3 Clever Ways To Use Your Phone Case

Phone cases are a necessity for any smartphone. If one wants their expensive, critically important handheld device to have any reasonable chance at a long life, they will need a phone case.

But phone cases can be so much more than protecting coverings for smartphones. We share some life hacks with you regarding unusual ways to get the most out of this necessary accessory.

Tip #1: A Handy “Pocket”

The top lifehack to transform a phone case into something more is to use it as a secret pocket. Whether you're purchasing cute clear phone cases or decorated colored ones, any case can easily be used as a pocket that someone might not know you have.

This tip can be quite helpful for anyone who likes to keep things minimal and carry only a phone and little else. The is that smartphones already have eliminated many items. Digital wallets eliminate the need for bulky wallets, and newer advancements in smartphone camera technology achieve crystal-clear images that approximate professional cameras. With so many conveniences, it makes sense that the phone is the only thing some people take on their outings.

This hack is also generally helpful for anyone who needs the protection offered by phone cases. You can slip a credit card or ID between the back of the phone and the case to maximize how efficiently you use whatever space you have available.

Tip #2: An Unexpected Business Card

This life hack is for the entrepreneur, artist, or anyone eager for any opportunity to advertise themselves. Using the free real estate that comes with a clear phone case, a savvy artist or DIYer can decorate some of their items with personal and business contact information.

An artist can draw a cartoon of theirs. A writer can sign their case with their works. An influencer can creatively share their social media links and profiles.

You don't have to be creative, either. A business card is easy enough to slip into the back of your case so that you can always have your contact info ready to share.

By taking advantage of every resource, you can easily turn even the smallest item into a chance to get your name out there.

Tip #3: Share Information With It

In much the same vein as using your case as an unexpected business card, someone who wants to share knowledge can use their phone case to do that.

An accessory like this is a canvas on which clever artists can do whatever they want. Your case can be a blank canvas, whether you want to share an inspirational quote or information for local elections.

This tip also can be a lifesaver for people with disabilities such as epilepsy. The phone case can have instructions on what bystanders can do if they see that you need assistance, whether seizure first-aid or other critical responses.


Your accessories are sources of opportunities. Whether it's a cellphone case, a charger, or headphones, if you're clever and determined, you can always find ways to re-imagine essential equipment.

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