Usages of VR that you may not have considered

Virtual reality is a growing technology, and one that having started as a niche is quickly developing into something that’s going to be around for the long run going forward. While the tech currently is known for its development and prowess in the video games market, with landmark titles such as 2020’s Half-Life: Alyx showing just how advanced entertainment can get in the VR space, there are also some impressive developments in other mainstream industries, that you may not be familiar with.

Want to find out more about usage of VR is being utilised outside of the gaming sphere? We’ve compiled a short guide, detailing some usages in investing, training, and exploring. Read on to find out more!

Different types of Usage Of VR

Usage of VR in Investing

With property investment markets constantly looking forwards, developing and growing in order to satiate a surging tenant demand from young people wanting to live and work within cities, technology and VR is being used effectively in order to give investors a clearer look into the future.

A good example of how this technology is being used is within property investment company RWinvest. Developing high-quality, fully immersive 3D visuals of their prospective off-plan property developments as part of their accompanying informative materials, they are able to showcase a new look at investment opportunities to both investors visiting locally and those enquiring internationally, too.

Usage of VR in Training

In situations where first-hand training experience perhaps just isn’t achievable - in health professions such as surgery, for example – VR is providing an effective solution, able to give prospective students still learning the ability to get a first-person perspective on problem-solving that they previously haven’t had. Many different companies have discussed the positive effect that this has had on training the workforce up for risk-involved jobs (or even jobs that don’t exist yet), and we should expect this sort of thing to become a growing normalcy as an additional tool in the training process.

Of course, a lot of the time, the headsets and setups that workers would use are not exactly the same consumer-level products that you would be able to purchase for your own home. As well as using bespoke training software, they’ll also have modified hardware to match conditions. NASA astronauts, for example, train for space expeditions with VR rigs that simulate the same conditions as space physically, alongside the visuals.

Usage of Virtual Reality in Exploring

usage of VR

With the ongoing pandemic forcing a lot of us inside our homes, unable to go out and enjoy the outdoors and even cancelling many of the holiday plans that we had in place for the summer, organising your next big getaway might seem like something at the back of your list of tasks currently. However, with virtual reality offering the opportunity to view the world from a different perspective, at times like this it can provide a needed amount of escapism, not just to places that are fictional but those that exist, too.

If you’re thinking of a city break as your next holiday, why not jump in Google Earth, and use the accompanying VR feature to get an on-the-ground feel? Sure, it’s ultimately not as good as the real thing, but when you need something to look forward to in times like these, getting a first-person perspective can give you a feeling that looking at maps and watching tourist videos can’t.

Using another Google gallery app integrated with smartphones and the Google Cardboard accessory – a primitive, cheap ‘DIY’ headset frame – users can even capture moments in 3D and upload/share them with sound captured too, allowing others to experience the same moments they have and get inspiration for their future travels.

Wrapping Up

Do you know of other usages of VR in day-to-day life? Please assume just how you would assist a person you enjoy with usage of VR. Just how would certainly you teach your preferred concept through virtual reality. We would love to learn through you with your progressive thoughts and ideas.

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