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The free version of free partition software is a partition manager explicitly designed for use in a home or small office setting. It has powerful disk partition management features that let you quickly partition, optimize, and control your hard drive. This powerful utility ensures that your hard drive is structured correctly and helps you allocate disk space optimally.

Partition of the System Further

You are almost out of storage space on your computer. That red light on the partition? This utility makes partition extension simple and risk-free.

HDD 4K Alignment

Aligning SSD partitions is essential for optimal performance and to prevent the file system from having to read/write to two separate physical clusters.

Remove Dividers

Remove all data from the partition and ensure it cannot be retrieved using any data restoration software.

Test Data on a Disk

Determine the read/write speeds under different disk access conditions and display the results graphically to end users.

Free Partition Magic — A Complete System

The excellent free disk partition program, MiniTool Partition Wizard Free, is used by more than tens of millions of people on Windows 11/10/8/7 to do tasks including formatting partitions, checking file systems, aligning SSDs, measuring SSD performance, and converting file systems from FAT to NTFS. With tools like Disk Benchmark and Space Analyzer, it strives to provide the best possible experience for its customers and become the most potent free partition manager.

Get the most out of your hard drive with the help of MiniTool's Partition Wizard Free 12.8, an all-inclusive free partition manager.

Check the drive's speed and quickly examine the amount of data stored on the disk.

All Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 versions are supported.

Make, Delete, or Reformat a Disk Partition

Easy division creation and removal procedures. If your hard disk has become inaccessible, you may format it and change its file system type from RAW to NTFS.

Erase Files or Partitions

Remove all data from the partition and ensure it can't be retrieved using any data restoration software.

Quickly and safely upgrade from the FAT file system to the NTFS file system, allowing you to work with files greater than 4GB.

Record/Partition Copies

Make a free and permanent duplicate of the disk or partition that isn't the system drive. The Pro version is required to duplicate an operating system disk or partition.

Partition Magic Pro 12.8 by MiniTool

MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro, as a professional partition manager, can adaptably set up hard drives to maintain a computer performing at its peak. In addition to disk partitioning, it has speedy methods for recovering deleted data and partitions (Pro Platinum/Pro Ultimate).

It also safeguards information during file system conversions, complex drive conversions from MBR to GPT, and dynamic disk conversions to basic. Users have thus deemed it the most reliable partition manager.

A Bootable Version of MiniTool Partition Wizard

Users can access this bootable partition magic once the MiniTool Partition Wizard is purchased and registered. Then, choose an option to make a CD/DVD or a bootable USB flash drive by clicking Bootable Media Builder in the toolbar. MiniTool Partition Wizard Technician Edition supports 299 servers/computers without business limits, making it ideal for independent technical service providers who work with many clients/companies.

  1. The user interface and interactivity have been enhanced.
  2. Data Recovery has been fine-tuned in several ways:
  3. Added a search bar to make it easier to look for specific files among the many results of a scan.
  4. The file path will be highlighted as you scroll through your search results.
  5. The issue where choosing files in the search results screen would show an inaccurate File Name status has been fixed.
  6. The issue where the number of chosen files does not match the number of recovered files has been fixed.
  7. The issue where atypical MP4 files caused the save process to stop at 68% has been fixed.

Effective and Secure Disk-Based Business Solution

With MiniTool Partition Wizard Server, redistributing disk space and protecting the system couldn't be simpler. Its disk/partition copy feature lets users clone the whole drive in a snap, making it ideal for backing up data in bulk. It also has an expand partition option that can be used to dynamically add more hard drive space to an existing RAID array. When a power failure happens, the data may be restored to a previous state thanks to the device's power-off protection mode.

Windows Server Partition Manager Does It All

The Server version of MiniTool Partition Wizard includes all the features found in the Professional Editions. You can clone the whole disk in preparation for a hard drive swap, enlarge the C drive on Windows Server without risking data, and modify the cluster size to make an NTFS partition more significant than 16 terabytes. Optimize your server right now!

Added Options for Businesses

Users may use the MiniTool Partition Wizard Server to reorganize hard drives on a single machine. MiniTool Partition Wizard Enterprise is designed for 99 computers inside a single organization, while MiniTool Partition Wizard Technician is designed for use on 299 devices everywhere.

Recovery Tools for Hard Drives

Almost everyone has struggled with data loss at some point. When data is lost, what should be done? If you have lost data and are a gamer, Windows user, or USB owner, you may discover a reliable solution in our Disk Recovery section. MiniTool Partition Wizard is a must-have catastrophe recovery tool for gamers. If an external hard drive for a PlayStation 4 (PS4) fails, if a database problem occurs on a PS4, if data corruption occurs on a PS4, etc., this data recovery program may help you get your games back.

MiniTool goes beyond to restore lost data and partitions for Windows customers who have encountered challenging issues. Many other error codes, such as "Windows failed to start," "Windows boot error 0xc0000098," "bad system configuration," "WHEA_UNCORRECTALE_ERROR," etc., are standard on Windows PCs. The MiniTool program is also highly recommended for use on storage media. SD cards, corrupted USB drives, external hard drives, and TF cards are all supported. The previous USB device failed" and "the chosen disk is not a fixed MBR disk" are two of the most prevalent problems resolved.

Data Duplication Tools

Whether you want to upgrade to a bigger drive without data loss, secure your system and information, clone an NVME M.2 disk, or migrate to Windows 10, this section will show you the finest options. You may quickly fix these problems using MiniTool Partition Wizard's Copy Disk and Migrate OS to SSD/HD Wizard capabilities.

Meanwhile, if you're having trouble with a variety of Windows system errors, such as "Your PC ran into problem," "dual boot options not showing," "Xbox One not reading disc," "Windows 10 reset stuck," "Xbox One controller not working on PC," etc., try some of the following MiniTool solutions.


Users can access this bootable partition magic once the MiniTool Partition Wizard is purchased and registered. Then, choose an option to make a CD/DVD or a bootable USB flash drive by clicking Bootable Media Builder in the toolbar.

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