10 Best Sleep Talk Recording Apps for Android & iOS 2024

Sleep talking is a type of sleep disorder in which a person speaks while asleep without being aware of it. In sleep talking, people can talk dialogues or monologues, complete gibberish or mumbling. The good thing about this disorder is that it is a rare and often short-lived occurrence. Also, most of the things people say while sleep talking are generally not comprehensible. However, if you have a sleep-talking problem, you might want to record your voice during sleep. In that case, you can use some sleep talk recording apps that can help you do it.

Here is a quick list of 10 Best Sleep Talk Recording Apps for Android & iOS 2024:

1. Dream Talk Recorder
2. Snore Lab
3. Sleep Better
4. Sleep Talk Recorder
5. Sleeptalk
6. ShutEye
7. SleepBot
8. Prime Sleep Recorder
9. Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker
10. Sleep Tracker

In this guide, you will find the 10 best sleep talk recording apps for Android and iOS. Using these apps you can record what you say during your sleep and interpret it carefully.

What is Sleep Taking?

Sleep talking, also known as somniloquy, is a sleep disorder in which a person talks during their sleep without being aware of it. The exact causes of sleep talking are not fully understood, but several factors may contribute to this phenomenon, as mentioned below:

  • Genetics: Sleep talking can run in families, which suggests a genetic behaviour.
  • Sleep Deprivation: Lack of sufficient sleep or poor sleep quality can also increase the chances of sleep talking.
  • Stress and Anxiety: Emotional stress, anxiety, or certain psychological conditions may also trigger sleep talking episodes.
  • Fever and Illness: Some illnesses, especially those accompanied by fever, can lead to sleep talking.
  • Sleep Disorders: Sleep talking can also be associated with other sleep disorders, such as sleepwalking or sleep snores.
  • Alcohol and Substance Use: The use of alcohol or certain medications may increase the likelihood of sleep talking.
  • Sleep Position: Sometimes, sleeping on your back is also associated with a causes of sleep talking.

It's important to note that occasional sleep talking is usually harmless. However, if sleep talking is accompanied by other disruptive sleep behaviours or affects the quality of sleep, it may be advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for further evaluation.

Best Sleep Talk Recording Apps

You can decide which app is most suitable for you, by comparing the various features of these sleep recording apps. Here are the features of each app, as given below:

1. Dream Talk Recorder

sleep recorder apps

Dream Talk Recorder is one of the most popular sleep talk recording apps out there.

The app just intelligently records your talks while you, your partner, or your kids are talking or snoring in dreams on your mobile phone. The thing that makes this app great is that it only records you when you are snoring or talking in your dreams.

This saves a lot of storage on your phone. Plus, you also do not have to worry about listening to the entire session. All you have to do is touch a button in Dream Talk Recorder before going to sleep. After that, you will get everything that you and your other half have said during the entire night while sleeping.

Our Review: The only thing you can do once recorded is play the audio back (listening for up to 4 hours in real-time). No way to access the files on the device with any other app. Trying to save to Dropbox (the ONLY way to get the files), after allowing access to the folder, nothing happens in Chrome, and the action is blocked in Samsung Internet. (You get a File Uploaded Successfully message before even logging in.) Combining files into one just fails. "Share" does what? It doesn't say what.

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2. Snore Lab

best sleep talk recording apps

Snore Lab is also a popular and quite unique sleep talk recording app. The app not only records what your say during your sleep but also records, measures, and tracks your snoring and also helps you reduce it in effective ways.

It is quite simple to use as all you have to do is just keep the app running right next to your bed and fall asleep. In the morning, the app will give you your Snore Score which tells you when and how loudly you snored. On top of that, you also get the important highlights of sleep talking.

Our Review: This sleep talk recording app used to be great. Turn it on, lock the phone, go to sleep, and wake up with a result. Now, if you lock the screen, so you don't see a glowing cellphone screen the entire night, it won't record anything. If you accidentally minimize the app while it's running as you're going to bed, it won't record anything. We don't know why the developers think everyone wants their screen on all night. we can't turn the device upside down on a wireless charging pad. Make it an option or we won't pay to renew.

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3. Runtastic Sleep Better: Sleep

Following up is Sleep Better and it is one of the most incredible applications for rest talk recording. Based on daily happenings, this app helps users analyze and improve their sleep. Users can set alarms that will help them get the most out of their sleep cycle by using the Sleep Better app. This is important because the things you do every day have a big effect on how well you sleep.

Our Review: This sleep talk recorder app has been useful in some ways, but not all of its features seem honest. Is anyone able to tell us where it gets the 'sleep efficiency' percentile from? Because regardless of how much sleep we get vs the sleep we actually need and regardless of how many times we get woken up in the night from other people making noise, it still says the same number. Every. Single. Night. How we feel when we wake up doesn't appear to be any kind of reflection of that. Not seeing that as any kind of useful feature.

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4. Sleep Talk Recorder

best sleep talk recording apps

Up next, we have Sleep Talk Recorder and the name of the app pretty much gives away what it does. The app helps you monitor your sleep by qualifying sounds and triggers in a millisecond. The interface is quite easy to use with a lot of options for sensitivity and filtering. Then the app also saves and sorts your sleep recording for convenience. If that wasn’t enough, the app also allows you to save your favorite or funniest clips and share them with your friends.

Our Review: It's well made, and it records nicely. It's just that you only hear the first 2 hours of sleep. You have to pay around $4 a month just to hear all the recordings. We used this because we've seen some pretty funny recordings out of these, and the only thing we got from recordings was us setting up our phones. Maybe if you make the trial for more options ( like noise, accurate tracking, etc. ) rather than hearing all of the recordings, maybe more people would have given better reviews.

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5. Sleeptalk

top best sleep talk recording apps

Sleeptalk is an excellent application that allows you to record your sleep-talking and snoring while you are asleep. The app is highly recommended due to its numerous cool features. You can pick your favorite recording from it. In order to provide you with the best sound quality and ratio, the app uses AAC audio compression. Then, at that point, there is an enactment postpone highlight that starts checking you after a timeframe.

Our Review: We were pretty amazed by this sleep talk recording app! It ran really smoothly, and the interface was just so simple to use. We loved how easy it was to navigate through everything. It captured sleep talk effortlessly, and the whole experience was hassle-free. It was like they made it just for us. A big shoutout to the creators – you guys did an awesome job crafting such a cool and user-friendly app. We totally recommended it!

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6. ShutEye

shuteye sleep talk recording app review

If you are looking for an advanced sleep talk recording app then ShutEye is going to be a great choice for you. The app recognizes, calculates, and analyzes the files recorded by the microphone through artificial intelligence algorithms to give you the best sleep data. On top of that, you also get selected sleep recordings, such as snoring, for your listening and sharing.

Our Review: We had always had trouble sleeping at night and waking up feeling tired as if we never slept at all. This has always been happening since we moved into this house. After purchasing this app, we quickly became shocked as to what it was capturing at night for the audio. we would hear other people's voices talking to us keeping us somewhat awake at night. We were never conscious enough to realize this was going on.

At first, we thought the app was just adding fake audio to make it seem like a special feature so we ended up setting up a camera to record ourselves sleep in addition to the recording audio from the app. Not only was the app extremely accurate, but our camera also captured paranormal activity occurring with the audio. our blankets would be pulled off of us, our heads would get hit into the wall by force, and we would even get up and stand in front of whatever this was and talk to it. Horrifying stuff but grateful this sleep recorder app actually worked so well to help us realize what has been happening.

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7. SleepBot

SleepBoot is another great sleep-tracking app. This app tracks your sleep activity so that you can get a good resting period during your sleep. With this app, you get a feature to set a smart alarm that will automatically set the timer for when it's the best time for you to wake up.

Our Review: We absolutely love the way this sleep recording app seamlessly syncs with our Apple Watches, adding a layer of convenience and ensuring the utmost accuracy in tracking our sleep data. The integration elevated our overall experience, allowing us to effortlessly access comprehensive analytics and delve into intricate details such as resting heart rate data.

The in-depth analytics feature has become a highlight for us, offering a detailed overview of our sleep patterns. Being able to explore trends, understand the quality of our sleep, and identify factors influencing our rest has been both insightful and eye-opening. It's like having a personal sleep assistant right on our wrists!

Moreover, the inclusion of resting heart rate data added another dimension to our understanding of overall health. Tracking variations in our heart rate during sleep provides valuable insights into our well-being and allows for a more holistic approach to monitoring our health.

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8. Prime Sleep Recorder

This is an excellent sleep talk recording app that can record your talk or snoring while you're asleep. There are sensitivity levels that can be set manually or automatically to only record snoring and use smart snoring detection. Using a new Apple machine-learning technology and artificial intelligence (A.I.), this app detects snoring.

Our Review: Excellent dashboard-style charts are included in this easy-to-use data collection tool. Love the results! A quick glance at the charts or the history, and we can see clearly how well we sleep given different habits — like if we drink wine or if we exercise on any given day. We can see how long we stay in light sleep or deep sleep, which helps us understand our patterns well enough that we can make small improvements over time with great results.

We feel better since we sleep better since we started drinking water an hour before bedtime and since we put up light-blocking window blinds. we even tested taking melatonin (1 tab did nothing but 2 tabs worked great!). Earplugs don’t help but better airflow and a cooler room temperature do wonders!

We like that this app empowers us to be our own detectives and find ways to improve our health! It even has a great notification feature to remind us to turn it on... and we are rewarded every morning with another bit of history informing us how to be happier, healthier, and more at ease in our skin.

In sum, whoever conducted the usability study for this application is brilliant! And so are the app development engineers who brought the concepts into reality. Every person who sleeps better is one more rested sane calm soul living, working, and interacting with others. Thank you for creating something so elegant and useful! You are saving the world, one better sleeper at a time!

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9. Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker

Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker is a great app for sleep tracking. Users can use the app as a smart alarm clock to wake them up at the lightest possible sleep stage. This helps you start your day more carefree and relaxed. The app also allows you to record important audio events such as snoring, sleep apnea, and sleep talking.

Our Review: This record sleep talking app has helped us so much. We are bipolar 2 and so we struggle with getting enough sleep. we started using Pillow to understand what was going on. While you can’t take it as gospel or a replacement for real medical tests (as the app even informs you), Pillow provides a lot of great insights, patterns, and data to help you understand your sleep habits. You have to keep in mind there’s not much the app can directly do to improve your sleep, but with sound recording, metrics on the types of sleep you’re getting, and the number of awakenings, you can start to address specific things about your bedtime habits.

We initially found we were consistently getting too much REM sleep and too little deep sleep. So we started looking at how we slept. we have the TV on when we fall asleep. It struck us that the blue light may have been keeping us up, so we set a sleep timer on the tv. We were immediately able to see the impact with better levels. Then we began taking a very small dose of melatonin. Again, we saw even more sleep quality.

We are still finding ways to improve our sleep and Pillow has helped us more than any other method. Try this app out. The premium is worth the money!

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10. Sleep Tracker

Finally, we have Sleep Tracker on the list. This app is also great if you wish to track and analyze your sleep pattern to get better sleep.

The app records your sleep talking and also tracks your sleep cycles. It also gives you a detailed analysis report to understand all the sleep-related issues in a better way.

Our Review: This app has proven to be an incredibly valuable tool for tracking sleep talking. Even without opting for the premium version, it provides an extensive array of features, ranging from detailed sleep schedules to monitoring breathing patterns. What sets this app apart is its ability to go beyond the ordinary, reaching the next level of sophistication in sleep tracking.

The inclusivity of features, even in the free version, is commendable. From understanding our sleep patterns to creating personalized sleep schedules, it became an integral part of our nightly routine. The added capability to monitor breathing space adds a unique layer of insight into our sleep health. Overall, a good app to try!

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Conclusion on Sleep Tracking Apps

So, these are the best sleep talk recorder apps that you can get for your phone right now. It is essential to put your phone in flight mode so that you can sleep without being interrupted before downloading and using them. Additionally, ensure that the microphone on your phone is pointing in the direction of your mouth at all times. Additionally, avoid covering your mouth with a blanket. Your voice may be muffled, and the apps may not function properly. We trust that this guide assists you in finding the best lay down with talking recording applications for your Android and ios telephones.

We hope that this guide helps you in finding the best sleep talk recording apps for your Android & ios phones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dream Talk Recorder app free?

The recording stops by itself after a set number of hours, like 7 hours. However, the free version allows a maximum of only 2 hours for dream talk recording. Also, the Paid version allows unlimited hours of sleep recording.

What is the best Sleep Talk Recorder app for iphone?

There are many different sleep talk recorder apps available for iPhone, and it can be tough to decide which one is the best. However, Sleeptalk is one option that stands out among the rest.

Can I record my sleep on my phone?

Yes, you can record and track your sleep with the help your phone. There are many apps available in the Play store and App Store, such as Dream Talk Recorder, Snore Lab, Sleep Better, Sleep Talk Recorder, Sleeptalk, ShutEye and many more which you can download and record your sleep.

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