera compatibility. Apple, however, is removing access to ports by eliminating the options to insert a USB in the MacBook Air. MacBook users will have to upgrade their equipment or purchase adapters if they wish to import the video files.

Reasons you should prefer a Mac PC for video editing

Having a Mac PC for video editing offers the users various advantages compared to a Windows PC.

Enhanced 4K Connections

Most of the websites and applications in the MacBook use 4K content which provides a superior large-scale video editing ability for the users. One of the key highlights of the MacBook Pro is the data transmission rates which are as high as 40 Gbps. You cannot even think of such a configuration with Windows PC since the data transmission rates stand at hardly 5 Gbps.

Facilitate Smoother Application Integrations

Seamless application integrations are easily available with macOS. This helps the user easily understand the process of editing the videos with the help of consistent workflow even after the new features and updates that happen for the video editing process. There is no need to choose from a premium package since MacBook Pro offers the iMovie feature, which provides beginners with sufficient video editing skills. You can set up the Mac computer with ease, get your files transferred seamlessly, and begin work on video editing right away.

Ability to Choose from various Fonts and Colours

When it comes to the availability of fonts and colors, Mac has an advantage compared to Windows PC. With ample font standardization and colorization standards, video editors can produce best-in-class and consistent video publications using MacOS compared to Windows PC.


The presence of seamless integration, one of the best screen quality, and component optimization are some of the reasons it is considered a good option compared to Windows PC when it comes to video editing. Similarly, for editing a video file in MOV format, users can face issues while trying to convert the video since the video file may not play or no sound can be heard while playing the video with MOV format. Mac also provides you with the option to convert those videos in MOV format to MP4 format. You can read more info here on how to convert MOV format video in Mac to MP4 video format.

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