Mobile and Telephone Marketing In the Digital Age

In the modern age, marketers and businesses have a diverse range of tools and techniques to make use of. Digital advertising, email marketing, and social media marketing are all common techniques that have served companies well in the years since their invention. Technological advancements aren't limited to simple online methods, however. Even approaches like customer service and direct mail have benefited from new tech.

Mobile and telephone marketing have improved in the same way. The changing landscapes of business and marketing have opened up new pathways and opportunities for mobile and telephone. Below, you'll find ways how these methods have changed and adapted to the digital era.

Mobile Marketing

Probably the most major adjustment to phone-related marketing in the digital age is mobile marketing. There are a projected 3.5 billion smartphone users in 2020, a huge number that accounts for nearly half of the global population. Marketing has adjusted to this fast-growing demographic through mobile marketing.

With the number of smartphone users growing year on year, there's a correlated growth in the amount of screen time and shopping on mobile. Businesses would do well to take advantage of this. According to a mobile marketing post by Triadex Services, companies can adapt to this in a number of ways. This includes making digital ads smartphone-friendly, using search engine optimized language, and making use of geofencing and look back programs to more effectively target your market.

Telephone Marketing

Telephone marketing has a reputation for being one of the toughest marketing techniques to pull off. Many customers dread receiving telemarketing calls precisely because these calls often feel scripted and unnecessary. Cold calling can also feel intrusive, and a poor call can sometimes lead to a negative view of the company or business.

Like all modern techniques, however, telephone marketing has changed with the times. Data & Marketing Association has written about the power of marketing automation, and how it can be used to better streamline telemarketing approaches. By looking at data over a wide variety of channels, businesses using telephone marketing can better tailor their approaches and offer customers personalized and relevant content. The new approach to telemarketing is to create and nurture quality leads, both in B2C and B2B.

Hosted Voice Services

Finally, one of the new and innovative approaches to marketing through telephone is hosted voice services. We discussed this at length in our previous article on 'How Can Next-Generation Telephone Systems Benefit Your Business?'. There, we discussed the benefits of hosted voice services. They're simple to install and manage, can save small businesses up to 50% in installation costs, and are generally safer and more secure for your business.

They're also easy to tailor to your business, allowing you to focus on areas that are best suited to your products and services. Hosted voice services also open up a range of features that wouldn't ordinarily be available, including voice to text transcription software and integration with other communications apps.

Like other marketing techniques, mobile and telephone marketing has changed with the times. Improvements in technology and new innovations have given businesses and marketers the opportunity to adapt these tools to their needs. With proper research and application, these techniques are set to be valuable additions to any marketing mix.

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