Vidmate - Player, And Downloader for Music & Video [2024 Review]

The past couple of years, we witnessed a pandemic and we had to get locked in our own houses. Due to this, the number of internet users has increased widely. There are many more video and music creators on websites like Youtube and other major music and video platforms.

Video and music creators are increasing day by day and for playing those videos, you would require a player, and for downloading, another application. Don't worry, we are here to make it easy for you. Today, we are going to review Vidmate - Player, and downloader for music and video (you don't have to download two different apps).

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Sites Support

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One of the major advantages of using Vidmate is that it supports multiple sites you don't have to use a different app for any other website. It's a very powerful video player and downloader. You won't believe it when I say that it supports 1000+ websites. Yes, you heard it right, you will get all of your major websites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp videos, youtube, Dailymotion, etc. You can easily find songs and videos from different websites on this app and can easily download that media on your smartphone by following some simple steps. It's completely free to stream or download media from youtube.

Whatsapp/Instagram Picture & Status Downloader

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As you all know that you can not download WhatsApp status, profile pictures, or Instagram posts. These platforms provide no such feature of saving pictures and video on your android phone. By using this app, you can easily download any WhatsApp status, pictures, Instagram posts, or any other social media platform at zero cost. You can easily download the high-quality media from your fav. The platform is high-quality. There are some easy steps for downloading the media. Let us know in the comment section if you want us to post steps.

Mp3 Converter

There are many cases when users don't like to download music videos and they just want the music in mp3 format. Reasons can be anything like Mp3 music holds very much less space than a video and users just want to create an mp3 music playlist. In this app, you can easily download a music video in mp3 format. There are thousands of songs available on in the app and you can download that media with a high download speed. Converting a video to mp3 is an excellent and useful feature for most users.

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Download options

You can easily download high-quality audio, videos, and pictures on Vidmate with the highest speed your network can provide you. When you download a video or audio on, it asks you about the quality and the size of the media, you can choose any option according to your needs. This is also a good feature as you can download the highest and also the lowest quality of that media. You can even download the 4k video on this application without any issue. You can download multiple files at a time. You don't have to give any special permission for using this app on your phone. You get unlimited downloads for free.

Stream different media resources

At the moment Vidmate Player supports many websites, as we told you above. You can watch different videos, listen to music from different websites, and can download them for free. You can stream videos, and watch live shows free of charge. You get over 200 channels and they are adding many more channels daily.

User Interface

The User Interface of this application is very nice and easy to use. You won't have to watch any tutorials. It also provides a small tutorial when you download this app for the first time. The UI is so simple and easy that even an old person can use it nicely. You will see different tiles on the home screen of Vidmate app, the tiles are from different famous social media platforms. You can search for different videos and music in the search box. You can also add your favorite shows and videos lists. It also has an in-built web browser which helps in searching different stuff.

Media Player

This app also has a media player. You can easily play music and videos on that player. It also supports high-quality videos and music. If you have this app on your smartphone, you don't need another app for playing music and video. It's one of the best media players out there. It's completely safe. You can also watch videos anonymously on this app.

Final Verdict

Vidmate is a great all-in-one application for music and video lovers. It not only allows you to play videos and songs but also download them on your device so you can watch or listen to them offline. The app has a simple and easy-to-use interface, making it perfect for anyone looking for an easy way to enjoy their favorite multimedia content. Give Vidmate a try today and see just how awesome it is!

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