8 Life-Changing Gadgets That You Must Buy

The world is changing, gadgets are changing. And now science fiction is closer than we thought. Smart devices are designed to help with everyday details, improving our lives in every possible way. Check more details at keepitportable.

Below is an overview of the amazing things that we could only dream about yesterday. And now everyone can afford them.

1. Petoneer smart pet feeder

The device is designed for remote feeding of pets with Wi-Fi and a tightly closed feed tank.

The companion app allows you to set up a feeding schedule and portion size, or send a portion to a bowl with a single button, and receive notifications about each meal of the animal.

The built-in video camera will allow you to control the process even in complete darkness. Or you can communicate with your pet thanks to the presence of a microphone and speaker. The perfect device for those who are always at work.

2. Geneinno Underwater scooter

A unique vehicle for diving: with a small weight and a fairly compact size, it can reach speeds of up to 2.49 miles per hour.

All this is thanks to a 350-watt brushless motor with a capacious battery, protected from moisture and other influences. The scooter has a GoPro mount. There is a remote control to teach beginners to swim and the basics of diving at a time when the instructor is on the shore.

3. Shifu interactive globe

The most modern of the existing globes for children from 4 to 8 years old, which will be an excellent tool for learning the most important information about our planet. In a playful way.

To find out the most important and amazing things about our planet, just point your smartphone or tablet with the pre-installed Orboot Globe M app and select the desired menu item.

Interactivity and the amount of information provided will help prepare the child for school and improve their knowledge of natural sciences.

4. Smart iGarden LED

This is a compact hydroponic farm to create your own window garden. The compact size allows you to grow whatever you want.

The sensor system sends a signal to the owner about the need for watering or any other intervention. Thanks to hydroponic technologies, substrate capabilities, and an integrated lighting system, the farm does not require natural light. What you plant here will grow faster than in the ground outside.

5. Makeblock training robot

Another toy we couldn't even dream of: an advanced kit for assembling a robot remotely controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

It runs on a real "adult" microcontroller, allowing you to create action programs for the robot in a variety of programming languages. There is also an option for the youngest.

The platform is compatible with Makeblock and LEGO constructors and includes several basic sensors. The best way to learn robotics and microcontroller programming for beginners.

6. iBACK intelligent posture corrector

The compact sensor attaches to the back and vibrates when the wearer assumes an incorrect posture or slouches.

In the app from the developers, you can specify existing discomfort and back problems. Then it will recommend specific therapeutic exercises.

According to the developers' calculations, the primary effect will appear in a month of everyday wear. In addition, statistics from the app can be shared with your doctor to speed up or improve correction.

7. NetatmoWelcome video camera that meets everyone

The NetatmoWelcome video camera is a smart device that monitors home security and uses facial recognition technology. It can warn about which family members have already appeared at home. If the system sees an unfamiliar face, you get a signal. Some smartphones today are already equipped with a similar recognition device.

With Netatmo Welcome, you can watch videos that are streamed directly from your home. The video is automatically recorded to the SD card.

8. TWIN WashSystem from LG

Have you ever thought that a washing machine can surprise? The LG washing machine has another Laundry compartment on the bottom. This means that you can perform two washing cycles at once, simultaneously washing white and colored towels and delicate linen separately. The washing machine is connected to Wi-Fi, and you can control it remotely.

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