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Do you want to know about the perfect tube? Are you interested to gather complete details about it? Then you are in the right place. You can proceed further. This perfect tube app is the latest developed application to work effectively on the windows platform. It is one of the best YouTube apps, which stands unique from other third party apps through its easy user interface. This app mainly depends on the gesture-based controls for navigating you via the app and supports videos from all the qualities. You can use the Perfect Tube app and find a Separate mini player is, which allows you to watch the video, in case you are working on some other task.

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Perfect Tube App and Check Its Design

By making use of this app, sure you will find its user-friendly experience.

  • The main page for this YouTube app includes the page for highlighting the famous videos which are currently running on YouTube.
  • Then it will highlight the videos from the preloaded videos and subscriptions.
  • You can find the profile button on the top right corner of the app to let you log into the account.
  • Then the hamburger menu in the upper left corner is used to navigate around the particular video categories.
  • At the top of the Perfect Tube app’s page, you can able to find the home and search option.
  • You can check out the three-dot menu below the main pages for Wrapping up the layout of the Perfect Tube app.
  • That three-dot menu provides you tips on utilizing Perfect Tube, access to the app's settings, access to the About screen and a particular link to more apps.
  • The settings will offer various options to set the default video quality, region, and language.
  • You can able to just use the system color or choose the best color theme.



Features of using Perfect Tube App

Below, you can able to grab the unique features involved in making use of the perfect tube app.

  • Post required comments on videos and view it
  • Support of video quality for top format videos with full-screen mode of portrait and landscape playback
  • Live Tile support is utilized to pin the separate videos to the Windows Phone Start Screen
  • Manage the required YouTube subscriptions
  • Upload the latest videos

The thumbnail previews of that video will consist of the title, length of the video, YouTube channel, upload time and views time. The pages for the particular videos will have the summary page through the video displayed at the top. Many suggested videos and pages of view comments are also available. These videos can be pinned, shared, saved to watch later, marked as favorite or added to the playlist.

The playback control will be found when you click the video and then give your customary controls and video quality settings. The customary controls are play, forward, pause and reverse. A particular option to full-screen mode is also separately given. While you have decided to return to the main page of the perfect tube app, just click the Back button on the Windows mobile or home at the top of the screen. If you back out the video, then the video will minimize and appear at the bottom of your device. After you click play, then it will start to play.  In case you want to completely close it, just slide the video to the left.


From the above-mentioned scenario, it is very clear that the perfect tube app is the best choice for you. It will be when you are searching for the best YouTube app for the Windows mobile. The apps just look awesome and you can use the Perfect Tube app navigation process, which is very simple and easy. The design is providing an enormous number of videos and features to the windows mobile without being cluttered or overwhelming in appearance. So, why are you still waiting? Just get this app and enjoy now!!!

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