How to fix the NP-34957-8 Playstation Error?

You were having a great day, playing some awesome games. You were killing zombies, saving little girls from slavers, and going on an epic quest to save a princess from a dragon. But then it happened: you noticed your PlayStation freezing and crashing and you are looking for np-34957-8 ps4 error fix.

The dreaded NP-34957-8 error had returned to bring your long gaming session to an end. It was designed to protect your console and prevent many other errors. This article will help you understand a bit more about this error, how it can happen and what you can do about it.

What is PS4’s NP-34957-8 Error?

PS4 gamers have recently been seeing a screen with NP-34957-8 on it. At first, this didn’t really mean anything to the user. However, this is a sign that something in your PS4 is not working properly. The most common cause of that error is an ongoing update in the PSN.

While there are other causes, this is typically the reason why you were prompted with that screen. For instance, the error may also prompt when you try activating a single PS4 account on two different consoles. You’ll know about a sure-shot solution to get rid of this error right away.

How To Fix PS4 NP-34957-8 Error?

Error code NP-34957-8 happens when the server is down. As the NP-34957-8 error is server-based, there’s not really anything you can do except to wait for the servers to come back online. In response to the PSN outage, Sony created a website that lists what services are currently running.

If you use the PlayStation Status website, you will know if the PSN will be down for an extended period of time. Also, if you're using two consoles regularly make sure the Primary PS4 is the one you use most frequently.

How To Fix PS4 NP-34957-8 Error

Furthermore, in case you're switching between two or more consoles, remember to deactivate one of them at a time each time you move on to the other one. This will allow you to prevent this error from occurring later on.

What Authorities Have to Say About This NP-34957-8 Error?

Sony's official website lists a specific error code for the problem users have been posting as the "NP-34957-8." The NP-34957-8 is very likely down to PSN experiencing maintenance. Moreover, the official PSN Support Twitter account has also confirmed that the PS4 Error Code NP-34957-8 is down to PSN maintenance. Sony’s official website details how to fix the NP-34957-8 error code. Specifically, Sony recommends that the user logs in at least once during the maintenance period.

Final Words

You’ve just started playing your favorite videogame expecting a good time. But right after the first loading screen you already get the dreaded NP-34957-8 PlayStation error message! It can ruin your mood but don’t worry, if you’re reading this far, you already know why this error occurs and what you can do about it.

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How long are PS4 servers going to be down?

The oldest PlayStation 3 games that needed servers have started shutting down, but only after about 6yrs into the PS4 era. The last ones will likely shut down sometime next year or so based on history- so expect all your active PlayStation 4 online profiles to remain viable for at least five more years!

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